Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Guru Sai Blessed Me On Gurupoornima

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Sairam to all Readers , I apolozise for not posting any post since past four days ,it was due to my ill health ,but now by the grace of my Sai I am feeling much better . Today I am again publishing a Sai leela experienced by Geetanjali sister . Here I am attaching her mail for all of you : I am one child of my dear Sadguru Sainath who isnt deserving but our guru is so merciful that he looks upon all with an equal eye. He was always one with all whether rich or poor, good or bad and he only knows how he worked to mould and pull the hearts of his people to his fold... I would like to take the readers back to the Gurupoornima day this year.. which was celebrated on 17th July 2008 (Thursday). Festivities were also arranged in the Toronto Shirdi Sai Mandir where I used to go every Thursday during my stay in Toronto. That day after the morning yagna and madhyan aarti was over, langar was served as usual and then most of the people left. Since it was a work day the mandir wasnt that crowded with devotees as it usually is. Most of devotees left around 1.30-1.45 in afternoon after taking prasad of Baba. I was there in Mandir since 7 or 8 am in the morning and had planned to stay until evening... I would like to mention this that this gurupoornima was supposed to be my last festival to be attended at the Shirdi Sai Mandir in Toronto as I was leaving Canada forever on July 31st 2008 (Thursday)... I was very nostalgic about leaving the mandir since this is the place which became Shirdi for me.. I had never been to shirdi before my return to India and this mandir has a very special place for me.. My visa was expiring soon and inspite of all my efforts, it couldnt get extended.. so I had all my tickets booked and packing done.. The feeling was overwhelming coz for over 2 and half years I was visiting this mandir every thursday and on every occasion and sometimes all weekdays and sang bhajans as wished by Baba.. I was sitting in one corner of the mandir (my usual place which all in Mandir knew and offered me willingly whenever I came to Mandir) looking at Baba... there were hardly 4-5 people in Mandir.. I was sitting and thinking Baba why all this.. I would never be able to sing for you henceforth.. this is my last gurupoornima and I dont know if I would ever come back to see you here in this form... Tears rolled down my eyes as these thoughts crossed my mind.. I was so moved with feelings that I wont be able to sing for Baba ever henceforth that tears just wouldnt stop.. I looked at Baba begging him to please dont let me go.. there are still few days... please show some leela and stop me from leaving... Baba had something else in store for me... as I was sitting there in my own thoughts, an elderly Srilankan gentleman who used to come to mandir and play tabla at times came to mandir and approached me.. he said another devotee who sings had called him in morning and asked him to come in morning to play tabla but since he had some work in the morning he couldnt come... he said he is coming right after finishing his work and has his tabla wiht him and asked me if I would like to sing. I looked at his face astonishingly and said yes sure.. as I know my ability to sing is not more than 2 bhajans at a time coz of breathlessness and throat troubles (I am prone to throat infections) I thought to myself I will sing a bhajan or 2 and then I will sit and meditate on Baba... It was 2.10 pm in the afternoon, he came with tabla and I opened my diary of bhajans and started singing... I have a habit of looking at Baba always and not elsewhere as I sing and I started singing.. one bhajan after the other... one page of diary after the other.. I had just started maintaining a diary those days... earlier I used to type bhajans and print them and keep pages in my purse.. I got tired of printing pages and started a diary.. well that day my diary had 45-46 bhajans... before i could take a break I sang all 45-46 bhajans in a span of 3 hrs... I stopped at 5.25 pm .. after I finished the last bhajan in my diary I felt tired.. before that I felt I had just started singing... uncle playing tabla were tired and so was I. I felt my voice would choke and I wouldnt be able to speak... How I sang for more than 3 hrs I dont know.. for someone who couldnt sing beyond maximum 3 bhajans at a stretch singing 45-46 bhajans non stop was a miracle... tears flowed down as I paid my respect reverentially to my guru who gladly accepted my feeling and gave me an opportunity to sing for all remaining gurupoornimas I could have celebrated in the Toronto Mandir... I think it this way.. I am 30 years old and may live another 30-40 years.. may be less.. so if i think i would have seen 40 more gurupoornimas in my life... i sang one bhajan each for my guru, my shirdi in Toronto... my prayers and thoughts were so gladly and immediately accepted by Baba that I fail to understand and explain... usually there are a lot of people who love to sing for Baba and keep visiting on special days.. that day til i stopped neither any other bhajan singer came to the mandir nor anyone who would play any instrument came.. i believe not only my bhajans but the uncle who was playing with me his devotion was also accepted and Baba blessed us both sufficiently... I thank my Sadguru Sainath for showing me this wonderful leela... I miss the mandir in Toronto the most coz that is where my Sai bhakti took a beautiful turn and Baba gave me some wonderful opportunities to serve him whether by singing his leelas or by doing some volunteer work for HIM.. I pray that Baba keep blessing his devotees worldwide and I would request all bhaktas to have faith and devotion.. Baba takes care of all his devotees and he surely knows what we all deserve and gives us our wish at the right time.. Bow to Sri Sai. Peace be to All. Jai Sai Ram Allaha Malik

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Anonymous said...

Geetanjaliji Sai Blessings

Its really wonderful event of singing 45 bhajans at a strech.
Its possible only because of Baba.
He blessed you with a sweet voice and giving strength to sing all those bhajans unknowingly. Its a miracle. Baba gave memorable miracle to you to remember all your life.



Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that Shirdi Sai had blessed you in all respects that as your stay could not be extended for all good reasons He only knows then, He was wanting you to singing those 45 bhajans on that day. You are having His grace all the way. don't worry. k.varadarajan FROM PUNE

Anonymous said...

When i was reading your experience i could not stop tears rolling down. please keep on posting your experiences as you are one of the most blessed children of BABA. If you have come back to India then it must have happened by BABA's permission as HE only can see what is there our fate and HE keeps on taking care of all of us. Please let me know if you have a CD of Bhajans sung by you on manojsupekar@yahoo.com. i will be pleased to listen to them.
Manoj Supekar....Pune

Gaurav on June 21, 2012 at 3:10 PM said...

This is a heart touching story. Baba made you sing as many as you could as you were sad that you will not be able to serve Baba in this form. You are blessed !!!
I am absolutely certain that you must be enjoying your stay in India and your proximity to Baba here as well and he must be accepting your services here as well. Do let us know about your current stay in India.

God Bless....Om sai ram.

Geetanjali Bareja said...

Jai Sai Ram...

I have visited this blog after a very very long time and very happy to know that Priyanka sister is maintaining this so well now... You are a blessed soul.. I hope Saina is doing well too.. I would like to mention here that yes though i was depressed coming back to India then but in due course I understood why Baba made all doors closed on me at that time.. He had a bright future for me ahead in India...Today its exactly 4 years since I am back and by Baba's grace I am married today in a wonderful family to the person I loved and have every reason to smile back and not regret of what happened... THank you Baba for being with me and I apologize for being always complaining and nagging negatively and not understanding your grace.. my life is nothing without you so please never ever think of leaving this daughter if yours alone.. May Sri Sai bless all... Bow to Sri Sai. Peace be to all.

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