Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sai My Father - poem

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Sairam to all sai readers, My today’s post is very different from my other posts, today I am sharing a poem on Sai Baba which is written by Mrs. Siva Snkari . Siva ji and her whole family is a Sai devotee since past 10 years, they have surrendered themselves at the feet’s of Sathguru Sainath Maharaj. Siva writes on Baba ,a week before she mailed me a poem she wrote on Baba but I didn’t publish it as it was in Tamil and I myself was failed to understand the meaning of it So I requested Siva ji to resend me the same poem with its translation in Hindi or English. Yesterday night she mailed me the English version of her Tamil poem. Here I am publishing her poem in both the languages. I whole heartedly thank Mrs. Siva ji who worked hard with her Sai devotee friend Krithika and mailed me the English version of her poem, to share with all Sai devotees. My this poem is dedicated to my Father Sai -Sivasankari Thiyagarajan SAI You are the image of love You are the foetus of universe You are the source of happiness You are my "antharathma" SAI You are our vision You are so merciful like melting ice You are a delicious fruit Your are my compassionate protector SAI The peace in your eyes are the magnetic force Which pull us to you Your glittering feet are always my prayer treat SAI You are the Sun in the morning Moon in the night and Indran in beauty The way you safe-guard us is a miracle SAI You are our mom in our birth You are our father when we grow up You are our brother while offering wealth Your care for us cannot be expressed in words SAI The only Veda we know are the songs That we sing in your PRAISE The Aarthi we take for you Endow us with auspicious time SAI We will always seek your blessings In the holy land of Shirdi Your Prasad the most sacred udhi Changes our vidhi (fate) SAI...SAI....SAI Now I am attaching the Tamil Version of the same poem : அன்பின்உருவே அகிலத்தின்கருவே மகிழ்ச்சியின்வரவே நீர்தான்என் உறவே நீர்தான்என் உறவே கண்ணின் மணியே உருகும்பனியே இனிக்கும்கனியே நீர்தான்என் துணையே நீர்தான்என் துணையே உம் கண்ணின் சாந்தம் எமை ஈர்க்கும் காந்தம் பொலிவான பாதம் தொழுவேன் எப்போதும் தொழுவேன் எப்போதும் பகலிலே சூரியன் இரவிலே சந்திரன் அழகிலே இந்திரன் காப்பதே உன் திறன் எமை காப்பதேஉன் திறன் தாயாய் நீ ஈன்றாய் தகப்பனாய் காத்தாய் அண்ணனாய் அளித்தாய் அன்போடு அணைப்பாய் என்றும் அன்போடு அணைப்பாய் உமை போற்றும் கீதம் எங்களின்வேதம் உமக்கெடுக்கும்ஆரத்தி சேர்த்திடும்நற்கதி சேர்த்திடும்நற்கதி தூய மண்ணாம் ஷீரடி வருவோமே உமை நாடி அரிதான உம் உதி மாற்றிடும் எம் விதி மாற்றிடும் எம் விதி Once again I thank Siva ji for her efforts. This poem shows her total dedication towards Saima. May god bless you and your whole family Allaha Malik

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Sangeeth on October 22, 2008 at 2:32 AM said...

I liked t he tamil version better. anyways its about our Sai so obviously I luv it!thanks for sharing.

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