Monday, December 15, 2008

Leave Your Favorite Thing On The Name Of Sai

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, December 15, 2008

Sairam to all Readers , We have so many hopes from Baba ,for every little- little thing we ask his help because we are His children and a child always looks for mother's help whenever in need or in trouble but sometimes we do many promises to our loving mother Sai ,but we always have a motive behind our surrender .

 when Saima full fills our desires we quickly forgets our promises without even giving it a second thought that how mother will feel about it ? I have learned over the past some years that if we break our promises saima do punish us and teaches us the lesson we might be His loving children but then should not cheat our mother and if we do such a mistake then we should be ready to face the consequences .

 Which will for our good only because a mother cannot be very harsh on her children . Without faith its impossible to please Saima . Today I am sharing a Sai leela experienced by Vikram brother's friend ,before attaching his mail I would like to thank vikram brother for sharing Baba's leela's with all of us.I personally appreciate those Sai devotees who comes forward and share there experiences.

 Here I am attaching Vikram brothers mail for all of you :

 Hello Sister Priyanka, Thank you very much for giving me this platform to share my experiences as a Sai Bhakt. Truly you are a blessed soul. May Baba shine his light and mercy upon you and guide you through your journey of life.

Today, I'd like to share another experience with you. For me, this was more than an experience. It was a lesson in life as a sai bhakt, and a human. This experience was shared with me by a fellow sai bhakt, who happens to be a very good friend of mine.

With his permission, I am sharing this with all of you. This year, in the month of April, my friend (the sai bhakt) had applied for a work permit in the US through his employer. While his application process was going on, he promised Baba that he would give up his one vice (smoking) on Thursdays if his work permit gets approved.
Soon enough, his work permit was approved. I remember how he was jumping with joy the day he got the news.Then for about a month, He kept his promise and did not smoke on Thursdays. But one Thursday, after going through some pressure at work, he smoked a cigarette out of frustration.

He admits that more than frustration, it was his weakness and lack of will power that made him break his promise. At that moment, he was just using his work related pressure and frustration as an excuse. From that Thursday onwards, he started smoking again on Thursdays, forgetting about his promise.

As the Sai Satcharita says, sometimes, a mother has to force bitter medicine down her child's throat for the child's benefit. Similarly, saints sometimes use difficult methods with their devotees, but its for their own good. Something similar happened to him. A couple of weeks after he broke his promise to Baba, he started having problems with his employer, due to which his employer took the drastic step of canceling his permit. he was broken, shattered with no idea what to do next.

The day he got the news that his permit had been canceled, the first thing that came to his mind was his foolishness of breaking his promise with baba. He repented, cried in front of baba's moorti, pleading for forgiveness, hoping that he would change his mind and fix this whole mess. For days, he waited for his employer to call him back and say that all this was a mistake and ask him rejoin. But nothing of that sort happened.

He was home, unemployed for a month. he knew Baba had forced this bitter medicine down his throat, but it was for his own good. he went back to his promise, stopped smoking on Thursdays.
When a mother punishes or scolds her child, she does it to ensure that the child does not make the same mistake again.

After all, a child is a child and needs to be taught to distinguish between what is right and wrong.
But after the scolding and punishing, the mother embraces the child, forgives him/her and loves the child with all her heart. The same thing happened with him. He started looking for other job opportunities. After a month, he finally landed a job, a better job than what he had previously.

He had a temporary work permit so he got hired. Till now, he's on temporary permit. His current company is yet to take a decision on whether to get me proper work permit. His future is uncertain, but he know Baba is there with him and he will take him through this as well.

He learned his lesson the hard way. But Baba is kind and merciful. His methods might be difficult at times, but success is guaranteed at the end. Just follow his path, and don't steer away from it midway.
Let us understand that what happened with my friend, was not because Baba was angry with him. It happened because baba wanted to bring him back to the right path, from which he had briefly drifted away.
Please pray that his job becomes a permanent one and that Baba bestows his love and blessings upon him by getting him a permanent work permit through his current employer.

Once again, Sister Priyanka, thank you letting me express my love and affection, and spread baba's glory through your blog.

I will continue to write to you with more and more experiences. I have so much love and affection that I have received from baba, and I'd like to share it with all.

Sai bless you all.
May Sai Bless All
Allaha Malik

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ruchika2972 on May 29, 2010 at 9:46 PM said...

love you sai baba... b my best foreva...just make me n my dear ones happy ....

Anonymous said...

pls priyanka who ever you are i dont know,but can you please pray to baba for me to fulfill my wish right away ,i have prayed immense now have no strength tell Baba to either fulfill my prayers or take me away right now,i kept immense faith in HIM now HE should also answer me

Nidhi on July 18, 2012 at 2:53 AM said...

very nice experience and this is true that my babaji always blessed us at the end.
love u my saibabaji

Anonymous said...

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