Friday, February 7, 2014

Baba Gave Me Two Sai Pendents - Experience By Sister Meenakshi.

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Sairam ,
Thinking is the most miraculous thing we have but unfortunately we do not know its super powers and use its powers to ruin our lives ,very few make the proper use of thinking and make the best out of their lives and reach to highest possible goals .Why we follow Sai Baba or any other spiritual Guru or God because we are looking for positivity  and Guru always gives positive vibes which transform our way of thinking and we follow the right path .

As I said earlier that  thinking is super power and believe me it is ,if you keep your thoughts negative then your life will become so negative that you will not be able to handle it and you will become frustrated in spite of all luxuries you might be having but you will lead the most horrible life .But if you keep your thinking positive you will enjoy each moment of your day and your all problems will vanish within few days forever and ever .To keep yourself positive all the time you need to really practice hard for few days and soon it will become your nature and then you will be happy in all the situations you face .

In fact you will be liked and loved by all in the society if you are a positive person and if you stay negative then you will loose all your relations and soon be left alone in spite of having 1000 friends and relatives because no one wants to be with negative people .

Now keeping this lesson in mind I can relate my today's post that if you think positive even god gets attracted to towards you and you can feel it .Here thinking is remembering your loving Guru Sai with pure heart and clear thoughts .Today I am sharing the experience of my very dear friend who is also a Sai devotee her name is Meenakshi .I would like to thank Meenakshi for sharing this very beautiful Sai leela with all of us .

Sairam to all the readers ,
My name is Mrs. Meenakshi Katoch and I am Sai devotee since past many years and with each passing day I feel more close to Baba. For me there is no other God then Sai ,He is my Guru ,friend ,God or say everything .There is nothing which I don't tell Him , I talk to Him about everything .I fight with Him too because Baba is the only one who takes my fights also as my expression of love for Him .Today I am sharing a very recent Sai leela happened with me .


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Miracle Of Sai Guruwar Vrat - Got My Lost Job .

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Sairam ,
Happy Babas Day to all my readers .Each one of us wants some or the other thing from Baba ,some want peace ,some want money ,job ,promotion ,happy married life ,children some ask for good health etc ...list seems to be endless and the moment one wish is fulfilled we already have another list ready .Till the time Sai is doing as you wish He is becomes the most miraculous god ,most liked god and your everything but the moment Baba doesn't work according to how you want Him to then you start loosing your faith and then you completely forget what all Baba did for you in past .

Actually we all have became very selfish and want even God to act according to our likes and dislikes .We should not forget that whatever He dose for us is the best thing for us because He is almighty who knows whats good and bad for His children ,so have faith that no matter whatever is going in your life is for your good .Once you start thinking like this everything will be good in your life because you have full faith in Baba and His leelas .

Here is one very beautiful Sai leela I am sharing with you without telling the name of devotee as it was desired .

Sairam Priyanka sister,

 I am a Sai devotee since past many years and have deep faith in Baba ,He has been very kind on me and showed me many miracles and leelas in my life actually there is so many leelas I have to share with you all but today I am sharing the most recent Leela of Baba in my life .I am presently working in one good IT multi national company (MNC),I am sure all of us knows how I.T field works generally people change their company if they get good and better offer from other company .


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kill Your Faceless Enemy Today With The Help Of Baba

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Sairam to my dear readers ,
Today I am publishing about Arrogance .Sai baba always want His devotees to give up arrogance .That is why I choose to write about this topic today .I am sure who wants to change themselves internally will find this post useful .

Arrogance is our biggest and secret enemy .Its just like Saguni of Maha Bharatha ,it acts as our friend ;but without our knowledge ,surely leads us to fall.We can always manage an open enemy but its very difficult to manage the hidden ,unknown enemy .The faceless enemy called arrogance blocks our progress at-least slows it down considerably .

An arrogant mentality does not allow people to recognize good things in others ,to respect the talents of others,or to congratulate them on their achievements .It leads most people to ruin .It prevents us from adjusting with others and accommodating their interests.

Now you might ask then what should you do ? Dear readers it doesn't  really take much of your efforts if your determination is firm .We should follow good principles in life .Do your duty without expecting any returns.Then only our life will be prosperous.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter IX-Effect of compliance and Non-compliance with Baba's Orders at the Time of Taking Leave - A few Instances - Mendicancy and Its Necessity - Devotees' (Tarkhad family's) Experiences - Baba fed sumptuously

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Shri Sai Satcharitra
Chapter 9
Effect of compliance and Non-compliance with Baba's Orders at the Time of Taking Leave - A few Instances - Mendicancy and Its Necessity - Devotees' (Tarkhad family's) Experiences - Baba fed sumptuously - How?

At the end of the last chapter, it was barely stated that the Bhaktas, who obeyed Baba's orders at the time of taking leave, fared well and those, who disobeyed them, suffered many a mishap. This statement will be amplified and illustrated, with a few striking instances; and by other matters dealt with in this Chapter.

Characteristic of Shirdi - Pilgrimage

One special peculiarity of Shirdi-pilgrimage was this, that none could leave Shirdi, without Baba's permission; and if he did, he invited untold sufferings, but if any one was asked to quit Shirdi, he could stay there no longer. Baba gave certain suggestions or hints, when Bhaktas went to bid good-bye and take leave. These suggestions had to be followed. If they were not followed or were departed from, accidents were sure to befall them, who acted contrary to Baba's directions. We give below a few instances.

Tatya Kote Patil
Tatya Kote was once going in a tanga to Kopargaon bazar. He came in haste to the Masjid, saluted Baba, and said that he would go to Kopargtaon bazar. Baba said, "Don't make haste, stop a little, let go the bazar, don't go out of the village". On seeing has anxiety to go, Baba asked him to take Shama (Madhavrao Deshpande) at least with him. Not minding this direction, Tatya Kote immediately drove his tanga. Of the two horses one, which cost Rs.300/- was very active and restless. After passing Sawul well, it began to run rashly, got a sprain in its waist and fell down. Tatya was not much hurt, but was reminded of Mother Sai's direction. On another occasion while proceeding to Kolhar village, he disregarded Baba's direction, and drove in a tanga, which met with a similiar accident.
European Gentleman
One European gentleman of Bombay once came to Shirdi, with an introductory note from Nanasaheb Chandorkar, and with some object in view. He was comfortably accommodated in a tent. He wanted to kneel before Baba and kiss His hand. Therefore, he tried thrice to step into the Masjid, but Baba prevented him from doing so.

He was asked to sit in the open court-yard below and take Baba's darshan from there. Not pleased with this reception he got, he wanted to leave Shirdi at once and came to bid good-bye. Baba asked him to go the next day and not to hurry. People also requested him to abide by Baba's direction. Not listening to all this, he left Shirdi in a tanga. The horses ran at first all right, but when Sawul well was passed, a bicycle came in front, seeing which the horses were frightened and ran fast.

The tanga was turned topsy-turvy and the gentleman fell down and was dragged some distance. He was immediately released; but had to go and lie in Kopargaon hospital for the treatment of the injuries. Because of such experiences all people learnt the lesson, that those who disobeyed Baba's instruction met with accidents in one way or the other, and those who obeyed them were safe and happy.


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