Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sai In My Vains

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Saturday, November 01, 2008
Sairam to all readers, As we all know that Baba takes care of all his children equally he knows when and how to pull his loving children into his fold. My today’s post is also proving this fact that Baba will pull you towards him no matter you desire or not. We all are just puppets and he the main person who has all the threads in his hand, we can dance only when de desires … Today I am sharing the real experience of Geetanjali sister; she is a very blessed child of Baba. At each point of time she feels the presence of Deva with her. Not only had that Baba showed her the photo of her future husband in her dreams. Here I am attaching her mail in which she shared her wonderful heart touching experience: sairam priyanka ji With Baba's permission and his grace I am writing my very first experience that made me take a step towards Baba and as Baba has said that if you take a step towards me I take 100 steps towards you. This is way back in 2002. I was doing my masters and my thesis was supposed to be submitted in 2001 and I was delayed because my supervisor was not showing any interest towards my research work. He wanted me to work towards something that wasn’t a part of my research and my work was getting delayed for no reason. All my fellow classmates had already submitted their thesis by the end of the December 2001. I was given a deadline of January 2002 to finish and submit my work. However, my supervisor went out of country for about 2 months and there was no way I could meet this deadline. After January 2002, the head of the department told me that I cannot continue work since the deadline has already passed. I told her that my supervisor is not here and it’s not my fault but to no avail. I was getting frustrated with each passing day. I would cry at home at times and was thinking of quitting the masters altogether. My mom had just started believing in Baba those days. She was introduced to Baba by one of her colleagues who are a member of Shirdi Bhajan Sangathan here in Chandigarh. My mom told me to pray to Baba and that he will take care of things for me. I was so frustrated that my immediate reaction was no Baba can do anything now. I will quit the course and that’s it. So what I will only be a bachelor graduate. Next day or so my supervisor came back and I had a small argument with him regarding my work. And things went worse. I went home very depressed and left all hope that I will ever receive my Masters degree. But, like Baba had planned that I have to be his devotee, my mom again requested me that I should read Sai Baavni even if I don’t believe. She persuaded me to read it once a day and if things don’t change then I can leave it. I started reading Sai Baavni and a few days later, my father visited my supervisor and requested him to help me finish the thesis and submit it. My supervisor assured my father that he will have it done at the earliest. For some reason, my supervisor still wanted me to finish a work that wasn’t related to my thesis and it was supposed to be done with some other department and they were having shortage of chemicals and other apparatus required to carry out the experiment. So the things started getting delayed unnecessarily again, the time was very frustrating. Meanwhile, I started writing Sai Baavni for reason I don’t know. I used to write it down 2 times a day. One notepad after the other, I kept on writing Sai Baavni. I didn’t have a belief but still I was doing it. After about another month of frustration, in mid of April 2002, my supervisor called me and told me that I can leave the work not related to my thesis and I should begin writing and get the thesis work checked by him and prepare for submission. My joy knew no bounds. I had already typed most of the thesis work and it was ready to be checked by him. By the grace of my Lord Shri Sai, he checked the thesis at the earliest and I was all set to submit after he checked. Once I had typed and made the relevant changes after he checked I gave it for printing to a professional. It was May 7, 2002 when I submitted my work and that night, I cried and cried. I don’t know why but I cried and slept crying. That was that night Baba appeared my dream for the first time I saw a picture of Sai Baba and then lo my Baba appeared where the photograph was placed. I still remember that dream vividly. I am crying looking at him and he is smiling at me. His face is filled with so much grace and radiance. These were his words to me 'Bache, Main tumse bahut pyaar karta hoon. Main Hamesha tumhara dhyan rakhunga." then he showed me a photograph of a man, which I don’t remember how it looked except the hair style, and told me, " Teri shaadi isse hogi aur ye tujhe bahut pyaar karega" Main hamesha tere saath hoon"
Just then I was awakening and it was about 7 am in the morning. I was still crying when I got up. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I told my mom who was very happy and said to me I have been lucky to be blessed by Baba. People die to have a glimpse of him and he has himself given you a darshan. On the same day I had this dream in the morning, I slept still thinking about the dream all day, when I had another dream where I am walking with Baba hand in hand and he is guiding me on the way. I don’t remember if there was a conversation between us but I was just walking with him. Next day, in the dream, I saw him sitting in the lecture hall in my department between some students and when I enter the door, he called me and made me sit just beside him where he has kept his hand over my shoulder. It was a series of dreams and my faith kept getting stronger and stronger. I continued writing Sai Baavni and distributing to fellow students and others who I felt were a bit frustrated either with their personal or professional lives. I have seen all of them benefit after reading Sai Baavni. From that day onwards, I am devoted to Baba. I have stopped writing Sai Baavni now but I read it daily still. I will type and send it to you so that you can post it on your blog. Baba only knows his ways. I usually follow some of the blogs on Baba but seldom thought of writing to anyone. This is the first time I read your blog and I had a desire to write to you and share my experience. I have been blessed by some other experiences with Baba which I will share with you in due course of time. Thank you for taking time to read this long post and may Baba bless you for the wonderful work you are doing to spread his teachings. Jai Sai Ram. Geetanjali Bareja Before I close my todays post I would also like to tell that Geetanjali sister writes bhajans on Baba not only that she sings also . Soon I will publish her few bhajans on my blog along with Sai Baavni which geetanjali sister will send me in due course of time . I would like to thanks Geetanjali for sharing such a beautiful experience with all sai devotees. Allaha Malik

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sai baba on November 7, 2008 at 2:34 PM said...

श्री सदगुरू साईंनाथ महाराज की जय

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Meera on February 17, 2011 at 9:33 AM said...

Dear Priyanka ji,
First of let me tell you that I had some doubting query on my mind if Satya Sai BABA and Shiradi BABA is one and the same. If "YES" than give me some sort of proof and since that day onwards I can notice this SAFFRON color always around me in one or the other form in various objects.
Now visiting your blog was just by an accident and LO! after some time being off the internet, you had it updated and you have started again and that too with this "Saffron" colored text! What can I say!!! I felt so very thrilled. Later on I read the experience of some Sai Devotee who lost her elder son in a car accident but at the age of 52 she was blessed by BABA in her dreams that BABA himself will take a birth at her home...and yes, BABA did! What a hair raising story!
Reading these posts I feel very happy and I think I am developing more keen sense to find BABA with me all the time.
No event makes me anxious any more as I can see that everything unfolds in a correct manner the way I wanted them to happen. Also if certain thing does not happen as I had thought of I can take it as BABA's wish for my good.
Thanks Priyanka ji for such a wonderful blog.
Jai Sai Ram.

Mavi said...

Please do write Sai Bavani so that we too can do the same. Love you Sai Baba

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