Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dr.Sai Cured Me - Punetha

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Now a days it seems that Sai wants me to just write about recent Sai leela's. As you must have noticed that now a days I am mostly publishing recent experiences of Baba. Daily I plan to publish something but Baba orders me to publish something else only because he is the real writer of this blog I am just a mere typist Few days back I had published about Namita's experience as how Baba's statue cured her from a major injury . Today I am adding one more block to this topic ,this is also a real experience of a Sai daughter her name is Punetha she got the right answer after she read Namita's experience in this blog . Here i am attaching Punetha sisters experience with Baba's statue and how Baba's Udi cured her . Sairam priyanka Akka, I am so happy reading your blog. I got a beautiful message after reading Sai statue leela from Namita sister . Two week's ago a small Babas statue got broken by me by mistake . Baba’s head was broken till the neck.. I was so upset I cried in front of Sai and kept on asking him as why this happen with me. I asked Baba many times did I do any mistake ? I also apologised to Baba and asked for forgiveness . For many days I did not got any answer from my Satguru Sainath In the night I wanted to stick Baba's broken head but I did not had any strong glue at my house,I could find a normal glue which school children use . With that normal glue only I tried to stick Baba's head and to my Surprise Baba's head stickied very strongly . I was happy because Baba's statue was looking absolutely fine as before but still there was a fear inside me as why this incident took place . After some days I started facing a problem on my Face,big pimples started appearing all over my face they in fact appeared just like chickenpox. My whole face was full of them ,there was few on my neck also. I went to many doctors ,even the doctor was shocked to see my face. Doctors gave me many medicine's but nothing worked on my face in fact my face was getting worse and worse with each passing day . Ultimately I stared praying to Baba and applied his 'Udi' on my face. and also I started drinking a glass of water with Baba's Udi in it . Day by day my face started to cure, after one week (today) i am back to work.. my face is much much better now,and daily i see lots of improvement on my face . Here i am attaching the photo of that Sai Statue which I had broke by mistake Priyanka Akka while I was going through your blog I read Namita’s experience and I realize that Baba gave me my answer as why Baba’s head was broken and it was broken till the neck only . Even I had the problem till my neck only,Baba never let my problem to go beyond my neck . Baba’s Udi did wonders to cure my face with in 1 week . after some days I also had a dream before all this happen I saw that i was packing Baba’s Udi and kunggumam in Baba’s temple. Now i feel that Baba already indicated me that on my my Udi is your medicine,in fact Baba's Statue took all my pain on himself and that's the reason I am fine today . I am so thankful to Baba for curing my face . I have no words to say about Baba's leela's .. he is all mighty May Baba bless you and your family Priyanka akka. Om Sai Ram! Punetha Tampiah (Kindness is a language which the blind can see and the deaf can hear) So this was another wonderful Sai leela,I would also request all of you to please share your experiences also with all of us and lets give some hope to those people who are suffering from different type of diseases,let them know about Dr.Sai ,mail me at Allaha Malik

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