Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sai Reunite You With Your Loved Ones - Experience By Sister Saba Khan

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Sairam to all readers ,
When we develop our own spiritual health with our reflection the things around us will also change and the change will be in our favour .The outside world is a mirror of ourselves because it is very much ruled by condition of our inner world ,if you are strong spiritually no force can harm you have faith in Sai and do your best to help others no matter in a big or a small way ,help is help .When we extend our helping hands for others Baba automatically pulls us out when we are in need ,dont wait for others to start first .Be the leader and start doing it from today ,its never too late to start something new and specially when it comes to service to mankind

Now as promised today I am sharing a very beautiful experience of Sister Saba Khan from Muzaffar Nagar as how she got married with her boyfriend Randeep Arora by the grace of Baba .Here I am attaching her mail .

Om Sai ram ,
Dear priyanka didi ,
Its been long since I have seen any updates on your website then also with lots of hope I regularly open up your site but I am disappointed that you no longer post any thing having no way out I thought to write to you because I tried my best to get your phone number arranged but was failed .

Didi I want to share with you as how Baba helped me and my boyfriend (now husband ) reunite ,kindly publish my experience whenever you have time .You can put my name as now we are a happy one family and no one will mind in our families .I and my boyfriend met in year 2009 in a Medical collage ,I am a Muslim and my boyfriend is a Punjabi Hindu .In the ice breaking party we met I was in my first year of MBBS and he was in the final year .We had a brief introduction and that was the end that day .

There was a lot of ragging in our collage and seniors use to really bully us for small small things sometimes even without any issues ,I was very shy since my childhood and that is still in my nature I cant gel with people very soon it takes a lot of time for me to get friendly .Whenever the seniors use to bully me I use to end up crying ,one day I was sitting and crying because of the same issue and at that time a senior came and sat near me and started to console me when I looked up I hardly recognized him but I was sure that he is a senior .He asked me as whats the matter and I just pored out my heart and he and I sat for 2 hours.In-fact we both missed our classes that day .We did exchanged our family details ,hobbies ,what we intend to do after MBBS …and so on .

After that day we became good friends my eyes use to keep looking for Him in the collage it was the same way from his side too.One year with him in collage flew away and finally it was time to say goodbye but  not forever we by then decided that once I will complete my MBBS we will get married .We both knew heart and heart that our families will not be easy to handle because of our religions but for us it was never a problem .I was very much like him and he was very much like me .Our religions never came in between our any sort of issues .

Friday, December 22, 2017

Deepest apologies for the long silence .

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Sairam to all readers ,

Happy Babas Day . I deeply apologize for the long silence but at the same time I am thankful for your patience.Everyone of us commit mistakes and pay for the charges but through that we learn to know what is right from wrong. We need to be careful of our actions and we should stay humble, seek assistance from Sai. All this while many things happened in my life few were good and few were extremely worst but just because I always had a ray of hope from Baba so I could swiftly renew my strength ,undoubtedly He is ever present help in distress .

I believe strongly that Constance remembrance of Saimaa is extremely important ,this remembrance should not fall away from your intellect .My personal life is full of life changing encounters with Baba I will surely share each one of them with you all. with this note I promise to be regular in postings and sharing endless leelas of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba ,


Friday, February 7, 2014

Baba Gave Me Two Sai Pendents - Experience By Sister Meenakshi.

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Sairam ,
Thinking is the most miraculous thing we have but unfortunately we do not know its super powers and use its powers to ruin our lives ,very few make the proper use of thinking and make the best out of their lives and reach to highest possible goals .Why we follow Sai Baba or any other spiritual Guru or God because we are looking for positivity  and Guru always gives positive vibes which transform our way of thinking and we follow the right path .

As I said earlier that  thinking is super power and believe me it is ,if you keep your thoughts negative then your life will become so negative that you will not be able to handle it and you will become frustrated in spite of all luxuries you might be having but you will lead the most horrible life .But if you keep your thinking positive you will enjoy each moment of your day and your all problems will vanish within few days forever and ever .To keep yourself positive all the time you need to really practice hard for few days and soon it will become your nature and then you will be happy in all the situations you face .

In fact you will be liked and loved by all in the society if you are a positive person and if you stay negative then you will loose all your relations and soon be left alone in spite of having 1000 friends and relatives because no one wants to be with negative people .

Now keeping this lesson in mind I can relate my today's post that if you think positive even god gets attracted to towards you and you can feel it .Here thinking is remembering your loving Guru Sai with pure heart and clear thoughts .Today I am sharing the experience of my very dear friend who is also a Sai devotee her name is Meenakshi .I would like to thank Meenakshi for sharing this very beautiful Sai leela with all of us .

Sairam to all the readers ,
My name is Mrs. Meenakshi Katoch and I am Sai devotee since past many years and with each passing day I feel more close to Baba. For me there is no other God then Sai ,He is my Guru ,friend ,God or say everything .There is nothing which I don't tell Him , I talk to Him about everything .I fight with Him too because Baba is the only one who takes my fights also as my expression of love for Him .Today I am sharing a very recent Sai leela happened with me .


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Miracle Of Sai Guruwar Vrat - Got My Lost Job .

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Sairam ,
Happy Babas Day to all my readers .Each one of us wants some or the other thing from Baba ,some want peace ,some want money ,job ,promotion ,happy married life ,children some ask for good health etc ...list seems to be endless and the moment one wish is fulfilled we already have another list ready .Till the time Sai is doing as you wish He is becomes the most miraculous god ,most liked god and your everything but the moment Baba doesn't work according to how you want Him to then you start loosing your faith and then you completely forget what all Baba did for you in past .

Actually we all have became very selfish and want even God to act according to our likes and dislikes .We should not forget that whatever He dose for us is the best thing for us because He is almighty who knows whats good and bad for His children ,so have faith that no matter whatever is going in your life is for your good .Once you start thinking like this everything will be good in your life because you have full faith in Baba and His leelas .

Here is one very beautiful Sai leela I am sharing with you without telling the name of devotee as it was desired .

Sairam Priyanka sister,

 I am a Sai devotee since past many years and have deep faith in Baba ,He has been very kind on me and showed me many miracles and leelas in my life actually there is so many leelas I have to share with you all but today I am sharing the most recent Leela of Baba in my life .I am presently working in one good IT multi national company (MNC),I am sure all of us knows how I.T field works generally people change their company if they get good and better offer from other company .


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