Thursday, October 16, 2008

I will not lie anymore-Ryan faraaz

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, October 16, 2008
Happy Baba’s day to all Sai devotees. My today’s post is about a Sai devotee who is a teenager,at his age kids wants to enjoy there life's in other ways but this wonderful boy is finding enjoyment in Sai bhakti ,he is fully devoted himself at the louts feet’s of Sathguru Sainath Maharaj. Ryan mailed me his beautiful experience last night and i am sharing his experience with all of you . Ryan told me that on 18th of June he was feeling very nervous in his school because that day he had to meet his teacher about how he works at school. Actually ryan had lied to his parents about his failure in one of the exams, from inside he was feeling very guilty because he lied to his lovely parents. After the meeting finished Ryan’s mother got very angry on him because she never wanted her son to lie about anything. But on the other hand Ryan never wanted to lie, he lied because he was scared of his parents reactions. Out of anger Ryan removed all the photos of Baba from his house, while he was removing the photos one big photo of Baba fell down in his garden. He went running to the garden thinking that Baba’s photo must have been damaged. With lots of bad thoughts in his mind when he reached near to that photo he was amazed to see that Baba’s photo along with the glass was absolutely safe ,not even a single chip was there. Here I am attaching the Picture of Sai photo which had fallen down in the garden along with Ryan's small mandir photo : After seeing this beautiful leela of Sai, Ryan promised to Baba that he will never lie to his parents in his life, and will follow the path of truth shown by Baba.

Now Ryan is very happy and doing excellent in his school,this teachers are very happy with his progress.

His devotion towards Baba is getting more and stronger with each passing day. I am very glad to share Ryan’s experience with all of you because I think that he is too sensible and devoted to Baba despite of his young age.I am very proud of you Ryan . May Baba bless you always.

Allaha Malik

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