Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sai came to our house-Amazing Sai Leela

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, October 15, 2008
SHIRDI SAI BABA STATUE INSIDE THE SAI MANDIR DEHRADOON Sairam to all Sai devotees, Today I am feeling very emotional while publishing this true story of a Sai devotee couple whom Baba blessed in real form. Two days ago I published a post "Did Sai came to your house also? And today Baba gave me this story for publishing,this story is the indication of Baba that yes I am alive and I come to your house quite often . There is a beautiful Sai mandir in Deharadun with the name of “Devasthan”. It’s a very famous mandir of Uttrakhand This Mandir is on the Rajpur Road of Dehradun Infact Every Sunday I go there to feed my poor friends. I feel ultimate peace in and around the Mandir area,whenever I feel low I sit inside the Mandir for hours and hours together Today I went to meet Mr.Kedar Nath Bhalla ji who is the managing trustee of this mandir. While I was talking to him I learned that this Sai mandir has an amazing history, but more then that I was feeling as if Baba has put the stamp of approval ,that yes he is everywhere(now a days i am writing on this topic only ) Now I am writing about the real experience of Bhalla couple with Sai : Mr. and (late) Mrs. Usha Bhalla use to live in Delhi, one day one fakir came to their house and told them that I have come from shirdi and Sai baba is calling both of you to shirdi, so listen to me carefully and don’t forget to come to shirdi soon after telling this fakir disappred in front of them, they had no words as to what had happened to them. With in no time Mr. and Mrs. Bhalla went to Shirdi and found the same old Fakir there in shirdi .He was none other then Sai himself . Baba gave them lots of live darshans while they were in shirdi and told them to Built a Sai Mandir in Dehradun. Sai told them the address also where they have to go and build the mandir, they dint know what they have to do now?As they dint knew anything about Dehradun city . When they retuned from shirdi, Mrs. Usha Bhalla wanted to go to Dehradun and follow orders by Sai, but Mr. Kedar Nath Bhalla was not agreeing on such a fast action, but Mrs. Bhalla was adamant on her decision and she left her food, seeing this her husband got very emotional and they came to Dehradun. When they reached to the address told by Sai they were disappointed at once because they saw that it was a residential house of a Verma couple. With lots of hesitation they went inside there house and told them the whole story ,hearing this Mrs. Verma told that Sai already lives here ,she told them that she have a Sai statue in her mandir and whenever she gets up In the morning she find a fresh garland on that Sai Statue. She told them that we are ready to give our house for Sai mandir. SAI MANDIR ,DEHRADUN Hearing this both the Bhalla couple was astonished. After that shri Keadr .Balla ji went to Jaipur for getting marble statue of Sai, when he retuned back he learned that his wife was in hospital. Doctors said that she is on the last stage of her life and any day she can die. Mr.Balla skipped a beat after he heard this, one side he brought Baba’s statue form Jaipur and on the other hand his loving wife was counting her last days of life. When Mr. Bhalla met his wife in the hospital he found no sign of worry on her beautiful face. She told Mr.Bhalla that you please sell all my marriage jewelry along with other valuables of the house but mandir construction should not be stopped at any cost, hearing these beautiful words from his sick wife he got too emotional. Mr. Bhalla told me that he cried for the first time in his life like he cried that day. Ultimately the day of Murti Sthapana came .Bhalla couple called everyone they knew .Mandir was full of Sai Devotees. People were offering flowers, sweets, milk, honey; garland etc .ect but mrs.Bhalla offered her self on the feets of Sathguru Sainath Mahraj. Just after 17 days of Murti Stapna Mrs. Bhalla passed away. But her husband is still looking after the mandir with 100% devotion .He sits in the mandir from morning till night till the time Mandir doesn’t close. I am not able to write anymore because I am not able to stop my tears ,i am feeling as if everything happned in front of my eyes. i wanted to write more but may hands are shaking please forgive for this. May Baba take care of Mrs.Bhalla’s soul. I pay my high regards to Mr. Kedar Nath Bhalla Ji and (late)Smt. Usha Bhalla Ji Allaha Malik

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Sangeeth on October 16, 2008 at 12:34 AM said...

oh I am crying too priyanka...what a blessing! Sai really make sure he takes care of his loved ones...jai sairam.

Puja on October 16, 2008 at 7:18 PM said...

I am also filled with tears Priyankaji. Its AMAZING and OUT OF THIS WORLD...........TRULY...........Blessed are people who get the orders directly from BABA,and execute them. Fortunate they are who get BABAS darshan in some form or the other and get to experience his miracles....SAI Bless all!!!!!!!!Jai Sainath

Anonymous said...

Om Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai..I cannot control my tears after reading this..My heart are sobbing like a small child..Priyanka ji this is indeed a very inspiring story for everyone showing baba still exist everywhere and giving his darshan and his love as a mother does to her child..His leelas and miracles are like nectar and cannot be measured by human mind...Oh Sai ma bless everyone who comes to this site..Priyanka ji you are doing awesome job here..Saima will bless you and your family..Om Sai Ram..

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