Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Am Carefully Watching Your Inner Heart

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Sunday, January 11, 2009
Many times I have experienced and heard that if one really desires Baba's statue or photo or udi or any book somehow Baba fulfills that desire and by some or the other mean we get that particular desired thing . Today I am publishing Ryans experience which will prove my above written point that yes is if desire anything related to our Sai then no matter how difficult it is but Baba gets that thing for us and he do reminds us of his presence in our life.All we need to keep is his two coins of faith and presence with us all the time . Here I am attaching Ryans mail for all of you : Sairam Priyanka Didi, Today I am sharing Baba's leela which I experienced during my holidays in Surinam in United States. I with my family went in December 2008 to Surinam for holidays I always carry something of Baba with me like a photo ,udi ,Sai Baba Ka dhaaga. whole day I used to be out of the house when I went to Surinam .I had packed some posters of Baba and in my bag a few books on Baba.I had udi also with me. The moment I reached Surinam firstly I searched a room where I can do Baba’s pooja I marked a altar in the visiting room and made a small mandir with all his photos. My grandmother had also placed few pictures of Baba which I had given her few months ago when she came to Surinam. every morning I use to pray in that small mandir of mine where Baba was all over .Every morning I used to pray to Baba for showing some of his leelas. every time I use to go for shopping with my family I always used to pray to Baba that Sai let me buy something for you also but then what ?this was a ver question for me because here in Usa there are not too many stores where one can items related to Baba ! Time went of like that only and after 2 weeks we went to a shopping mall and in a indian saree shop there I saw a big murti of Baba with glass I went crazy and asked how much it was . I cannot express and how happy I was when I saw this Murti of my Sai ,I went and asked my parents for buying it but my parents said no ( Here I am attaching Photo of that Baba's Murti ) I became very sad and I asked Baba as why have you done this to me ? I was so angry with Baba ,I asked him Baba I pray to you every morning without fail then also why you are doing this to me ? That day after shopping we went to one of our family friends we had planned for going out and eat in a restaurant .Our family friends told us that in one shopping mall there is a famous restaurant then lets go there only for the dinner . I was so amazed because we went to the same shoppingmall where I saw that beautiful statute of Baba . The moment I went inside the Mall I told Baba that if you think that I am true devotee and if I have real sharddha and saburi and if all gods are one and also if Allaha and Bhagwan are one then today you will make me buy your beautiful murti . We went to the restaurant and started with our diner.It was almost 20.45 pm my sister asked me if I can deliver prawns I told her that yes I can deliver prawns but on one condition that if I deliver the prawns you must come with me and buy that Baba’s murti ,she replyed in a funny way but she said ok Me and my sister went to that same saree shop where I saw Baba’s murti and this time I bought the murti. While I was seeing other Murties of Baba I realiesed my murti is special from others I cannot explain in words as what special but something very special which when can only be felt . Really I still don’t know as how we went to the same mall on the same day and how I bought that Baba’s murti ,its nothing but Baba’s leela only which Sai showed me and increased my faith in his lotous feet. . During my stay in surinam Baba had also given me darshan . On our last day when I went to the market I saw a man in white cloths and he was also wearing a headscarf like Baba .I know he was non other then my Sai and the moment I saw that man I said Baba now i know that you are present in real form ,I also apolozised to Baba for my all my mistakes and also requested Baba to bless all his children . This leela I will never be able to forget till the end of my life . I would also like to thank Priyanka didi for publishing this Sai leela in her blog May sai bless all Allaha malik

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Geet on January 14, 2009 at 10:15 PM said...

Dear Ryan, you are such a blessed child of Baba... He is with you always.. no matter where you go.. what a beautiful leela he showed you...I truly feel that he loves you as one of his favorite children and will always protect you... May he keeps showering his blessings and love on you...

With lots of love and blessings..

Your Geet Didi...

Anonymous said...

really nice experience...thanks alot for sharing with us....OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU ALOT BABA...

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