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Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, September 30, 2008
OM SAI RAM TO ALL I wish all the readers very happy Navaratri.I pray to Sai-Durga maa, Sai-Saraswati maa and Sai- Lakshmi maa to bless every one with good health, innocent heart, positive thinking. …And above all increment in our spiritual wealth. Baba use to like all the fastivales and he use to celebrate all the fastivales with lots of love.we shall also follow the same path and should celebrate all the fastivales with lots of love and devotion .It really brings alots of positivity in our lives. Sai bandhu, I worship only Baba, no matter whatever is the fastivale, I don’t want to leave Baba even for a second, I don’t want to do any pooja which is without my Sai .For me Sai is “all in one” I don’t want to learn any further Procedure of any kind of pooja because I have learnt about Baba and I had surrendered my self at the feet’s of my Deva. So today with the starting of Navaratri I would like to share my way of offering prayer's to Saima in the form of Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi. This post is for those who are in blind love with Sai and wants to do every pooja with Sai. NAVARATRI POOJA WITH SATHGURU SAI Navaratri is among the most popular festivals in India, Nava means nine and Ratri means nights, festival of nine nights, how can I forget to tell you all that Babas number is also 9…. I will not write much on Navaratri because the net is full of such information; here my main aim is to highlight Sai Navaratri. Sai Navaratri is the best time to start with any thing new, which you have been thinking since long, now you don’t have to wait anymore.Sai is there to bless you . Pooja vidhi for Sai Navaratri Take bath, wear clean cloths, if possible then Red colour cloths are the best. Cover Babas photo/ statue whatever you have with red color poshak or with the dupatta what we offer to Maa Durga. Decorate your mandir with lots of flowers and lamps, as we all know that Baba use to love flowers and lamps. Think in your heart Baba as Sai-Durga maa, Sai-Lakshmi maa, Sai – Saraswati maa. Read Sai –Satcharita as you read Durga –chalisa Pray to Sai-Durga maa for removing all the obstacles from your life Pray to Sai-lakshmi maa for lots of peace and prosperity in your life Pray to Sai-Saraswati maa in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. Chant the name of Sai-Durga maa (sai durga, sai durga, sai durga…like this) for 5 mints but with lots of devotion. At last do Sai-durga arti, keep adding Sai before Durga matas name. Finish your sai-satcharita on the Tenth day. This time it’s a Thursday (Babas day), Navaratras(again 9) and 9th is the date, 9 is Babas number.see what a great Sai leela,Sai just reminded me . This is how I do my Sai –Navaratras. I would love to know as how you do your Sai-Navaratras, please mail me at dainarautela@gmail.com if you have any thing to share with Sai children. May Sai bless all Allaha malik

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Gaurav on June 29, 2012 at 11:25 AM said...

Sai is our mother Durga. I really love the divine goddess. I will also try to do this new form of Sai-Durga worship with Baba's grace.

Om Sai ram. Allah Malik hai.

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