Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Unforgettable Shirdi Trip - With So Many Sai Leelas

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Sairam to all readers today by Baba's grace I am publishing about our unforgettable and amazing shirdi trip.

last thursday we had came back from shirdi since then I was trying to publish this much awaited post of mine but was fail to get the approval from My deva .

 As I always say that I am just a typeist of this blog the real author is Sai ,thats the reason no matter what I wish to publish but cannot even edit a single word without his blessings

. By the grace of Baba I am able to publish this post today. I would request those who are reading this post to first read my earlier post "shirdi shirdi in my dreams ".because this post is in connection with that post only .

Baba showered upon us so many blessings in different shades and colors of love and emotions in such a short trip that I don’t know if I will be able to tie them all together or not Deva please forgive me if I happen to miss upon mentioning any of your wonderful leela.

 As you all know that I and my family went to shirdi on 6th of this month. 6th November was Thursday (Baba’s day) the whole story starts from here. On Thursday we had our train at 11.50pm ,I was highly excited ,before leaving the house I lighted diyas in front of Baba and asked him to come along with us till Shirdi and also to accept my poshak and chadder which I had made with his directions and blessings. I offered Baba water and then we left for the railway station

. Our train was already there, we went inside kept our luggage, still there was 20 minutes for the train to leave. My husband told me to come outside the train because our co-passengers were still not fully settled so we came out of the train. When we came out we saw a stall where mineral water bottles and juices were available .I was feeling thirsty so I went to that stall which was very small yet nicely arranged. I took one water bottle from this stall and when I was about to give money I saw Baba’s beautiful photo on his stall, Baba’s face was smiling at me. There and then I got the indication that yes my Baba is coming along with us till shirdi.

 I was very happy and was feeling very confident too. We reached Delhi at 5.00 am on 7th ,our next train was scheduled at 10.30 am ,we had almost 5 hours in hand ,on Delhi station while we were sitting and was waiting for our next train one very old fakir came he was wearing yellow chola and white dhoti ,he was walking with the help of stick . I was noticing him since long, he was not talking to anyone nor he was asking any money but when he came near to us he asked me for some money, my husband gave him 10 rupees. The fakir felt happy and went away with a smile …still my eyes were on him but suddenly in a friction of second he was invisible.

 There was not much crowd at that time as it was early morning but then where this fakir can just disappear? I realized that yes he was my Father Sai, who again reminded me of his presence with us …oh deva! After this incident we went inside the Army waiting room and were passing our time because still there was lots of time for our next train.

 Soon we learnt that our train is late by almost 1:30 hours. I was very upset when I heard this but then nothing was in my hand .Ultimately our train started at 11:45 am. According to our journey plan we had to go to pune from their husbands course mate and his wife had planned to come with us to shirdi. With this plan only we had made all the reservations, next day on 8th November at around 10.00 am our train reached Manmad .I was sleeping when train stopped at Manmad station but all of sudden my husband woke me and told me to see Manmad …….oh I felt happy because in Sai satcharitra there are many stories where I had read about Manmad. Train started from Manmad station and just after 5 minutes it stopped again may be because of some signal problem I was looking outside and suddenly I saw a peer baba ki majar ,on which a orange chadder was offered ……………I was thrilled to see orange chadder on peer baba ki majar because I had also made orange colour chadder only .

 Before I could click photo our train started but still by the grace of Baba I was able to take 2 snaps which I am attaching below:


Again and again I was looking at these pictures and suddenly this thought came in my mind as if Baba is showing me indications that my poshak and chadder will be accepted by him in shirdi for which I was doubtful .

While I was flying in my different world one train attendant came and asked us about our lunch? My husband asked him as when this train is scheduled to reach Pune.

He said that today it will by 5:00 pm only because it’s late by 4 hours. I interrupted in between and asked him if there is any other way to reach shirdi before sunset. He replied Oh ! You are going to shirdi then why you are going to pune, please get down at kopergaon which is going to come anytime …and shirdi is just 20 kms from there.

