Thursday, October 30, 2008

Because Of Sai I Found My Lost Brother

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, October 30, 2008
Again today I am publishing a true story of sister who found her lost brother after 6 months by the grace of Baba ,this incident changed her life and now she is just doing Sai Seva. Here I am attaching her mail : Sairam Priyanka Ji, I am kanika from Chandighar ,I want to share my story with all Sai devotees,I would request if you can please publish it in your blog . This happened with us almost 3 years back when we used to stay in Delhi ,I have 2 brothers ,one fine day my younger brother went out of the house for some work and did not came back . we waited for him for the whole night but he didn't came . Next day early morning we went to the near by police station with his photo and launched a complaint . My old mother was with us,she was in very bad state but we were helpless ,we tried our level best but could not get any clue .. We advertised in newspapers ,televisions and even through local templates but no result . I don't even remember that how many nights we had not slept during those days ,they were the most horrible days of my life . Our neighbours also started ignoring us ,they stopped coming to our house ,not only that even our relatives showed there real colours . There was a rumor all around that my brother was mentally upset and he is into wrong things ,we could not do anything because we were totally helpless. One day one of collage friend told me about Sai Baba ,she told me that if you will worship Baba then I am sure that your brother will be back . At that point of time this much little hope was enough ,without any thoughts I went to the Sai temple which was quite near to my house . The moment I went inside the temple I received very very strong positive waves. I don't know but the moment my eyes saw Baba's loving face I started crying ,I told Baba that if you give me back my lost brother I will worship you throughout my life and will also feed a child poor child for 16 Thursdays . After that I came back home and told the whole incident to my old mother . Next day was a Thursday and in the morning itself I got up and went to that Sai temple again when I came back my elder brother told me that someone called from Bikaner ,Rajasthan he informed me that our brother is there with them . I was so happy that at last after 6 months we got some information about our brother . My elder brother called a taxi and that time itself he left for Bikaner ,I don't know why but Baba's face was coming in front of my eyes again and again . Bikaner is almost 12 hours from Delhi ,when my elder brother reached there he found my younger brother in very bad state .He was very ill and scared . My elder brother called us and informed that he is on his way back to Delhi with my younger brother . We were so happy ,that day itself I realised the power of Sai .That was a Thursday Next day Baba came in my dreams and told me to feed poors thought out my life and told me that if I do so me and my family will be happy for the rest of our life . Now its almost 3 years and still I am feeding a poor boy on every Thursday I also go to Sai temple whenever I get the chance because now we don't stay in Delhi and now there is no near by Baba's mandir . My brother is doing very well in his career in fact he is on the top position in his company . This all could happen just because of Baba ,otherwise we had lost all the hopes . I am so thank full to Baba for showering his blessings on me and my family . May Sai bless you Priyanka Ji. with regards kanika sharma Now Kanika is married and doing Sai seva ,she writes about Baba ,she conducts Sai Satsangs ,she help poors and many more .. Kanika is conveying her regards to all Sai devotees. May Baba bless her always . Allaha Malik

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S.V.Swamy on October 30, 2008 at 11:30 PM said...

Sai Ram. Sai's mercy is infinite. And He knows when to pull His children into His fold. The whole incident was a nice leela of Baba to pull you into Sai fold. Don't fret that no Sai mandir is near to you now. He is always near you, in fact, He is seated in your heart. So, always remember Him.



tyagaraju on October 31, 2008 at 7:32 PM said...

Ome Sairam

It is He Baba helped you as soon as you have entered His Mandir.
So Baba is very kind towards His children and He always look afterus. Keep remembering Him always. If there is not Baba Mandir near to your house your house is SHIRDI because where Baba photo is there it is SHIRDI MANDIR.


kamini on November 1, 2008 at 5:16 AM said...


It's always facinating to read about Baba's miracles Baba has his unique ways of drawing his devotees towards him. Kanika if you are residing in Chandigarh as I understand from your mail then please dont fret as there definitely is Babas temple in sector 29. I visit it all the time when I go to India as I'am from Chandigarh. Any rickshaw or scooter guy can guide you.


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