Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Udi Is Our Lifeguard

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Sairam to all ,
It’s a well known fact that Baba’s Udi (Vibhuti ) cured countless devotees infact daily Sai devotees are experiencing leela’s of Baba’s Udi ( sacred ash ).
Earlier also I had published few devotees experiences who were cured with Udi.

Udi is the most effective and powerful medicine .Today also by the grace of my father Sai I am publishing a real Udi leela experienced by Vikram brother.

Here I am attaching his original mail for all of you :

Sairam I am Vikram. I'm a devotee of Sai baba. My faith in baba is tremendous. He has always looked out for me in the past and continues to do so even as I write this email.

I live in the United states, far away from my family. I miss my family a lot, especially my mother. But Sai has always been a mother to me, caring and nurturing me just as my mother did when I was in India. I like addressing Sai baba as Sai ma for this very reason.I'd like to share my experience with Baba's love.

Last year, during a holiday break, a few of us decided to make a 8 hour long road trip. Now, I was excited about the trip, but I have a paranoia of making road trips due to the nature of roads and high speed drivers here in this country.

So a few hours before we were to start for the trip, I sat down with my copy of Sai Satcahrita and started reading the first chapter that I came across while randomly flipping through its pages. The chapter related to the miracles of vibhuti that sai baba used to distribute amongst his devotees popped up. After finishing the chapter, I closed the book and wished I had some vibhuti with me so I could've applied it to my head before starting off for the journey.

Then, while packing for the trip, I picked out a jacket from the closet. I wasn't particularly fond of that jacket so I rarely wore it. I thought I'd take it along with me for this trip. Till date I don't know why I picked that particular jacket for the trip. I started to check the pockets of the jacket to make sure that they were empty and nothing left over.

When I put my hand in the vest pocket of the jacket, I felt something powdery inside. I pulled my hand out of the pocket to check what it was. It was a gray colored powdered substance. On digging further into the pocket, to my amazement, I found a tiny transperant packet with the words 'Shri shirdi sai sansthan" inscribed on it. The packet was a vibhuti packet.

It had torn slightly and hence the vibhuti had leaked out and spread into the pocket. I could not believe it. all this within a span of 15-20 minutes after reading the chapter on vibhuti and wishing for it! Now, let me tell as how that packet ended up in my jacket pocket. The jacket was gifted to me by my brother on my last trip to India. Now,everytime I visit India, I make it a point to go to shirdi for sai's darshan. So, during my visit to Shirdi, I had worn that jacket.

When I visited the temple and got a packet of vibhuti, I kept the packet in my vest pocket and had completely forgotten about it. I guess it was destiny.

Sai baba had meticulously planned everything and made me put that packet in my pocket and forget about it only for me to discover it when the time is right. I applied the vibhuti on my forehead and left for the trip without any worries. I love you Sai ma. Thanks for looking out for my wellbeing.

Thanking you

May Sai Bless All
Allaha Malik

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