Monday, October 20, 2008

Sab Ka Malik Ek -Sai Hanuman

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, October 20, 2008
Sairam to all Sai devotees, Today again I am sharing an amazing Sai leela which was experience by a pujari of a Hanuman temple situated in Visaka-patnam of Andhra Pradesh, India. Before I start writing on this real story I would like to thank Shri Tyagaraju ji who has shared this wonderful real Sai leela with all of us, Raju ji is a highly dedicated Sai devotee. Here I am attaching the mail sent by Tyagaraju ji : As I told that this Sai leela has been experienced by a pujari ji of a Hanuman temple in Andhra predesa, India. There is one pujari of Hanuman temple his name is Satyanarayana He was a stanch devotee of lord Hanuman and he used to chant Hanuman Chalisa 11 times in a day, after he use to finish all the puja's of the temple. Once he had undergone some major operation and applied for 2 months leave, before leave he arranged one pujari to do all the pujas in the temple. After recovery he went to the temple as usual to join, but he got very disappointed as the trustee told him that there is no need of him now. The pujari told the trustee “Why sir I have arranged one person in place of mine, and now I am cured and I can perform all the pujas as I use to do earlier then why you dont want me". But the trustee did not agree and send him away. This pujari also cooks for those who want him for special occasions like in marriages, Bhandars and other auspicious days.One day one person called him for cooking on a special occasions in his house. That daySatyanarayana ji prepared all the food items and brought the whole food items to this person who ordered him. Before leaving his house pujari"s son asked him papa why don’t you come to Baba’s temple today. Hearing this immediately this pujari got very angry and told his son that “I will never go to Sai Baba’s temple in my life "After this small discussion pujari went to the house of that person who ordered him with all the food items prepared. when pujari recahed his house , he got shocked because the person who placed the order had died . Whith very heavy heart he returned back with the food and distributed all the items to poor and Andhra Saranalams. He also got angry on his son and told just because you told me come to Baba’s temple that’s why that person died today. He told his son never ask me to come to Sai temple. I am a Hunuman ji's devotee and will always worship him . For many months Pujari had no work, he was very depressed . Again one day one person called him for cooking in his home on an auspicious day. The pujari went there. After the party was over that person asked him "Sir Will yoube interested in joining as pujari in Sai Baba’s temple"? There is no one there in that Sai mandir and the present pujari is also going away.Pujari said “I was a purohit in Hanuman temple for 7 years and I don’t know any vidhi used in performing Baba’s puja. The Person told him nothing to worry the present pujari will teach you how to perform and with in 4 days you will learn and then you will know how to perform all the puja The pujari took time to think it over one night he saw a dream One side Sai Baba and on the other side Sindhuram (Sindhuram is used for Hanuman for Puja) and beatel leaves in abundant. When pujari got up from sleep he understood that Hanuman ji and Sai Baba are same.After this pujari agreed to join Baba’s temple but still he had lots hesitation and unwillingness, but just because of money he had joined Sai temple. As his financial condition was getting too patatic day by day ,so just for money sake Satayanaray ji joined Baba's temple. After some days one person came to him and gave him one lakh rupees, pujari got astonished. Later that person told him that many years back you had given me some money to put in the market on higher interest , I left the town without telling you and now after so many years I have come to pay back your money with interest. Now the pujari had no interest in this amount and he gave the entire money to his wife. He told his wife “I have not given you any gold ornaments except mangalsutras. So you may spend this money as you like. I do not want this "His elder son was in B.Sc and asked his mother to give 30000/- with which he wanted to learn some computer course to get a good job. So she gave him that amount. She also gave fees of her second son who was studying in Intermediate and the College management gave him concession for the fee as they were poor. Now she was able to pay his college fee and with remaining amount she purchased some ornaments.This pujari started earning very well with pujas he uses to perform, on other days also he could earn Rs.2000/- His faith started building for Baba . He stopped chanting Hanuman Chalisa out of his hesitation because he thought that its Baba’s mandir then how can I chant Hanuman chalisa . One day He got a vision of Sai, He saw Baba asking him as "why you stopped chanting Hanuman chalisa never mind you can chant Hanuman chalisa here also ,there is no difference between me and Hanuman,i am your Sai Hanuman” This wonderful vision had opened pujari’s eyes and now he is very happy in Baba’s temple because he knows that Saibaba and lord Hanuman is one.He also started chanting Hanuman chalisa in Baba's temple. As truly said by Baba "SAB KA MALIK EK HAI " Wow what a wonderful Sai leela it was ! I am very thrilled ,I would again like to pay my regards to Tyagaraju ji who shared this wonderful Sai leela with all of us. I request all the Sai children to please come forwared and share such experiences with all of us. You can mail me at May Sai Bless All Allaha Malik

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Raghav on October 20, 2008 at 11:09 PM said...

Wonderful Story. every one coming to earth will surely have his bread & butter at some or the other place.
this is just a sai leela to bring him to Sai's feet.
Om Sai Ram.

preeti on October 22, 2008 at 5:54 PM said...

Sai Om Sai

shraddha ani saburi

Anonymous said...

wonderful experience. If you are curious as to how I got to this page, let me tell you. I have seen a lot of sufferings in life at a very young age. Now for the past 1 year my life has been miserable. I recite all slokas regularly believing that it could wipe off my past karmas. I had to quit my job after marriage as I had to go abroad only to know that my husband cheated on me. I came back to India and it has been 1 year and i havent found any job. I have lost all my self confidence. I started praying to all gods and also read sai charitra. I have never been a devotee of sai baba thought i always belived in him, but my late father was a devotee. Somehow when I was browsing the net, i got to know about sai charitra and starting reading it online. I managed to complete it in 8 days. I did this twice and i realized whenever I would read sai charitra my mind would be positive. but then again my negative thoughts would get back to me. One day at around 8 pm i was in the kitchen chanting hanuman chalisa 11 times. Through my kitchen balcony, I could see sai baba's face on a small table wipe cloth hung in the balcony grill after wash. I never thought of baba while chanting hanuman chalisa but from whatever i remember the vision i had was very close to sai baba's face. this was about a month back probably. i thought this must have been my imagination. because after all through the kitchn door glass i could see my balcony and the small dirty cloth hung there. how could i see baba's face in that cloth. If i would move away from the place where i was chanting, the vision would vanish too and all i could see is that ragged table cloth. So till today i dont know if its just my imagination. BecaUSE BABA has never come in my dream and neither has he spoken to me. but what makes me believe this is that within a couple of days, I received a bumper prize a small maruti car. Now since iam jobless, iam struggling to pay the gift tax and insurance and registration expenses. I have never won this kind of bumper prize ever in my life as I always consider myself to be unlucky always. though this news gave me temperary excitement, I am still feeling miserable as to own that prize i have to pay such a huge amount. Also i havent got a job yet and none of my problems are solved as of now. My life is only getting more and more miserable. I want to get married again to the right person. hope baba helps me in every way to fulfill my desires. also I have become a great devotee of lord shiva and goddess lalitha and I regularly worshipe them. it was once i started worshipping lord shiva seriously was when i got suddenly close to sai baba through various blogs and miracles. just wanted to share my experience

Anonymous said...

om sai ram Priyankaji... this is a wonderful story..Om sai ram.

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