 Oh wow! We packed our things which were lying here and there and got ready to get down on kopargaon . Within 5 minutes our train reached kopargaon. The moment we came out we saw a big board which was right in front of our face on which it was written “shirdi jane wale yahan utarian “ I was again left speechless by Baba.

Here I am attaching the photo of that board along with kopargaon railway station photo where Baba’s big photos were displayed.
We hired a taxi for shirdi and I was so thrilled to see Baba all over . Sai tea stall, sai hotel, Sai book stall ….everywhere there was my Sai. Here I am attaching one more photo where I saw Baba on BSNL board also.

At 12:00 we entered our ultimate desired destination SHIRDI. When we got down from taxi and kept our feet’s on the holy soil of Shirdi we heard afternoon arti. Our hotel was very near to Samadhi Mandir, we checked in and went inside the room. I without even washing my face told my husband that I am going and finding out as how I can offer poshak and chadder to Baba .

I took the chadder and started walking towards mandir ,as this was my first trip to shirdi so I did not knew as where I had to go? I asked few people about the adminstrative office and went inside. I did not knew what I had to do their but just went blindly. I asked the security guard if he can make me meet any one inside the office. After 15 minutes he called me and took me inside the office where I mat one office employee and told him the whole thing that I want to offer my chadder.

 He said that it’s not possible because there is lots of waiting and it depends on the person who takes care of all this. But I can make you meet our Head of department. He sent a person with me and told me to see HOD sahib

. I dint knew that where this person was taking me when I went inside I was Astonished to see that I was in front of Baba’s Samadhi. Tears started following so fast, I was still not able to believe that I am standing in front of Baba.

 I had no money, no flowers nothing to offer Baba infact I was in those old cloths only which I had woren 2 days back when we started our journey. All this happened because I had never thought that Baba will make me stand in front of him so soon and that also with V-VIP way .

Almost for 20 mints I stood in front of Baba with my chadder in my hand. I was crying out of happiness and again and again I was asking Baba for forgiveness because I was empty handed but my soul and body was offering tons of love,

devotion and faith. After 20 mints I realized that the person who came along with me was standing behind me and was waiting me to get over with Baba’s darshan.

 He took me to the office where I mat a person who was very aged and nice. I told him sir I want to offer Baba this chadder which I had made with my hands and I had wrote 108 names of Sai on it.

He stood and saw my chadder, I was afraid from within because I was thinking that he will refuse but to my surprise he said “Beta bahut sunder chader banaye hai aur yeh to zaroor Baba ko chadege “ I was so happy but on the other side I was thinking that may be they will offer my chadder after a month or so because there was lots of waiting. I again asked sir can you please tell me as when you will offer my chadder to Baba .

 He smiled at me and said today evening …………………I missed a heart beat when I heard that …my happiness knew just no bounds ,tears again found there way and started coming out . I went out of the office and once again I was in front of My Baba, I thanked him for his love and blessing which he was showring upon me and my family. I came out and started running towards hotel, people were looking at me as why this lady is running? But I did not cared about anything because I was flying in Sai World.

Where my eyes could only see my Baba no one else . When I reached hotel room I told my husband that my chadder will be offered this eveing …he was shocked too and said please don’t jock. He took sometime to believe this that yes Baba will be wearing my chader for shej arti. We rushed towards Samadhi mandir and went inside it was just 2.30 pm by that time but then I was so restless and excited because I wanted to see my Deva in my chaddar –Poshak and also I wanted to offer prayers snet by almost 200 devotees at 5:10 pm we went inside the Samadhi mandir and I was so thrilled to see my father Sai in my Poshak.

There were goose bumps all over my body, my eyes was only stucked on the shiny face of my Sathguru Sainath ,I could see his eyes blinking at me ……he was smiling at me .Baba made us stand among first 10 people for the arti, I could see my deva fully my eyes were full of tears of joy, happiness, love, devotion and faith.

