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My Life Rotates Around Sai - Vikram

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Sairam to all Sai Children, It’s been really long since I am posting regularly its all Baba's wish as I always say that I cannot post anything till the time my father Sai doesn’t approve Me. Today I am publishing as how Baba pull his children to his folds , I am very much thankful to Vikram bahiya who always shares his experiences with all of us ,now today he is sharing with us as how he was pulled by Baba and today he is very close to Sai. I am attaching Vikram bahiyas mail for all of you:
Hello Sister Priyanka,
As a sai devotee, we are all so lucky that he has brought us all together to share his leela's and create faith and devtion in the hearts of the people.
Today, I would like to narrate my own story about how my faith in Sai baba took form. It was back in 2001. I was an engineering student in Mumbai. I was going through a tough phase in life. Due to some problems with one of my professors, I was constantly failing in one subject. I had passed in all other subjects except this one and hence I could not graduate.
I had given up all hopes after attempting to clear that exam for 3 years. The professor just would not let me pass the exam under any circumstance. At this point, I'd like to tell you that during this time, I was not a believer in god or any other supreme power including sai baba.
I was an athiest. Then, in december of 2001, my cousin (5 years younger to me) forced me to accompany him to Shirdi. He wanted to go but his parents wouldn't let him travel from Mumbai to Shirdi alone.
So I finally said okay, and gave him company for the trip. I thought it would be a good outing for me too as we decided to stop in Nasik for a day for vacationing. We reached Shirdi in the morning, checked into a hotel room, took a shower and left for darshan. We had a nice darshan of baba. Even then, my faith hadn't been created. But for the sake of it, I prayed to pass that one exam that I was failing constantly so that I can graduate.
I had just given a fresh attempt in November and was awaiting my result. After praying, I felt slightly confident. It was as if my attitude towards life had changed slightly and I was feeling more positive.
After the darshan, we headed for Nasik. Stayed there for a day and had fun sightseeing and all. The next morning, we took the bus back to Mumbai. In the bus, suddenly my health got bad. I developed a high temprature all of a sudden and started vomitting. My body was burning and my cousin was terrified not knowing what to do.
Somehow I managed to fall asleep. We reached Mumbai in the night. I was trembling with fever now. My cousin took me to my home. My mother gave me milk and some medicine. I fell asleep as soon as I reached home, thinking I will visit the doctor in the morning. But when I woke up in the morning, I felt absolutely fine. It was really wierd that only last night I was shivering with fever. And now I was feeling perfectly fine with not even the slightest pain or feverish feeling throughout my body
. I resumed my normal routine rightaway, almost forgetting everything about baba's darshan in Shirdi. A week later, my exam result came out. What do you think happened? I passed. I could not believe my ears when my friend called me and told me that I had passed the exam. I hadn't even bothered to go to college and check the result since I wasn't expecting anything positive.
So my friend who had gone to see his result, saw mine and called me to congratulate me. I rushed to the college to check. I had indeed passed my exam! The first thing that came to my mind was Baba. I felt guilty and happy at the same time.
Happy because I had just passed the exam which I had been trying to do for years, and guilty because I underestimated the power and love that sai baba has towards his devotees. I quickly planned another trip to Shirdi. I called me cousin, gave him the good news and planned a trip to shirdi again. We went to Shirdi. And this time, I prayed with full faith and devotion. I thanked him profusely for getting me through such a difficult time. I accepted Sai as my father, my mother, my everything. By doing this for me, he created faith and devotion in my heart that I will carry till the end, and maybe even beyond.
Today, I realize how Baba had pulled this sparrow (me) towards him. How he cleaned my body of impurity and negativity by making me vomit throughout the trip back to Mumbai. How great he is, I cannot explain. To this date, I can remember everything so clearly. How I was jumping with joy when I got my result.
How the first thing that came to my mind was Sai's face. And since then, wether I am going through a good phase or bad phase, I always resort to baba. Not just for him to help me out, but for him to stay with me and surround me with his positive light to get through everything.Om Sai Ram.
May Sai Bless All
Allaha Malik

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Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


ireni a. said...

I am reading this blog today for the first time, thanks to a friend who sent me the link, and I feel very much blessed to know that Baba wants me to read all these before calling me to Shirdi. I have been planning to visit Shirdi since long time back, but Baba is not giving the approval. I have so many things to share with all of you, but only when I'll visit Shirdi I will post it here.
ireni a. mumbai.

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