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Baba Knows His Destination

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, November 05, 2008
I have seen many incidents when devotees buy photos or Baba's statues for there home but somehow they forget it in train ,bus or taxi's ,recently one of such incident happened with my sister she bought a big beautiful photo of Baba from Shirdi ,But somehow while getting down from the train they forgot the photo in the train itself .
Baba play this leela because Baba knows his Destination ,In Sai Satcharitra there are many stories which tells us as how Baba reached to devotees in the form of photo or statue .
Today my post is also in this concerned only ,this is a real experience of sister Geetanjali .
I am attaching her mail in which she shared as how Baba wished to come to her house :
This is another leela of my lord which is so hard to comprehend। I still get nostalgic to remember the moments when all this happened।
It happened with me in " The Shirdi Sai Mandir in Toronto, Canada". Before the murti sthapana was done, the Mandir had a big (4 ft. high) picture of Baba as the centre picture.
Please see the attached picture to see how Mandir looked when it was started and for a year before Baba blessed all his devotees by coming in true life like form.
I am inserting Baba's picture (Baba's mandir before murti pratishtha) This main picture had 2 copies in same size. The other one was placed on another corner of the Mandir. A lot of devotees were drawn to the other picture and they enquired from the Mandir about getting that other picture. Many people were ready to pay for getting the picture. Finally, after a lot of requests came in, the management people decided to take out a draw and that the photograph will be given to anyone whose name will taken out in the draw. This all happened in January 2006 and the date of taking out draw was fixed to be Maha Shivratri Day, February 26, 2006. I am not sure how many people entered the draw but at least about 100 families. Initially, I was not too interested as I feel I am not a lucky person for draws and lotteries. Also, the thought that came to my mind was that I live with a family and my room is also very small, where would I keep this picture. Winning would only come if I am a good devotee and since I have committed so many sins, there is no chance that I would win this picture. Another thing was there are so many devotees I see each day that are so devoted and offer so much to Baba where in I am not able to do all those things. I don’t know why but I thought in any case I am not getting the picture, what’s the harm in entering the name and phone number. So on the last day of the name acceptance for the draw, I wrote my name on a chit and inserted in the box. The day of draw came and I was not in Toronto that day as I had to go to London (a city 2 hrs drive from Toronto) for some urgent work. I completely forgot about the draw or anything about the draw after I filled in my name. I came back from London in the evening when the draw was to take place. As I mentioned I had completely forgotten about the draw, I got a call from a friend in Mandir and first thing he said was congratulations. I asked, for what? He answered, you have got the picture. See the leela of Baba; I still didn’t understand what picture. Out of my stupidity, I asked him again, what you are talking about. He said you have won the draw. Baba has decided to come to you. I was astonished and dumb founded on hearing this. The first thought was where I will keep it. Mandir does all the necessary rituals and poojas for it, how will I do all that. I should tell them to give the picture to the next person. My room is way too small. How will I accommodate it. Or they can keep it in Mandir and perform all their daily rituals. I was confused what to do. I was happy but shocked. My mother is my guide when I am not able to comprehend some leelas of Baba so I called up my mother and asked her what I should do. She scolded me when Baba wishes to come to you why are you sending him away. He is the doer we are the followers. Follow what his desire is and bring him home. He will make a place for himself.
attaching Baba's Photo in my room in Toronto
It is interesting to note that I was laid off from job that time and I was looking for a job. After my mom made things clear to me, I decided that I will bring Baba home. The next thing that came to my mind was that I should at least buy a garland and a cloth for the picture. I went to the Indian market to get one the Thursday I decided I will bring Baba home. I had only 25 dollars to spend in total and no garland I liked was less that 25 dollars. With a very heavy heart I went to a dollar store and bought Hawaii garland and small scarf for Baba. I promised Baba that when I will get a job and have money I will get a better garland and cloth for him. Right now please accept what I have to offer. I went to the Mandir that Thursday to get the picture. Baba’s leelas… I roamed around in Indian market for 2 hours looking for things for him. He was already coming with his rudraksh garland and a beautiful cloth. Mandir people gave the picture to me with all the things that it adorned. I am attaching the picture of my Mandir that was there in my small room in Toronto. I am now back home in India and Baba has been kind enough to come back with me and like he blessed me by coming to my small room, he has blessed my home in Chandigarh too. It is imperative to mention here that I got a job in 2 weeks after Baba came to my room and many other good things happened in my life after this picture came to me. I just pray to Baba to keep blessing his devotees and be a kasht nivarak for all of us. Sairam
May Sai Bless All
Allaha Malik

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