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Amazing Shirdi Trip

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, September 14, 2009

Sairam to all readers,

Happy Baba's Day to all of you .I recived a mail from Vidhya and after reading her experience I was so thrilled because she had wonderful heart touching experience .

I am attaching her mail for all of you and would also like to thank Vidhya for sharing this Sai leela with all of us.

Vidhya's mail :- Sairam priyanka didi, I am Vidhya from Mumbai.How are you ? I read your experience when you went to shirdi,it was amazing.even I am an hard core devotee of our sweet sweet Baba,actually its a very long experience.

when I went to Shirdi for the first time I did not experience many things because I was angry with auto driver and I came back in 1 day only .later after two months again I got a chance to visit Baba this time I had my aunty with me she didn't believe in Baba so much but since she was staying with us from past 1 week I used to tell her stories about Baba and created that trust in her that whatever problem she is going through Baba will surely take her out of those .we left at 1'0 clock in the afternoon from Bombay.

We reached Shirdi around 9:30 in night as always we went straight to bhakti niwas.I remember my aunty was asking me that we will get room to stay and I said my Baba knows that his dear daughter is coming to meet him he 'll tk care of it.

when I went to bhakti niwas there were 280 rooms on waiting.I was upset that I went get a room now but without wasting time we thought we'll go and attend shej arti first and then think about . Two days before my visit to Shirdi I painted Baba's photo I was shocked to see that Baba was wearing same clothes as I painted I was happy but was angry . I said Baba I created that trust in my aunty's heart that you will take care of me as u always do.what she will think now that I always bluff.

We were roaming till 12:30 then we went to bhakt niwas we thought we will take bath and join the line for kakad arti went to the counter to ask for something and he asked me you want room to stay?

I was just looking at him surprisingly.He said I wil give you but you don't tel this to anyone. at last we got the room then in the morning we got up and had darshan in Samadhi Mandir came out of Samadhi Mandir at around 11:15 at this time Baba is shown Naiwedya can you imagine didi the person got babas thali out and said you can have from this, this is babas thali .

I lifted one roti from that plate and then big croud came2 eat it one lady asked me to gave that roti because she couldn't take that prasad I gave that roti to her.

then we went to Dwarkamai again I got thali we went to Chavadi again we got over there, actually in our house watever we eat I offer to Baba first and then I eat in the same thali for that matter even if I buy vadapav I give half portion to Baba first and then eat.

when I got the prasad in Shirdi I felt as Baba is saying you feed me everyday in your house today you have came to my place I will feed you .I was happy that I ate in baba's thali in Shirdi .

In the evening we were standing on bus stand which is 15 mins walk from Shirdi Mandir I realised that we forgot to take prasad laddoos from Shirdi there was half an hour time for our bus to depart me and my brother ran to the laddoo counter there was a big line. I told my brother come lets meet baba and come back he said r u mad we'll miss our bus ok!
I said I am going he said again"tai u r mad" I ran from there and he had to follow me .
I ran to main gate of Samadhi Mandir and requested the guard to let me go .he allowed us now the problem was, I had mobile phone with me and I was wearing chappals .
I kept my mobile phone in guard's pocket and removed my chappals over there only and took the darshan and told Baba come with me I am going,and said good bye also. when I came back that guard while returning my phone was asking me itna bhagke aap baba se kya mangne gaye the I said main Baba ko bye bolne gaye thi.

we got the bus on time and when I reached Bombay I could hear various chantings of Baba everywhere without playing any cd.

I am an air hostess so I fly can you imagine didi I could hear chantings on airport,while walking on road also. I was operating a flight and I could hear it in flight also.

I went close to the door also to see were the sound is coming from later on after few days I was normal i did not no how I could hear chantings of Baba only.

This was my experience didi do write to me when you have time.

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