 We attended the whole Dhoop arti standing very near to our deva and then when We were about to go, pundit ji gave me a big garland from Baba’s Samadhi and also placed the prayers on Baba’s Samadhi . I was happy that Baba accepted all the prayres of this children .

I was still thinking as why out of all the people pundit ji only gave me Garland ?this question was floating in my mind but yes I was feeling very blessed . In the night I went to Dwarkamai for reading Sai satcharitra, when I went there it was 10.00 pm

 all of sudden at around 1.00pm one CAT came and sat on saisatcharitra which was on my lap that time I was reading page no 189. She sat on Sai Satcharitra for almost one hour then she got down and sat in front of Baba’s photo.

 I was really amazed to see that CAT who was just looking towards Deva and was not going to anyone. There were almost 15 people that night who was sitting in Dwarkamai out of them many tried to call that CAT but she didn’t go to anyone.

Again and again my eyes were looking at her but then I had to complete my book also that’s why I tried to Consentrate on reading ,within 45 minutes while I was reading page 215 again that lovely CAT came and sat on Sai satcharitra which was on my lap .

Oh what a great feeling it was, she continued sitting on my lap for the whole night at 4.00 am before arti only she left me ......and again went near the Sai photo . Later many people told me that she is the blessed CAT of Baba and she doesn’t sits on everyones lap ,I felt very happy when I learned that and felt His blessing

Now I went back to the hotel after breakfast again we went to Samadhi mandir just for buying Sai satcharitra books.
I bought books and then we went to see mazaras ,I entered the first mazar offered my prayers and while I was coming out I found 800 rupees which was lying near to my shoes ,I was amazed because there were so many people who was there and how come no one had seen those 800 rupees ?????

Baba gave me his blessings in so many different forms that cannot be explained in words. Our shirdi trip was full of miracles and Sai leelas. I am finding my vocabulary short because I am not able to express my feelings for my Parampita Parmeshwar Sainath Maharaj.

But really Baba blessed us immensely while our shirdi trip, he went out of the way to bless children like us who do commit 100 mistakes in one day. My love for Baba cannot be explained but yes can only be felt by my Deva. This shirdi trip had left a deep mark in my heart and mind and I think its enough for me to cherish these beautiful moments for the rest of life which will be devoted at the holy feet’s of my Sainath Maharaj.

Baba fullfied my minuets of wish and we had a great great blessed trip. If anyone of you also have so experiences with your shirdi trip then please mail me at saipriya.rautela@gmail.com

May Sai bless all

 Allaha malik


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Sangeeth on November 19, 2008 at 2:50 AM said...

oh sister...u make me cry....I am so happy for you...you made me feel like I am in shirdi...Jai sai!

Geet on November 19, 2008 at 9:25 AM said...

Priyanka ji.. you are a blessed soul indeed... i was overwhlemed reading your shirdi trip experience and almost choked to see Baba's love for you and how he makes things possible for his bhaktas... i am glad i was the first one who saw the Chadar on baba around the same time and had an inner voice telling me it was yours..I am really happy that we are in touch with Baba's grace... May Baba always shower his choicest blessings on your family always...

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on November 19, 2008 at 9:30 AM said...
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tyagaraju on November 19, 2008 at 9:59 AM said...

Priyankaji Sai Blessings

Today I came from my South India tour and read your post. Only on your first trip to Shirdi you had a beautiful and everlasting memorable experience. What a great leela of Baba u had?

Ome Sairam


Ms Hetal Patil on November 19, 2008 at 10:26 AM said...

Sai Ram Priyanka,

U almost took me to Shirdi and I was really very happy to know that Baba accepted ur Poshak there and then. Manisha Didi had told me that this was ur first trip to Shirdi, it surely depicts that Baba has blessed u a lot and left a deep urge in ur heart to go to Shirdi again and again. This was Baba's way to pull His devotees when He was Dehdhari and now also He is following the same way. I was also reminded my Shirdi trip during Diwali and recalled all the Leelas which Baba played...Baba U r Great and so loving and so caring...
Jai Sai Ram and Baba bless us all with such blessings and grace...!!!

kala on November 19, 2008 at 7:18 PM said...

