Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sai Comes Running

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Saturday, November 15, 2008
Sairam to all readers, Today I am publishing a beautiful Sai leela, before start writing on this I would like to thank Madhuri sister who shared this leela with all of us . I was very much Thrilled after reading Maduri sisters experience .Baba has infinite ways of blessing his children . No matter whatever is the problem Sai never leaves us alone, all we need to have shardha and saburi . Here I am attaching Madhuri sisters beautiful experience: Priyankaji I have witnessed many leelas of Baba in my past which I would love to share in my upcoming posts. I always felt his presence. He always guided me in every path and made sure that I was happy. I cannot explain in words about the experiences I had in my past. Today I am sharing one of my experience with Baba : I have a very good friend who was sent to Singapore for some training program by his company. He was on his OPT (optional professional training), it's the status for any master's student in US prior to H1-B (work permit). Any person who is in this OPT status, can re-enter US only after they get their H1-B stamped from any US consulate.Since my friend was in Singapore and was on OPT status, he could only re-enter US after his stamping was done. So he took an appointment at the Singapore US consulate to get his visa stamped. But unfortunately, the Singapore US consulate has levied a security clearance check on his case, which is a very time consuming and tedious process. My friend was really very worried because he would not get paid until his H1-B was accepted and also due to his personal problems. I was also worried for him, as I think him to be a part of my family. I suggested him to do satcharitra parayanam and finish it in 7 days. I also started doing parayanam simultaneously with him. My friend believes in God, but he was not very sure that doing parayanam would do any good in his case (I would say he was unaware of our sai pita and lacked shradha, saburi). We successfully finished 2 days of our parayanam and on the 3rd day I received news of my grandfather's death. According to my family's custom, I should restrain myself from performing any devotional or spiritual activities for 11 days (not sure the reason behind it). I was kind of disappointed as I couldn't continue baba's prayanam and prayed baba to show me a way in this regard. I called my friend and told him about my grandfather's death and explained him the entire situation. My friend then told me about a dream which he had that previous night. In that dream, he received a mail from the US consulate that his visa was approved and they asked him to come and submit his passport. He then called the consulate people and asked them the convenient time to submit his passport, they told him that they were closed for the day; he can come and submit his passport the next day. After listening to this dream, tears started rolling and I thanked sai a million times for answering my prayers. My friend successfully finished his parayanam in 7 days and was waiting for the mail from the consulate. Very recently he received a call from them and to his surprise his dream has come true (i.e. all the incidents which he saw in his dream including the consulate holiday has come true). Thanks a lot Baba for answering my prayers and fulfilling my friend's wish. Please baba help me to follow your footsteps, remove my ego, pride, jealously and put me on a right path. Sairam Madhuri While writing this post few lines came in my mind which I am attaching with this beautufil Sai leela : थोडा ध्यान लगा , की साईं दौडे- दौडे आयेगे , तुझे गले से लगायेगे , अखिया मन के खोल , की साईं दर्शन भी करायेगे थोडा ध्यान लगा ........ This is very true that if we worship Sai with little bit of concentration ,Baba comes running and help his children .This is what exactly happned with Madhuri sisters friend . just by doing Baba's paryanam Baba blessed him with in 7 days Oh Sai ! we love you . Allaha Malik

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