Monday, October 13, 2008

Baba inside the Sai Statue - Sai Leela

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, October 13, 2008
I generally narrate Sai stories from Sai satcharitra to my little daughter. I feel happy when my daughter narrate the same Sai stories to her friends ,i noticed it many times. Last night while I was putting my daughter to sleep she asked me one very innocent question ,she asked mamma where is Baba ,is he dead or alive ? For a minute I was silent but then I told her that Baba lives everywhere even in a small Ant he is not dead he lives in all the statues and pictures, all we have to have faith and devotion for him. I gave many examples as how I take care of Sai statue we have in our house I realized that my daughter was almost slept but her question left a seed in mind and it was growing fast like a wild creeper . while I was in half sleep I was thinking that Baba's statues are very delicate and we must take good care of them I was thinking that is it only me who see my statue in different forms or other Sai devotees are also experiencing the miracles of sai statue's ? I never recived any experience on this topic that's why I was having lot's of If's and But's in my mind. With this thought in my mind when I slept I have no clue, morning when I got up I cheaked my mail, there was a mail from a Sai devotee “Namita”. Her mail was answer to my question ,which was bothering me since last night . I am attaching her mail Sairam priyanka didi, I am Sai devotee ,I am lucky that two times I could go to shirdi also ,one year back I was working in Hyderabad.Everything was going very well ,I had a good job with very good salary because of my tight schedule I forgot about Sai ,as you know that we pray only if we are in problems ,when we are happy we mostly forget about our Sai ,this mistake I also did and started enjoying my life with this bad world . I had a small statue of Sai which I got from shirdi, earlier I use to light lamp in front of this statue but I stopped later, one day while getting ready for my job suddenly Sai statue had fallen down and was broken into two pieces from the back bone, I felt very bad, said sorry to Baba and went to my office .That day I felt very low in energy but did not realize as to what Sai statue wanted to indicate. Two day's passes but my energy level was still low, I started feeling as if some very big problem is going to come on me . Next day while taking bath I slipped inside the bathroom and was fainted as I was all alone so no one was there even to listen me I remained unconscious for almost 1 hour ,when I came in my senses I was not able to get up ,there was intolerable pain in my back ,I had my mobile in the bathroom ,I called my friend he came and took me to the hospital ,doctors said that my backbone is broken . Hearing this I was horrified again and again that statue was coming in front of my eyes. When I saw the X-rays of my bone I saw that my backbone was broken from the same place where Baba's statue was broken, I realized that Baba wanted to indicate me that I should be very careful in near future, but still before me he took my pain on him because of that only I am able to walk today otherwise all the doctors had said that I can never get up from the bed and will be bed ridden for the rest of my life. By the grace of Baba I am very much fine now ,I daily put Udi on my back .Now I am leading a very peaceful life ,I pray to Baba daily ,I read Sai Satcharitra also . Priyanka didi thanks for sending me Udi packets I have no words for your kind and dedicated Sai Seva .May Baba bless your family. Yours loving sister Namita See how Baba try to indicate us ,he always takes the major pains first and leave very minor pains for us so that we can wake up from our sleep's . We should never forget Baba when things are going smooth. After reading her mail I told this story to my daughter and told her see because Baba was there inside that Statue that's why Namita didi could walk today otherwise she would have been paralised for the life time. soon I will share my own experience with the Sai Statue I have in my home . If you also have a Sai statue in your home and if you have experiensed any Sai statue leela and do write to me at Allaha Malik

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