Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Follow Sai rules and you shall be happy - Sai Baba

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Dear readers sairam, Here I am posting certain sayings by Sai Baba for the betterment of mankind, I am sure that all of you will like these updesh by our loving mother Saima. Read them carefully and implement them from today onwards. Saima say’s. 1.Always remember one thing that God (Sai) dose exist in this world.
2.Try to treat everyone good because you will get the same treatment back by others.
3.Don’t commit sins or try hard to avoid them, if you do this you will be granted happiness and peace of mind.
4.Don’t ever compare yourself with others because everyone is having what he /she deservers.
5.Baba says that you should lead a disciplined life; your life should serve as a lesson to others.
6.Shirdi Sai is the creator of this world, Sainath is the sustainer and Sathguru Sai is the destroyer also.
7.Human body is the most beautiful God gift, make full use of it, with your tongue chant his name …sai, sai, sai, sai all the time, with your two ears hear only Sai’s glory, with your two beautiful eyes see Baba’s manifestations.
8.Let this world abuse you, let them blame you, let people slander you. But answer them not, there blame, abuse or slander cannot create any holes on your body, you will not be injured.
9.Nither fast nor overeat, maintain your temperate in food.
10.In this world only truth is your best friend who can save you from your worries, when you will be friends with truth ,Sai will be there to help you ,Sai serves the truthful
. 11.Mind your own self always and need not to worry about other’s sins.
12.Always rejoice at other’s happiness.
13. Help those who are in need, feed poors, give shelter to the homeless. You never know in what form Sai will appear in front of you and beg, so don’t be harsh to a beggar. Remain silent if you are not ready to give him but don’t give vent to anger.
May we all always remember these beautiful teachings by Sathguru Sainath Maharaj in every moment of our life. Allaha malik

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for beautiful sai leela.. I agree with this... OM SAI RAM

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