Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sai Is Bounded By Love

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Sunday, June 28, 2009
We go to Sai with our complaints ,our requests and promises to offer Him something if He were to grant us a favour we seek .We always forget one thing that Sai needs nothibg from us .After all He is the one who created the world ,Sai is the one who fountainhead of all power.

What do we mortals have to offer Him ?Moreover I really feel that the whole idea of offering Sai something is wrong ,Sai always says do not offer me expensive things I hate them ,if you really wants to offer anything to me then offer me your true love .

Sai is to be worshipped ,not for material rewards or for any favours in this life ,all we should ask Baba the privilege of enjoying His proximity .We all are very lucky because we know the powers of our Lord Sai ,then why do we always try and test Him time and again ?

As I always write in my posts that friends lets have unshakeable faith and lets not place placards for our love towards our father Sai .He is always hungry not for food but for true love from all of us .HE IS BOUNDED BY LOVE .

May Sai Bless All

Allha Malik


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Gaurav on June 18, 2012 at 3:02 PM said...

Jo mujhse atyadhik prem karta hai, vo sadaiv mera darshan pata hai, Wo sada mera hi naam rat ta hai aur satat mera hi leelagaan karta hai. Mera prem hi jiski bhookh pyas hai wo mujhse milkar usi tarah ekakaar ho jata hai jaise nadiya samudra se milkar. Atah Mahatta aur Ahamkar ka sarvatha parityag karke tumhe mere prati jo tumhare hridaya main aaseen hai Poorna roop se sharnagat ho jana chahiye.

The one who loves a lot, gets always my darshan. He always chants my name, recites my stories, my love is his hunger and thirst, he becomes one with me like the rivers become one with the sea. So by giving up your importance and ego, you should surrender to me who is placed in your heart.

From Sai satchcharitra.....

The biggest gift you can give to sai baba is your love and its no gift at all because when you feel his love, you get more then you give.

Bhavani said...

Baba.. I am in real need of ur mercy and love for me... I know nobody in this world can help me and fulfill my desire. It is truely coming from depths of my heart, nobody can help me in my situation where i am now, only you are my savior prabhu.. Please show me that all these things called as your leelas does exist in reality in this world. Today is gurupoornima and you will not let me down, i donno if i believe you or not but i believe firmly that only n only you can help me in my situation and get me out of this pain and give me what im longing for from years.. Make me your bhakth.. im like school kid, i need to be made by you sit in ur presence and make learn faith on u.. pls shower on me ur miraclous love and give me for which im asking you. Anyatha sharanam naasthi twameeva sharanam mama.. om sai naathaaya namaha...

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