Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happiness Prevails In My Lotus Feet - Shirdi Sai Baba

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Sunday, November 30, 2008
Sairam to all the readers , Today again Sai has approved me to publish a beautiful Sai leela ,which shows that how Sai shows his presence when his children are in need and pains . This experience is been shared by my shri TyagaRaju Ji . Here I am attaching Raju Ji's mail which will narrate this beautiful Sai leela : Today I am narrating the real experience. This was narrated by Sri Nadupalli Suryanarayana Narsapur Andhra Pradesh. He is our teacher when I was in my School days. Now he is retired and a staunch devotee of Baba. This is the story as told by him: I am writing this story in his words only : Prior to 1995 I had been suffering from heart ailment. Before I was ready to get my heart operated in 2001, December, I went to Shirdi to have the darsan of Sri Sai Baba. Next day of my visit to the temple I attended to the morning arati and could not stay for the noon arati at 11.30. I was returning to the lodge along with my wife. My wife was following me back about 20 meteres. Suddenly I felt somebody touched the two pockets of my pant from top to the waist. I thought some thief was trying to snatch my belongings i.e purse and money. Immediately I looked back and saw a very HUGE FIGURE IN THE ATTIRE OF LORD SHRI SAI BABA in his full stature something about 15 ft.height. (VISWARA ROOPAM) I asked my wife who was following me whether she had seen the Vlirat Swarupa of the Lord. She told that she did not. In his VIRAT SWAROOPA it appeared to me that he was blessing me with his two hands held up. I saw him blessing me with his two hands. In 2002 February, 6th, I got my heart operated and was in coma for two days. On the second day before I opened my eyes two yama kinkaras tossed me with their spears alternatively into the top level of glass chamber in my room where I was kept. While rotating me in the upper region with their spears they used to draw back their spears suddenly thinking that my body would dash to the walls of the chamber expecting my death thereby. During that time I was constantly praying SRI SAI. With the blessings of the Sai Mantra I was gradually fallilng on the ground from top. This aspect continued several times. The two kinkaras got vexed with their trails and finding me not dying they disappeared. After two seconds I opened my eyes with a sigh of relief. After 6 days in ICU I was transferred to step down ward and finally after 9 days I was discharged from the hospital. Baba only helped me money in the form of my friends for the operation and saved my life too. I have been a staunch devotee of Lord Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi since 1994. Since that darsan of Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi I could not see him either in dreams or at day time. But, I have been enamoured of seeing him again and again. Three months back I went to Sri Sai Baba temple at BEERANGUDA in HYDERABAD (ANDHRA PRADESH) along with my friend. Looking straight into the eyes of Sri Sai Baba I asked him why he was not appearing to me since 2001 December, What fault was there on my part? Suddenly his eyes became blue and made gestures to see his feet. He tilted his eyes like this a few minutes. Unknowingly tears shed down my cheeks from my eyes.

That was the sign of Sri Sai Baba to me not to leave his LOTUS FEET forever. To my great surprise I saw in the DAILY PAPERS of the next day that BABA OPENED HIS EYES. This happened to many devotees in various Sai temples at Hyderabad and Bangalore. Not last of the least by his simple acts which fruitfy our results in our day to day life has proved that his appearances are here and there by shadowing is in our every endeavours of life situation. THIS REAL SAI LEELA WAS EXPERIENCED AND WAS NARRATED BY SRI N. SURAYANARAYANA OM SAIRAM WITH SAI BLESSINGS TYAGARAJU

May Sai Bless All Allaha Malik


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