Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sai Baba's Crown and Migraine - interlinked

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, October 02, 2008
Yes this topic can raise certain eyebrows as how there can be a inter link between Baba’s crown and Migraine, but yes it’s a true experience today I am sharing it with all of you. After the birth of my daughter I developed a migraine problem, it became severe with each passing year, sometimes I use to feel paralised every second day I use to complain of migraine, followed by lots of vomating and then I use to feel like a dead person, many times I had to take pain killer injections as the pain was unbearable. Last year I got admitted also for the same cause, showed to many doctors but there was no result my pain remained the same as ever, then at last I started taking vovoron tablets, which are extremely harmful for your health but it’s a very effective pain killer, at that point of time I wanted to get rid of my migraine pain rather then worrying about the side effects of the tablet. This continued for a long time and I was getting more and more frustrated with my migraine problem, but was helpless. One day I prayed to Sai to take my pain and grant me good health, i cryed in front of Baba because i was feeling helpless with my migrain problem ,nothing happened my problem continued but then one fine day which was happen to be Baba’s day, I got the dream that I should remove Baba's crown from his statue .I was unable to understand the meaning of my dream, I was rather scared because I thought why Baba wants me to remove his crown. I did not follow the dream due to my inner scare and did not remove the crown, after 4 days I again felt the sever pain of migraine, I was crying out of pain, suddenly Sai reminded me of my crown dream and I got up and removed the crown from Babab’s statue …and went off to the bed again, to my surprise I started feeling better and after 30 minutes I was perfectly normal as ever, without taking any pain killers. I realize that Baba wants me to take out his crown daily once I am done with his arti, because in all the Sai Temples including shirdi, pundit ji always removes Baba’s crown after the arti is done, Baba made me relised that he is in the real form inside that marble statue, that’s why he feels heavy when I don’t remove his crown. After this wonderful experience I am very particular about Baba’s crown and I make sure to take out the crown when I am done with arti and in the night befor i go to sleep Now i dont even remember that i had a migrain problem ever ,can you belive it ?i know its hard but its true ,one should ask my husband and my little daughter who had seen me in pains . I am short of words because my happiness and my devotion today are not finding enough word for their expressions, I can only thank my saima who is always there with me. My main motive of publishing this post is to tell all the readers that whatever Sai tells us in dreams of by other sources we should follow him because its always for our good. I request to all the sai children that please pray to sai for whatever health problems you have because Baba is the Supreme doctor of this universe and he will surely suck your bad health and you will have a blessed health granted by our loving mother Saima.Pray with the bottom of your heart and you will find saima standing next to you . May saima bless all of us with good health always allaha malik

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Raghav on October 5, 2008 at 2:12 AM said...
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Alpesh on October 6, 2008 at 6:06 AM said...

Wonderful experience. Yes Baba is living in statues and pictures, where ever He finds Love for Him and devotion.

Anonymous said...

Priyanka didi pls check your e mail id as i have sent a mail i need solution from you pls check didi i shall be waiting for your reply.


Ashwini KV on September 15, 2012 at 4:38 AM said...

Om Sai Ram
Priyankaji finding your blog is the blessing i got from Saima.
Its giving a positive attitude towards life and its very inspiring.
Thank you very much for your wonderful words and posts.
Saima bless all of us with Good health
Om Sai Ram

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