Saturday, August 15, 2009


Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Saturday, August 15, 2009
Sairam to all ,
Today is a very special Day for all Indians worldwide because today is our Independence Day ,for which we are so proud of .August 15, 1947 the nation woke up breathing in the air of freedom to herald a new beginning.It is the freedom that gave India a new Identity as a sovereign country .
Others might have forgotten,
But never can I ,
The Flag of my county ,
Furls very high....
Jai Hind It is very important for all of us Indians to take active part in growth of the country.
Again I wish you a Happy Independence day, Jay Hind, Jay bharat.
I am proud to be an Indian
Allaha Malik

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Anonymous said...

its awesome.

take care

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