Monday, February 2, 2009

Sai Always Repays Your Money -Naveen

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, February 02, 2009
Sairam to all , Baba is showing his leelas every single minute worldwide, I have never came across to any sai devotee who doesn’t have any experience with Sai . Today I am publishing Naveen bahiyas experience which shows as how Sai pulls his loving children towards him . Attaching Naveen bahiya’s mail for all of you. Sairam priyanka sister , This is Naveen .I stay in Norway for past 40 years ,hardly I visit India may be once in 5 years and that also for a week I come generally . I never knew about Sai Baba because I have always been out from my home country and was very unlucky to be unaware of Baba’s powers. One day in Norway I went to my friends house for dinner ,my friend is an Indian ,he and his wife was planning to go to India and also to visit shirdi .I asked them what is there in shirdi is it a tourist place ? That day they told me about Sai Baba and also about shirdi ,my friends wife narrated almost 20 experiences she had herself experienced and all of them were so heart touching that I don’t know what happened to me but I made up my mind that I will also go to shirdi whenever I will go to India this time . I came home and could not sleep that night my mind was just recalling her experiences with Baba .It was almost 2:30 am and was not able to sleep,then suddenly I sat on net and started searching on net about shirdi Sai Baba. I came across hundreds of sites and I was so happy that I could read almost everything about Baba . I looked at the time and it was 10:45 am , ……..oh I dint we go to my office also that day . I don’t know priyanka sister that how time passed and I dint even realized it . Anyhow I called up my office people and told them that I am not feeling well and need leave . After making this call I went off to deep sleep and had wonderful darshan of Sai where he was showing me Shirdi by himself. When I got up my joy had no bounds and now I was mad to go to Shirdi. I made the reservations and after a week I landed up in Shirdi . Everything happened so very fast that still it’s a mystery for me as how Baba pulled me so fast and so close . I was in Shirdi on 2ndof december 2008 ,when I reached Shirdi I was very happy because Baba had showed me this place already in my dream. Whlie I was walking towards Samadhi mandir one fakir came near to me and said beta I am hungry can you give me some food ,I told him Baba take this money and eat whatever you wish to eat ,I gave him 500 indian rupees . Fakir Baba blessed me from his heart and told me “Mera Sai tujeh yeh paisa dogna kerke dega tune ise fakir ka pet bhara hai jeete raho beta” . I also felt good and again started walking towards Samsdhi mandir . I reached Samadhi Mandir and by the grace of baba I received vip pass through a friend of mine who stays in Mumbai . At 5:20 pm I was entering inside the Samadhi mandir but before I could step inside I found a 1000 rupees note which will lying on the floor of Smadhi mandir . I took that money and kept with me thinking that I will donate to some poor . After that I attended the whole seaj arti. I had wonderful darshan of Baba and was very satisfied ,but still I was wondering as why only I got that 1000 rupees note when so many people was there and also many security guards were present there ? Yes I was feeling special but then I realized that the blessings of that fakir whom I met on my way to Smadhi mandir came true and Sai Baba had retuned my money by doubling the amount ,I gave 500 to that Baba and Sai had given me 1000 back ……….isn’t it a great miracle…….? Next day I went out of my room just to look out for that same fakir Baba but could not find him anywhere . Now I really realize that Baba himself mat me in Shirdi . I went back to Norway and narrated the whole experience to my friend who had introduced me with Sai . I wanted to share this sai leela with all sai devotees but dint knew how ? Yesterday I was on net and by chance I saw your blog with has wonderful Sai leelas. Sister I will be thankful to you if you can publish my experience also . In future I will send you more experiences which I had experienced after my Shirdi visit . Thanks Naveen

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Tyaga Raju said...

Naveen ji Sai Blessings,

You have a wonderful experience and had a good darsan. Sai himself came to you and blessed you. He pulled you to Shirdi immediately and you had a good faith on hearing the Sai leelas from your friend's wife. All these incidents or Sai leelas are an eye opening to those who do not believe in God.



Gaurav on June 5, 2012 at 1:18 PM said...

Yes sai takes so that he can return....

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