Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dr.Sai - World’s Most Specialized Doctor

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Dear readers,

We all are very particular about our health and it’s a good thing also, we must take good care of ourselves but how many of us go to ‘Dr.Sai’ for getting our inner-self checked. No matter how good care we take of our outer body but it’s the universal truth that all of us will die one day, Death is only for the body and not for the soul. It’s something like shifting from one house to another.

Even after our soul leaves this body, it takes another birth in another body, so it’s more important for us to get our soul checked properly then the outer body, which is just an illusion.

 Few days back I took an appointment and I went to Dr.Sai’s clinic: My doubt was right, Dr.confirmed me that I am ‘ILL’ I was feeling as if my eyes has developed the problem of shortsightedness………..because in spite of 6\6 eyesight I cannot see the problems of my poor friends and family .All day my eyes could only see my own self beauty .

I also found that I am getting Deaf ,as my ears were not able to listen to the teachings of my sathguru sai ,they could only hear my own self appraisal ,other then this they were totally blank when it comes to listen to the pains of mankind.

Somehow I had the problem in speaking also …..Because my tongue was behaving like a pig’s tongue who cherish the garbage thrown by others, I was also speaking only bad garbage stuff about others. Other then all theses I was not able to walk by anyone’s side during there bad times because my inner body had multiple fractures I was very scared as I had so many serious problems, I was thinking that doctor will not be able to treat me …..Out of ignorance and gullibility, I expressed my doubts about the capability of Dr. Sai.{for which i apologize}

When I went inside the clinic ,Dr.checked me and told me to take following medication for rest of my life ,he promised me that if I take these medicines with sharddha {faith } and saburi {patience} then my whole life will be in peace:

 1. A big glass of Gratitude everyday

 2). One spoon full of patience, 3 times a day

 3. Single dose of love and humility,

whenever I step out or inside the house With lots of love he told me that Whenever your medicines gets over again take an appointment with me and come back, my clinic is open 24 by 7 and my offices are universal ……..I take no fees for my treatment.

 I was so touched by his services and that also free of cost ………can we get such a wonderful treatment anywhere in this world which is free and so powerful. Now since i am having the medicines prescribed by Dr.Sai ,i am feeling happiness from deep inside .

I have developed
 an unshakable faith in my Sai . I would request all my brothers and sisters to please take an immediate appointment with Dr.Sai his office is very near to your house you just have to go and search for it and get your inner self checked .Then I am sure you will not take any other medication for the rest of your life .

Sathguru sainath maharaj ki jai.
Allaha Malik 


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S.V.Swamy on October 19, 2008 at 6:36 PM said...

Sai Ram. Yes, He is the doctor of all doctors, Vaidya of all Vaidyas (He is Vaidyanath), He is healer of all healers. His practice consists of prevention and cure. He advises us to take steps to prevent illness but when we fail as we are bound to, He takes steps (sometimes drastic) to cure us.

Sai Ram.

kamini on October 20, 2008 at 9:40 PM said...

Sairam. you are very correct we are the creator of our own problems if only we would do self analysis every day and clean up the garbage and listen to the highest doctor our beloved Baba and follow his teachings with Shradha and Saburi we would definitely be free of our illness.


Chandana said...

Om Sai Ram Priyanka Didi.

This is an awesome post. AM glad i came across it. The three medicines Dr. Sai prescribed will definitely prevent the occurrence of diseases. Dr. Sai is the best of all doctors. Jai Jai Sai.

We love you Baba.. a lot. And we are grateful to you for all your love and blessings. Be with us always.

Jai Jai Sai.

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