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Jallandhar Sai Baba Mandir - Miraculous History

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Sunday, January 25, 2009
Sairam to all my dear Readers , As I promised earlier that I will publish about history of another Baba’s mandir soon, by His grace, today, I am very thrilled to publish about Shirdi Sai Mandir, Jallandhar. There is a very interesting and emotional history behind the development of Shirdi Sai Mandir in Jallandhar. I am sure that readers who read this post will realize and feel Baba’s powers more deeply. Without further delay, I will now come to the main story. Last month I happen to visit Jallandhar with my family. It was a very short trip of just two days and over and above we didn’t even know if there is a Sai Mandir in Jallandhar. I searched on Internet to check if there is a Sai mandir which I could visit but we could not taste success even after searching through a lot of information on internet. Anyways we reached Jallandhar and I was just concerned about searching Sai mandir. Luckily, our friends in Jallandhar knew about the location but they weren’t very sure because even they had never been there by themselves. I would like to emphasize here that going to Jallandhar wasn’t a planned trip at all but as if Baba had other plans for me. He himself made all comfortable arrangements for me to reach there and also to gather information about the mandir there. I had never thought of going there at the first place and then getting blessed with the darshan of Baba in the beautiful Sai Mandir at Jallandhar. Unfathomable are his ways and leelas. O my Deva! I bow down to your feet and earnestly request that your feet should be my sole refuge in this life and for births to come. The day we reached was Tuesday and we planned that we will visit the Shirdi Sai Mandir the next day i.e. Wednesday. While I was happy with the thought of having been blessed by Baba’s leela of again being with me, my mind was engrossed on whether I will be able to get some information on the history of the mandir. But Baba had planned everything so well and the moment we reached there I was overjoyed with happiness of seeing a big and a very beautiful mandir of Baba. {sorry the pictures are not very clear because I had forgot my camera and took all these photos with my mobil phone}
The exterior of the mandir was so beautifully built that it took me 15 minutes before I could gather myself from my admiration of the design.
As I was admiring the exterior design, my eyes fell on the board which read, “First Baba’s temple in whole of the Punjab”. Inside the mandir had a big Sai statue. I must admit that all these outstation trip and sudden arrangements to visit the Sai Mandir wherever I may go, is surely a way of his love and blessings on our family.
It is very overwhelming at times to realize that Baba is where I go and he makes me go where he is. What a beautiful leela of His and for this I will forever be indebted to you my Sadguru. I am so thankful to my father Sai who is giving me immense opportunities to serve him, something which has always been my inner desire.
After Baba’s darshan, I asked around and happened to get in touch with Shri Gagan Kalra who narrated the following story about the history of the Sai Mandir in Jallandhar. Here I am sharing it with you all.
Sai Mandir, Jallandhar was inaugurated on 5th sepetember 1996 and is a personal mandir of the Kalra family.
Gagan ji went to the flashback and told me that in 1992 our whole family faced very huge financial crises.
The situation was so bad that Gagan ji at that time had to leave his studies because they weren’t able to take care of the tuition fees and other educational expenses.
Gagan ji’s mother was a very spiritual lady and in her small home mandir she had a very old photo of Baba that she used to worship daily.
He remembered that it was a Diwali night and they had no money in the house even for food… let aside celebrating Diwali. Gagan ji’s mother sat in front of Baba and cried, “Baba aap ne to paani se diye jala diye the diwali par, mere ghar mein khaane ko kuch nahi, diwali kaise manau?”
Just then 2 boys came over to their place and requested Gagan ji’s father who happened to be a teacher by profession to tutor them. When Gagan ji’s father agreed, these boys paid the tuition fees in advance. It was a little strange for all of them because its not the practice generally followed.
Needless to mention, they all not only had their hunger satiated but also celebrated diwali that night… Baba alone can do this for his bhaktas…
I remember 2 lines of an urdu shayari here…
“Faanoos bankar jiski hifaazat hawaa kare Wo shamaa kya bujhe jise roshan khuda kare”
That was the inception of Sai bhakti for whole of the Kalra family. Since that day the whole kalara family started worshiping Baba with more devotion and faith. As the days went by, Gagan ji’s father got more and more tuitions and they won a long pending court case and got their factory back.
Everything had started to come back on track and with Baba’s grace they managed to buy their own flat within very less time.
One day suddenly a small puppy (about 3 months old) came on their gate entrance and sat outside. Gagan ji’s mother was the first one who saw the pup. She looked at the pup closely and found that it was very sick. Gagan ji took the pup to a veterinary doctor and asked him to give the required treatment to the pup.
Within few days, the puppy recovered and also became a part of the Kalra family and was lovingly named as Raju by Gagan ji’s mother.
Raju was very different than other dogs. It used to sit in the lap of Gagan ji’s mother whenever she did Baba’s pooja.
One day while praying she asked raju lets see if we can see Baba in your eyes and he looked at Baba’s photo and the reflection image of baba was clearly seen in his eyes.
Things were going very fine and Kalara family was fully devoted towards Baba’s bhakti. The family business was going very well and with each passing day Kalra family was heading towards the path of prosperity.
Apart from other property, Kalra family owned a piece of land and it was decided that they will build their own house on that land and it was also planned that a small mandir of Baba will also be built in the front of the house.
In 1995, Kalra family went to Jaipur for getting a small Baba’s statue which can be put in the small mandir as they originally thought but when they went to Jaipur and saw big beautiful statues of Baba they could not stop themselves and ordered for a very big statue of Baba.Even the Kalara family was shocked as why did they ordred for such a huge statue .....
It took almost an year for the statue to get ready. Meanwhile, on 21st June, Gagan ji’s mother saw a dream early morning at around 4:30 am where in she did not see anything but could clearly hear Baba’s voice which said
“Ab mere liye Samadhi ka nirmaan karo” When she got up from her sleep she didn’t understand the meaning of make my Samadhi ……she was wondering as how can and how will they make Baba’s Samadhi?
Before she could think any further she found the little dog Raju was lying
dead under the bed.
She clearly understood that Raju was none other than Baba himself.
After 3 months of Raju’s death they got a call from Jaipur that their Sai murti has been finished and they can come and collect it.
With about 15 other family members Kalra family went in a big truck to get that big statue, took the murti to Shirdi and got the Pranprathistha done at Shirdi itself.
Gagan ji recalls that those days, they could park the truck right outside the Samadhi mandir and pandit ji did all the puja rituals and pranprathistha rituals.
After getting the murti consecrated at Shirdi, it was brought to Kalra family’s residence and murti sthapana was done.
As desired by Sai himself, the Samadhi of Raju is made in this Sai Mandir only.
What a thought led to development of the mandir and how Baba played all this leela is just incomprehensible.
Its just beyond the human mind… Today this huge and beautiful mandir has a huge congregation of devotees and aarti schedules of Shirdi mandir are strictly followed here.
All the aartis and other rituals are being performed by members of Kalra family only.
Kalra family has really been blessed by Baba to serve HIM not only for this generation but for generations to come. I am really overwhelmed to share this beautiful history with all of you. I pray to my father Sai to present more and more opportunities before me to publish about amazing and wonderful histories of many more Sai mandirs across India and world.
If any one you also have a Shirdi Sai temple near your house then kindly come forward and share the details so that we can spread Baba’s light to this world. Mail me at Allaha malik

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devil on September 1, 2010 at 2:36 PM said...

hi..thnks for sharing sai baba ji's miracles with us...i am also luking for sai baba mandir at jallandhar...can u plz give me full address of the temple at jallandhar.....
thanking you...

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