Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sai Helped Me Also On O'Hare Airport

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Saturday, December 27, 2008
Sairam to all readers, I am publishing this post of mine almost after a week ,because I was out on holidays with my family . But I feel that Baba is making all the arrangements and sending me out of Dehradun with my family so that I can collect more and more information about his Temples and can share with all his loving children . During our recent visits I had collected beautiful information's about two Sai mandirs which I will be publishing very soon ,and I am very sure that all of you will love it . For today I am publishing another Sai leela which took place on O'Hare airport.This post of mine is in continuation to my earlier post where Baba had helped sister Geetanjali . I would like to thank Ranjith ji for sharing his beautiful experience with all of us : As geetanjali sister told us that the person who had helped her on the airport was "subodh" and according to Ranjith ji Baba was giving some good advice to sister geetanjali Masquerading as that airlines staff because subodh means "good lesson " ,"good sense" or "good advice" and thats the reason that person who helped Geetanjali sister was named himself as Subodh. Now I am attaching Ranjith ji's mail : Sister Geetanjali I wish you had checked with the Airlines if they had a staff called "Subodh" I also had a similar experience at O'Hare once. My flight from Dallas(on X-Mas Evening) got delayed to bad weather at Chicago. So I missed my connecting flight (American Airlies) to Cincinati.I did not even had a cell phone at that time (I was in USA for 3-4 weeks) to call my friends who were waiting for me at Cincinati. Somehow I wasn't able to use the phones at the Airport either(his phone wasn't ringing) and I didn't even had my friends address also ,So I was totally blank because I didn't knew as what to do even if I reach Cincinati if in case he gets tired of waiting for me and goes home ........then what ? As it was a X-Mas evening so O'Hare was in the biggest mess ever possible,that day so many people had missed there flights,chances of getting flights to Cincinati for next 1-2 days seemed remote. I was on the verge of the breakdown and was continuously chanting Sai .....Sai .......Sai ,after a couple of flights taking off to Cincinati all was overbooked,I was almost crying I then walked up to 2 AA staff and asked yet if they can put me on 9:30 pm flight. The first lady looked at her monitor and said no its all booked,you have to wait and see if there is any cancellations,the other lady looked at her monitor and said hey wait its not possible because my system says that there is one seat and she showed this to her co- worker and they were confused about this discrepancy as how this can happen .. Anyways by Baba's help I got the seat on the 9:30 pm flight and reached Cincinati safely ,and I was overjoyed to see my friend who was still waiting for me outside the Airport even after 4-5 hours after I was scheduled to arrive ....This all Baba's leela. Sairam Ranjith May Sai Bless All Allaha Malik

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Geet on December 28, 2008 at 12:40 PM said...

Ranjith Ji,

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful leela of Baba.. I wanted to really go back and look for him but I just could not.. I wish I could have asked about him but then I was so engrossed in my own trouble that I failed to think through... And I am really grateful to you for clarifying Subodh's significance to me.. Sai indeed taught me patience that day.. and there was another important lesson I learnt that day... Sai stands by you whether you believe it or not... He is always looking for our welfare... I would never blame him for my consequences again... I have no words to thank you for your post...

Warm regards,

Vikram on December 30, 2008 at 12:36 AM said...

I guess there's a special bonding between Sai baba and Chicago. I live in Chicago too. When I first came to the US, I was living in New York. But where I was living, there was no Sai baba temple. Then once I was visiting my relative in Chicago. He took me to a sai baba temple in Aurora, a suburb close to Chicago. That was my first ever visit to a sai baba temple in the US. Right then I made up my mind that after graduating, I will move to Chicago to be closer to baba. And now I'm in Chicago for the last 2 years. I try and visit the Aurora temple as often as I can. When I first visited the temple, they just had a big photo frame of baba. But now they have a beautiful moorti of Baba established in the temple.
Om Sai Ram. on January 5, 2009 at 6:50 PM said...

Ranjith ji,
i am very greatful to you for sharing sai ji kripa true story for all of sai devotees. ishwar aap par kripa banaye rakhey. regards sanjay

Anonymous said...

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