Friday, October 24, 2008

Only I Saw My Sai - Amazing Sai Leela

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Friday, October 24, 2008
Again today I am posting an amazing sai leela which was experienced by Surekha ji During her very recent shirdi visit . Here I am attaching her mail for all Sai devotees : Hi Priyanka, Due to Baba's blessings, I got a chance to be in shirdi for a couple of days (i.e. on the 17th & the 18th of Oct).It was the first time I had been to Shirdi and was so excited about the trip. Baba blessed me with a good darshan & gave wonderful experiences throughout the trip. I would like to share one such sweet incident. Though not deserving, he was kind to bless me as usual. Please append the following miracle in your blog When I was in Shirdi, I was very happy that I am in the place where Baba literally walked, slept , spoke with people in the village, cooked and served food But at the same time I was upset that Baba is no more in the human form so that I could see Him and seek His blessings as people of those days did. When I was getting ready to leave Shirdi, I visited Dwarakamai once, as I felt that I need to seek Baba's permission before leaving (I remember the incidents in Sat Charitra ….. people would not leave shirdi without Baba’s permission). When I was to step out of Dwarakamai, I literally started crying and couldn't control myself. My feeling that Baba is not in the human form to bless me and give me Udi reached its peak and so I started crying like a kid. (Though I understand Baba is still alive & omnipresent).
I left Shirdi with an incomplete feeling. According to the travel agents schedule. We were to go to Shinganapure (a village on the way to Pune from Shridi, where there is a Lord Saneeswhara's temple) next. The bus in which we traveled was parked at a distance from the temple. So after the darshan, I started walking along with a group of ladies, who accompanied me in the Shridi trip. The time was approximately 8 pm and there was no light. I saw an old man whose dress was shabby and was leaning on a post.
When we passed him, he started talking loudly in Telugu. He said "Ladies give me some food, I am feeling hungry" Nobody responded to him. Only I stopped from walking further and turned to look at him. When he saw me, he said "I will ask you once. I will not ask you again. If you feel like giving you give ".I felt it was too strange a demand and without my knowledge walked towards him and gave him Rs.10. He received the money in his right hand and raised his left hand ( & blessed me) and said " Sukki Bhava"
The minute I heard the phrase "Sukki Bhava", I became speechless. I felt as if I was in heaven (I am not exaggerating)….I started walking towards the bus. Before stepping inside the bus, I wanted to see him once. So I turned to look at him. He raised both his hands and blessed me with a beautiful smile on his face. The smile was so divine and incomparable and could see his face glowing, amidst the dark ambience.
After getting inside the bus, I forgot about the old man and the incident. I was busy talking with my mother. After few minutes I got reminded and looked outside the window. I couldn't see the old man in that place.
I got down the place to look around. The place where he sat was really filthy and was not meant to relax even for a beggar .Only then I realized that it was 'My Sai' who had come all the way to bless me. But still I had a doubt and wanted to confirm what happened with my mom. I asked her whether she saw that old man and also heard him talking. Though she was walking along with me, she didn't not even notice the old man at that place. I also double checked with others in the group. Neither they saw him nor did they hear him.
My mom said that it is Sai for sure, because he wanted to me to realize the significance by talking in Telugu ( which is my mother tongue) and as well bless me in Hindi( by saying " Sukki Bhav सुखी भावः ") Baba fulfilled my wish…He came in human form and blessed me with a wonderful experience. I am still wondering how come others around couldn't even see him, when I could. Baba had appeared for my sake alone to fulfill the wish of an undeserving creature like me.
BABA I LOVE YOU.FORGIVE ALL MY FAULTS & SHOWER YOUR BLESSINGS ON ME ALWAYS. Om Sai Ram Now after reading this beautiful experience of Surekha ji even I am speechless.
Wonderful Sai leela . May Sai bless all
Allaha Malik

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Puja on October 24, 2008 at 9:06 PM said...

I developed goosebumps and cried a lot on reading this Leela. I myself crave a lot for BABAs darshan. Daily when we read Sai Satcharita or read articles and posts on BABA, I really long to be in Shirdi with BABA around. I want to see him sitting in DWARKAMAI and I wish I could have Udi from him....I desperately cry to experience that time.......Surekhaji is indeed very lucky...BABA BLESS ALL

Anonymous said...

Jai Sai Ram,
I am currently going through lots of problems in life. I have lost my happiness. Baba is still keeping me going. I humbly request all devotees to pray for me to overcome all obstacles and get back my happy life. Thank you all for your kindness...From Baba's daughter

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