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Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, September 22, 2008
MY SAIRAM TO ALL THE READERS, Sai Baba use to take money from his devotees in the form of “Dakshina” .He never had any affection with money ,Baba had no House ,no Children ,no Wife ,no Relatives ,no one to take care of ,but still he use to ask his bhakats some amount of money as Dakshina ,but always there was a reason behind taking money in the form Dakshina or we can say that there is always a reason why Baba make you pay to him for certain things . Here I will share with you all a very recent leela of Baba as how he took money from me for Sai Satcharitra books. I promised one my friend that I will gift her a Sai Satcharitra book soon, but as no Sai Satcharitra was available with me so I kept quite for many days .One night in my dream I saw Baba gifting me two Sai Satcharitra, I asked him Baba why are you giving me two books, I only need one because I know that I have to gift one book to Mrs. Thapa (my friend), but Sai I don’t know whom I have to give this second book ….. I did not get any answer to this question and hence it was the end of my dream ,I kept on thinking in the morning that why I got this dream and came to the conclusion that Baba wanted to remind me of my promise which I had made with my friend for gifting her the Sai Satcharitra I got very disappointed as I did not had any book with me, I thought that why did baba reminded me when I cant arrange for a Sai mind was very confused as what will I do now, then I thought to share this with my Mother –in – law .I told her about my dream and told her that from where will I get a Sai Satcharitra for my friend which I think Baba wants me do immediately. My Mother-in-law told me that she have only two Sai Satcharitra left with her and that also she bought long back almost 10 years back , when my Husband got commissioned in the Army .Since then she totally forgot about those books and that day only she recalled about those two Sai Satcharitra lying with her since past 10 years . She promised me that she will courier them on Thursday and then I can gift my friend. But I thought in the mean time I will send money-order to Shirdi for sending me Two Sai Satcharitra,I went to the post office did the courier for 101 Rupees and requested them to send 2 copies of Sai Satcharitra books. But Baba had something else in plan, we learnt later that my husband’s cousion brother was planning to come to us and that also on Thursday.
My mother –in –law gave two Sai Satcharitra to him for me .He reached our house on Thursday with Sai Satcharitra. Next day itself I went to my friend’s house and gifted her a Sai Satcharitra later I realized that I never wrote my postal address on that money order which I had sent to Shirdi …………so there was no way that shirdi sai santhan can send me the Sai Satcharitra without my postal address……..immediately I visualized the whole plan made by my Sathguru Sai . he wanted me to pay for two Sai Satcharitra that’s why I sent moneyorder only for 2 books with out my postal address on the other hand Baba sent our cousion with 2 . Sai Satcharitra Dear friends see how Baba plans everything in our life .Sai knows what is good and what is bad for his children . After this incedent I promised to Baba that I will send Sai Satcharitra books world wide free of cost ……. If any one of you requires Sai Satcharitra then kindely write to me on my mail .I will be happy to send the copy of my Favriout book . May Sai bless all

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