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Sai Niwas -Toronto,Canada

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, November 06, 2008
Sairam to all readers ,this post is very special to me because I am writting this post while I am travelling in train and heading for my ultimate desired destination SHIRDI .
Not only that on Baba's day - Thursday we started our journey and Baba had already started showing his leelas to us ,but this I will share in detail once I will be back from Shirdi,by the grace of shri Sai I am able to do my blog work as well .
Last few posts I have been writing how Baba only knows his destination and how he is blessing people all over the world. My today's post is about The Shirdi Sai Mandir in Toronto.
One of the volunteers of the mandir has sent this post today asking for the support from all of us. The volunteer mentions that "The mandir is very special to all of us not only because we have found lasting friendships here but also we have seen many forms of Sai Bhakti and inspiring miracles of Baba here. Baba's pran prathishta and murti sthapna was a miracle in itself."
I want to thank the volanteer who had shared this information and requested me not to publish the name because according to this Sai devotee it is Mandir's work and I do not want to take any credit for this. This is Baba's work and I am no one to take a credit in this.
The Shirdi SAI Mandir 2721 Markham Road, Unit 8, Toronto ON M1X 1L5 Canada Tel: 647-444-4724 (4SAI) The Shirdi SAI Mandir is a registered, not for profit, charitable organization established with the objective of promoting Shirdi Sai Baba’s philosophy in Canada. The Shirdi SAI Mandir strives to promote Shirdi Sai Baba’s philosophy by organizing regular Abhishek, Aartis, Satsang, Sai Satcharita Prayan, Bhajans and celebration of all the festivals as celebrated in Shirdi. The Mandir is operated by a growing team of volunteers guided by Baba’s principles of Shraddha and Saburi.
The Shirdi SAI Mandir was inaugurated on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami, October 12, 2005. The congregation at the Mandir has grown exponentially since then. To most, the 2000 square feet Mandir, is defacto, Shirdi in Canada. A brief glimpse of Baba’s unfathomable agenda was apparent through the installation of Baba's life-like marble Murthy on the first anniversary of the Mandir. The congregation at the Mandir has grown exponentially since then. Increasing number of devotees visit the Mandir to receive Baba's Grace and offer their homage. Due to space and parking limitations at the current Mandir location, 2721 Markham Road, Unit # 8, congestion is experienced not only during Satsang on Thursdays and Saturdays but more so on special occasions such as Gurupoornima, Ramnavami and Vijaya Dashami. With Baba’s blessings and support of all of the devotees, the present Mandir location is now completely paid off. And now, we seek Baba’s permission and blessings to build a bigger Mandir to meet spiritual and devotional needs of ever-growing congregation of Sai devotees. This new Mandir will be called Sai Nivas and conceptual plans have been prepared with volunteer participation for a new Sai Nivas which can meet the requirements of increasing number of Baba devotees. A sincere attempt has been made to replicate key components of the Samadhi Mandir in Shirdi, India, including Dwarkamai, Chavadi, and Gurusthan. Other planned facilities include Resource Centre, Administrative Office, Library, Auditorium, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Guest Rooms, Multi purpose rooms, Play area for children, Storage, Washrooms and area for Coats and Shoes. Following are the two snapshots of the new Sri SAI Nivas as envisioned by one of the Sai devotee. Sri SAI Nivas Plan – The Shirdi SAI Mandir Site Plan
The new Sri SAI Nivas is expected be spread over the area of 4.65 acres and will be able to accommodate more than 800 people at a time in the prayer hall. The dining hall will have a capacity of 400 people at a time. We will also have ample parking space according to the new plan thus envisioned. In order to make this vision a reality, for the 1st phase, at least $1.2 Million are needed for land purchase and another $1.3 Million to build the Mandir. The complete design plan and other details about the new Sri SAI Nivas are posted in the Mandir and can be sent on request to the donating devotees.
We believe there are more than 300 families who can contribute 72 cents / day, we believe in you and request you, your friend’s families support for this noble cause. We seek Baba’s permission and blessings to build his SAI Nivas so as to serve the spiritual and devotional needs of devotees not only in the GTA, but across Canada. We are sure all Sai devotees would like to serve Baba without any reservation.
Thanks to everyone who is involved in The Shirdi SAI Mandir activities and we sincerely appreciate your continued support. share the word about the Temple, Activities and this new Sri SAI Nivas project with your friends, family members and neighbors. We strongly encourage and invite all Sai devotees to together lead The Shirdi SAI Mandir towards this cherished vision by generous contributions.If anyone of you is interested in The donation form can be downloaded and printed from the website
You can submit the filled form in person or by mail with a check drawn in the name of The Shirdi SAI Mandir, Toronto to the Mandir address specified above. For cash donations please enclose the completed form in the same sealed envelope and deposit it directly into the Mandir’s donation box. All the Donations for residents in Canada are tax-exempted and receipts will be issued on quarterly basis for all donations. We hope that this proposal will win the overwhelming support of all SAI Devotees and blessings of SADGURU SAINATH. For all updated and detailed information about Mandir services and all upcoming events, please visit our website I would like to request all devotees to donate as per their capacity towards buying the land and construction of the new Sai Nivas in Toronto. I am sure whatever we give to Baba, he will return it manyfold.
I am happy that Baba choosed me for publishing this post ,I on behalf of Mandir authorities I would like to appeal all my sai brothers and sister to please contribute whatever you can .
If some one has any questions then please mail me at
Bow to Shri Sai. Peace be to all.
Allaha Malik

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