Friday, October 17, 2008

Shirdi Shirdi in my Dreams

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Friday, October 17, 2008
I am feeling very happy while publishing this good news with all of you . I and my family are going to shirdi on 7th November and we will be in shirdi on 9th of November. I would request all the Sai devotees that if you want to send your prayers to Baba then you can mail me at I will keep all the prayers on the holy feet’s of Sathguru Sainath Maharaj. In continuation to this happy news I would also like to share three recent Sai Leela's with me and my husband: Sai leela No.1 In the month of July while I was doing my evening Arti I got a vision I was seeing a poshak with 108 names of Baba written on that ,I was fail to understand as what is this vision indicating ? But with in a friction of time I could understand that Baba wants me to offer him a poshak with his 108 names on it. I was very happy because writing 108 names on a poshak was very different and unique vision my heart started beating very fast as I was sure that now Baba is calling us to Shirdi. Next day itself which was a Thursday and Sai gurupurnima I went to the market with my mother in law and bought a beautiful cloth for making Baba’s poshak on which I had to write 108 names of Sai.
But I was thinking as when we will go to shirdi? and if we happen to go next month then how I will be able to complete this poshak but Baba took care of that also he gave me enough time to complete my poshak and now when the poshak is almost ready we are counting our days to go to Shirdi . I am attaching the photos of Baba’s poshak which I have made :
Sai leela No. 2 Now this dream of mine is also in connection to our shirdi visit. Three weeks ago my husband was watching T.V with my daughter.
Because he was not getting leave from his job so he asked Baba’s photo do you want us to come to shirdi or not ?and if you want then show me some indication of your approval .
He saw Baba’s photo smiling at him even my daughter also noticed that. Just then my cell phone started ringing in the other room where I was working on computer. When I picked up the call it was happened to be a wrong number.
My husband asked me as who was calling I told him it was a wrong number. Hearing this he told me that just five minutes before I asked Baba if he wants us to come to shirdi then he should show me some indications and this Baba’s photo smiled at me and with in a second your cell phone which having this incoming tune
"Shirdi wale Sai baba, aya hai tere ghar pe sawali .............
शिर्डी वाले साईं बाबा आया है तेरे घर पे सवाली ...................
Started ringing, which was a pure indication that Baba wants us to come to shirdi soon. Here I am attaching the photo of Baba which smiled at my husband !
Sai leela No. 3: Since past one week I was having a very different dream, in my dream I was not seeing anything but I can hear only one word throughout the night and that was Shirdi, Shirdi...Shirdi Yesterday I dint get this dream before i could raise any more questions from Baba, yesterday which was Baba’s day we received a confirmed reservation for Shirdi.
My body was filled with goose bumps when we were sitting and interconnecting these three Sai leela's.
I am really very happy today because Baba accepted our request and called us to Shirdi. Whenever I write about Baba’s Leela’s I feel as if Baba is standing next to me making me feel his prescence.
Dear Sai bandhu, You can send your prayers and also if you want anything from shirdi then do let me know. May Sai bless all.
Allaha Malik

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kamini on October 17, 2008 at 10:17 PM said...

Sairam Priyanka,

It's very thrilling to read about your recent experiences it strengthens our faith more and more towards Baba. No matter how many times we read, hear or see Baba's miracles its never enough. You've done a wonderful job with the Chaddar with 108 names embriodered really shows your extreme love and devotion. Baba's blessings always on you and your family.


Raghav on October 17, 2008 at 10:26 PM said...

it was awesome! mind blowing. what a wonderful experience. great.... you may be far more better devotee of sai compared to many of them whom i know.
who are doing lot of work only to get name & fame & yes of course the money..... lot of money is involved in this!
but you are very good at heart. so all good will happen to you! I pray Sai to give lots & lots of happiness to my Daina & Saina...
Om Sai Ram.
Best Regards.

BTW: where is my Sai Satcharita Book?

Puja on October 18, 2008 at 1:14 AM said...

I cannot describe or write in words what I felt seeing that chadar for BABA....IT LOOKED EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL.... BEYOND MY IMAGINATION N MY VOCABULARY THAT I CANNOT FIND THE RIGHT WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT....... You have indeed done a great job n ur love n devotion for BABA shows in your gift to him n his reciprocation of that love n devotion is shown in his amazing leelas. You are truly "BABAs BETI". Please accept my salute n gratification for sharing your love and devotion for BABA with us. Lucky I am to be in contact with you n experiencing BABAS Leelas through you.

Sangeeth on October 18, 2008 at 8:16 AM said...

oh Sairam Priyanka..I am very happy that Baba is calling you. I feel very touched and excited. everytime I read or hear a sai leela I get excited and baba occupies my mind :) Jai Sairam.Have a safe trip. I'll send my prayers soon.Thanks!

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