Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I experience Sai every day – Ravi

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Yes it’s true that some devotees are experiencing Sai leela's every single day. Today I am sharing a devotee’s experience whome Baba gives darshan daily in one or the other way. While I was going through Ravi ji’s mail I was feeling as if he wants to share lot of things.
In the mail itself I could feel the zeal of Sai love in him. Here I am attaching his mail along with his mandir photographs for Sai children :
Dear Priyanka ji , I saw your blog and I thought I would also share my experiences with Baba almost daily .
I am a Sai devotee By the grace of our Sainath I am having experiences every day, I whole heartedly thank Baba for his presence with me and my family. I feel that if we pray or remember Sai with each passing second then Baba surely bless us with his beautiful miracles every day.
His way is little different, sometimes he shows his presence through e-mails, friends, jobs, or any painful experiences, dream’s,finacial losses etc. the list of his divine ways is endless. My experience from Sai teachings has been since 1990. Every miracle incidences good or bad happens to me on Thursday (Baba’s day) I got married on Thursday Both my son's are born on Thursday.
Earlier when I visited India I had a very sever back problem, that time I was reading Sai Charithra ,because of which Sai sucked my back pain .
I also had spondilytis in my neck it was so bad that I was not even able move my neck. Ultimately Baba’s Udi cured me without any operation which was a great miracle.
By the grace of I visited Shirdi on 2004 February and I stayed there in shirdi for 7 day's. After I retuned from shirdi Sai gave me a job the day I landed in USA.
Sai gave me very good education and I Sucessfully graduated in Food and Nutrition & Dietetics, now I am leading a very happy well settled life.
Sai also gave me an opportunity to buy a small statue which is miraculous in many ways .Baba in real form is there inside that small beautiful Sai statue.
Here I am attaching the Photo of my small mandir.
When I was a student I used to do puja all four times in a day at my home. I get Horupulations when I sing his Sai Bhajan’s. I see Sai In everyone.
Still I have many more to say, it is endless. I have visited Sai Temple where ever I lived. I have a small temple at home.
Whenever I have a question or problem in my life, I see for signs in the sky he gives me the right solutions Many times I saw “S “marks on the Sky .
Sometimes I do write yes or No on paper and make chits which my son Pick’s the chits for Sai Answers. I am more than happy to share my experiences with you. May Sai give everyone beautiful experiences in life. Sai Ram Jayasree Ravi
I feel very happy whenever I read any such experiences .I thank Sai for taking Equal care of all his children at the same time . If you also have something to share with all the Sai children then please take the inecitive like Ravi ji and mail me at dainarautela@gmail.com Sairam to all
Allaha Malik

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