Saturday, July 11, 2009

Baba Showed His Presence In The Form Of A Sparrow.

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Saturday, July 11, 2009
Sairam to all , I feel that its in the mind that keeps us from realising God .It is like a curtain that keeps Atma veiled,it is like a thick Curtain ,because of that we do not have even the glimps of Atma.We should remove the curtain once its open we can easily see Sai inside us .Sai is Omnipresent and can be seen with the glasses of love and faith . Today I am publishing a very beautiful Sai leela experienced by sister Shalini , her experience shows that Sai is everywhere we just have to remove the curtain ........ Attaching Shalini's mail for all of you :- Om Jai Sri Sai Ram... Namasthe Priyanka ji, How are you doing? I recently happened to see your blog and i am highly impressed with your work in helping people to realize the power and love of Sri Shirdi Sai baba. Since then, I have been reading all the experiences till late night daily and i feel so happy and blessed reading them. I would like to share my experiences with Baba. If possible please post this experience on the blog.I request you to let me know if the email is too long and if i need to make it short and send it across to you once again. Hi all, I am very happy to share my personal experiences with Sri Shirdi Sai baba. Right now i am in U.S but i am from a middle class family from India - Hyderabad. We are three sisters and my parents have worked really hard to give us the best education and did whatever they could. My father is an ardent devotee of Baba. So, since childhood we have been doing pooja on every Thursdays at our home. I experienced Baba's presence right from my childhood. He has always guided me in each and every step through my life. 1) My mother is a School teacher and she used to take tuitions at home. I wanted to do something to make my parents happy. Though not financially but at least in some way. I used to pray Saibaba to help me to get good marks, so that i can get seat in a good Intermediate college without paying fees. I used to do the best i can and leave the rest to him. To my surprise, I got state third rank in my S.S.C with Baba's blessings.I got cash prize from A.P government and also received free admission and books in my intermediate. 2) With Baba's grace i got admission for my Engineering in a very good college. I used to teach Higher secondary students after coming from college and help my family in the smallest way i can. There was a time in my home, when we didn't have power for 3 consecutive months because we were not able to pay the bills. We used to study under street light near our house. I prayed Baba to help us out of this situation. With his Love and affection, I got two Gold medals from my university for being the College topper and my branch topper. I also got campus placement in a good MNC and was able to see happiness in my parents eyes. All this was possible with Saibaba's blessings. 3) One fine morning,my mom gave me seedless raisins (bought from Shirdi) to have it in the evening on my return to home from office. Hope you all remember the chapter from Sai Sacharitra, in which Baba changes seeded raisins to seedless raisins.I was just thinking about this leela and prayed baba that if he loves me, the next raisin i am going to eat, should have a seed. I was overwhelmed with happiness because there was a seed in the next raisin i ate. There was not a single seed in the raisins i ate before or after this. Saibaba shows his presence even in the minutest things, if you believe him with your pure heart and soul. 4) Here begins my experience with Baba in U.S. I came to U.S to do my masters and to help my family, because the income was not sufficient enough.I took loan from a bank and completed my Masters with Saibaba's blessings in December 2008. Hope you all know about the market condition right now. Since then, i did not get a job and i started getting depressed day by day. I cried in front of Baba and asked him to show his love and presence even in U.S. He used to show me miracles even in the smallest things when i wished for, when i was in India.But here somehow i was feeling that baba is not around in U.S to help me. When i prayed baba to show his presence, on that day, immediately a sparrow came from no where in to my room. I was shocked to see the sparrow inside my room.It was sitting on my closet and i was a bit afraid and went out and sat in the hall...Then i prayed baba that "If you are the sparrow that came in to my room, please go out in to the sky safely". The next moment this thought was in my mind, the sparrow came out and flew away. This was the most happiest day in my life. Baba opened my eyes and made me realize the fact that he is Omnipresent. He can come for his devotees even by crossing the seven seas. Still i don't have a job. But i know that whatever happens, happens for our good. Saibaba knows what to give us and when to give us. With Baba's blessings, i got admission for PhD here and good funding too.We don't know what Baba has in mind for us. He always loves his children and will give them the Best he can. Thank you all for reading my experiences. May Saibaba Bless you all with his Love and Affection. Om Sainath Maharaj Ki, Jai!!! Thanks and Regards, Shalini Allaha Malik

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