Monday, April 27, 2009

My Encounter With Snake

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, April 27, 2009
Sairam to all , I know all of you must
be thinking that where I was during all these months .....?I was very much emotionally touched by the calls and mails I recived in huge numbers from all .
For all your love and care I pay my hearty thanks to all of you .
During all these months I was little busy with my family ,infact the health of my father was also little bad but by the grace of Lord Sai my father is very much fine now and recovering with amazing speed .
Now I would like to share a Sai leela with all of you experienced by my Tyaga raju sir .
Sairam blessings to all of your family members
This is one incident happend on Monday i.e. on 16.03.2009.The story goes like this.
Some times I used to open any book abruptly. The matter comes may relates to our daily life either good or bad.I have one book of Baba Satchiritra (Telugu)_ written by Sri Voruganti Ramakrishna Prasad.
It was given by my friend as gift.I have read that book only once and it is a new one. I have not read it fully but only some pages here and there. One day I opened the book abruptly while sitting at my computer. I found a page and a matter in the book. it is like this. "TODAY IS A BAD DAY FOR YOU. BE CARE IT IS DANGER FOR YOUR LIFE"
Every time when I opend the book the same page and matter I am getting. But I have not worried about it. Recently one week back my wife went to Shirdi and bought one book Sai Satchiratra written by Sri Patti Narayana Rao. On one day I thought if I open this book also and see what message will come. So I opened that new book i.e. I took that book in between my hands and opened some page. To my astonishment again I saw the matter regarding Snake. I do not understand why it is coming every day when I am opening the book that to not seeing any page. I am opening the book suddenly.
So one day I thought like this, every time I am seeing the right side page today I will see the left side page. Thinking like this I opened the book of Sai Satchiritra written by Sri Pathi Narayana Rao. To my astonishment it is also the same page regarding snake ending on the left side of the page.In all these cases "Baba told that nothing will happen. You are the child of Dwarakamai." These are the sentences at the end of the paragraph.On 14.03.09 Saturday night I stood in front of Baba,s idol in my house and prayed like this: "BABA I AM NOT A KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON. I DO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF THIS SENTENCES WHICH IS APPEARING ON OPENING THE BOOK. PLEASE COME INTO MY DREAM AND TELL ME THE REMEDY."
On 16.03.2009, I opened the book Satchiritra written by Sri Voruganti Ramakrishna Prasad. Again the same page came.On that day I am driving scooter and going to MOGALTUR 15 kms. away from my town NARSAPUR.
As I am an Insurance Facilitator for SBI Life I used to visit near by SBI Branches also. It was 11.30 am. I am driving in the middle of the road and I usualy ride on the left sife.The road is very clear without any traffic. While driving I am chanting the nam Japa "OMESAI NAMO NAMAHA SRI SAI NAMONAMAHA JAI JAI SAI NAMONAMAHA SADGURU SAI NAMO NAMAHA"
On the left side of the road there is a small canal and right side coconut trees are there. Suddeenly I saw someting was falling on the road just few yards away in front of me on the road. While riding I saw that it was a snake on the road. Some bird might have snatched it elsewhere and flying in the sky. The snake fell on the road crossly from right side to the left side escaping from the feet of the bird. It was a length of some more than a measurement scale. After falling it moved and rised its head. I continued riding from the right side fastly without stopping. My heart beat fastly.I thanked BABA for saving me. It was a few seconds from my driving to that spot.
Some years back I read in news paper that in one town one bird flying in the sky with a snake and the snake escaped from it and fell on one person walking on the road and bite him. The person dead. Remembering that incident I developed goose bumping. I had much frightened. If it happens to me like that what was my position. BABA only saved me.On returning I again thanked Baba and told myself that I have the grace of Baba only on account of my participation in SATSANG every Saturday.
On participation in Satsang every Saturday I realised about Baba's teachings. Prior to this I am performing Puja only daily. And by participation in Satsang listening to Satchiritra sharing views and Baba leelas and Nam Japa I have realised the true love of Baba. In the mean time by Baba's grace I came into contact with PRIYANKA JI and her blog. On reading the reals leelas in her Blog I realised that Baba is alive always.
Only on reading the real leelas I realissed the true love of Baba. I am once again very much thankful to Mrs.Priyanka ji.I told myself like this "BABA WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? I DONATE RS.116/- TO SATSANG AND THE AMOUNT TO BE UTILISED FOR ANNADANA OR ANY OTHER SEVA PURPOSE. RS.116/- IS ALSO A SMALL AMOUNT WHEN COMPARED TO MY LIFE."

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Sai-Ka-Aangan on April 29, 2009 at 8:07 PM said...

OM Shri Sai Nathaya namah!!!

May Shirdi Sai Nath Bless & Guide you in All Your efforts..
Do Enroll yourself permanently in Sai~Ka~Aangan Darbaar ..Garden For Baba's Childeren...!!

Sai Om

Bindu on October 24, 2010 at 7:26 PM said...

Hello Dear Brother

Jai Sai Ram iam so happy to hear this praise to SAIBABA.

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