Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love And Care By Sai

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, December 04, 2008
Sairam to all Readers, Happy Baba’s day to all , May Sathguru Sainath Maharaj give peace and happiness to all of us . On Baba’s day I am posting a beautiful experience of Madhuri Sister. In past also Madhuri sister had shared her beautiful experience with all of us which was titled as ” Sai Comes Running”. She is a blessed daughter of Baba and again today on Baba’s day I am publishing another Sai leela experienced by her. Here I am attaching her mail for all of you : SaiRam Priyankaji, As promised in my earlier mail to send some more experiences, today baba has given me a chance to write one of my experiences. Last year in June 2007, I was going through a very bad period. I was in total depression, abstained myself from eating and sleeping. Since I was away from home (I am a resident of United States), there was no one except baba to take care of me. Even though I was in depression, I never lost trust and faith in my baba. He was always with me and was trying to help me to come out of it. I was also confident that baba was making me stronger by taking me through this bad phase. Due to lack of sleep, proper eating habbits and stress, I became terribly weak (physically as well as mentally) and got a disease called shingles (it's a relapse of chicken pox, very painful disease infact). Initially I noticed some rash and burning sensation but ignored thinking it to be a normal rash. But as days passed it was getting more intense and the rash has now turned into blisters, so thought of consulting my doctor friend (as I did not have any insurance then to consult a doctor). My doctor friend saw the rash and diagnosed it as shingles, she told me that it doesn't require any medication but I need to bear the severe pain which will last for 3 to 4 days. First day it wasn't that painful so I managed to go to work, but by the end of the day my situation was terrible and was not able to work with the pain. I returned home early and tried to sleep. As the rash developed on my back, I was not able to lie down either. As I was away from home and was living with roommates, due to baba's grace my roommates took good care of me. They gave me cold compressions to alleviate the pain but nothing worked. I spent the whole night crying with pain and praying to baba. It was a very painful night. Next morning, the pain was even worse, I was praying baba to stay with me and help me bear the pain for 2 more days. Tried giving more cold compressions, applied udi but of no use. So got vexed, took bath, sat before baba and read one chapter from sai satcharitra with great difficulty. At the end of parayana, felt sleepy and leaned towards the wall. I slept in that position for about an hour. When I woke up, I realized that the pain I had 1 hour back totally vanished. Tears started rolling from my eyes. Baba has relieved me from the pain and suffering. I thanked baba million times. I would never forget this leela of baba in my entire life. Now I don't care about any problems in my future, because I am confident that baba will be there to give me support, make me stronger and show me his wonderful leelas. I thank baba, my roomates and my friends who supported me during that painful period. I pray baba to shower his divine blessings on all of them and also help them in every possible perplexed situation. He has been showing me his divine presence and promised to support me everytime in my dreams. I will definitely post my other dream experiences very soon. Thanks a lot Priyanka sister for giving me oppurtunity to post this experience of mine. JaiSairam, Madhuri This experience is another proof of Dr.Sai's way of treating his patients in the most comfortable way .I would request all to please read my post titled as "Dr. Sai -take your appointment now ". May Baba suck all our bad health and negitivty . Sai Bless All Allaha Malik

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Sangeeth on December 4, 2008 at 11:30 PM said...

Baba is the best doctor I ever know. Jai Sai!

Anonymous said...


This incident reveals that Baba will not leave His devoees. When we surrender ourselves to His LOTUS FEET and pray with deep intention with SRADHA & SABURI definitely He will be with us and cure as a Divine Doctor. No doctor will cure in this world. He is the ultimate Doctor.


Anonymous said...

Sai baba please cure me from arthritis... i want to be healthy human atleast from now onwards. please cure my disease....

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