Sairam Priyankaji,
Words cannot express my feelings. I'm just in tears.Since Manishaji told me see it online, I was blessed to see the live from Tata sky.Baba has acknowledged your devotion.Each and every moment Baba has been with you. next time if Baba wills, I have to come with one of you/or all of you,Hetal,Manisha, or Renu di. You have literally taken us thru the shirdi visit. He has come to your house on your birthday.Baba is with you!

madhuri on November 20, 2008 at 3:50 AM said...

Sairam Priyanka sister,

What an amazing trip? You made me cry sister. I also wish to have a trip to shirdi. You are really a blessed person sister. Thanks a lot for posting this leela.


Ryan on November 20, 2008 at 12:52 PM said...

My dear Priyanka Didi,
I want to tell you that your Sai Yatra Was very Blissfull May baba Give you everything you want.
I want to say that the leelas you have seen in your yatra were very Blissfull and i cried when i read the leelas May Baba Be always with you,
Jai Shree Sai

Puja on November 21, 2008 at 12:58 AM said...

OM SAIRAM Priyankaji,

It was really wonderful to read your experiences, I was in tears as I read all the big n small SAI Leelas experienced by you....BABA indeed looked very elegant n beautiful in the poshak........I pray to OUR LOVING SAIMA to BLESS ALL OF US with HIS acceptance of our love n devotion n pardon us for the mistakes that we commit.Thanks a lot for sharing THE WONDERFUL SAI DARSHAN with us. I hope BABA will call us also to SHIRDI in our trip to India in January.....SAI BLESS ALL

GITESH UPPAL on November 22, 2008 at 9:39 AM said...

Dear Sister,

may sai bless you always with his divine hands,you make me feel as i was in Shirdi,satguru sainath maharaj ke jai,
sai katha anant hai sai leela anat,
jai sai ram

Gitesh uppal

Prasanna on November 22, 2008 at 11:55 PM said...

Sairam PriyankaDi,

Congrats on your first trip to Shirdi!!! It's great to read your experiences. I felt like Baba, by titlting His head, is listening to what you are praying for/saying. Thanks for posting the photos, your experiences and His leelas

Jai Sai Ram

Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on November 25, 2008 at 1:58 AM said...

My dear sister Priyanka
Your shirdi trip is blessed by Baba and i was totally carried by the way things shaped up and you could have so many experiences of Sai leela .Baba is showering all his grace on you and family and I am so happy to read all about SHirdi trip.Really touched by each incident that took place,
My Baba always bless you my dear sister and family .may he give you all the strength to carry his seva more and more.
Your sister Manisha

Vasantha on December 16, 2009 at 8:48 AM said...

Jai Sai Ram!

Dear Priyanka,

This friday I'm going to India so for sure 'll be going to Shirdi.
But before that itself you took me to Shirdi.
You are really a blessed kid of Sai.Felt veryy happy after reading your post.
May Baba Bless you and your family always like this.

May Baba Bless Us All!

Jai Sai Ram!

sowmya on January 15, 2010 at 10:05 AM said...


Jai Sai ram,

I need a favour from you. i want to offer poshak(dress ) to Sai ram,as i will be visiting shirdi soon.

please provide me more infomation on poshak length..

Thanks a lot in advance.
My email id is sowmyahebbar@gmail.com

Balaji on February 17, 2011 at 12:52 PM said...

Hi Sister

You are a blessed soul..

Anonymous said...

very heart touching experiences priyanka di...may always our saima bless everyone...:)

Gaurav on June 19, 2012 at 6:40 PM said...

Baba tere bhakta nirale,
Kitni achchi kismat wale,
Chaadar leta hai tu unki,
Jo seete hai shudhdha hridaya se,
Tujko unki bhakti pyari,
teri sab leelaye nyari,
maan le ab to duniya sari,
Chalti hai is duniya main,
bas Sai ki sarkari....

Buy Contact Lenses on November 6, 2017 at 12:42 PM said...

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