Monday, November 30, 2009

Faith Without Fail

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, November 30, 2009
Sairam to all , My apologies to all for not updating this blog on regular basis but I promise to reply your mails and post more and more experiences as and when I will get time . Today I am posting a heart touching Sai chamatkar experienced by brother N.Sairam ,I would also like to thank him for sharing this with all of us .

Hi, My name is N.Sairam and from Bangalore. I just came across your site when I was in search of Sai miracles site and thought of sharing the miracle (performed by our great Sai to me) with you.

Though my name is Sairam, I started becoming a devotee of Him only from this year June 09 onwards. Baba has performed two big miracles to our family. Firstly i will share How I got the job with the blessings of Baba with this email. Thanks in advance for publishing the miracle in your blog as this would help increasing the faith more in our Great Sai to all the Sai devotees. The miracle is given below. -------------------------------------- My name is N. Sairam and am from Bangalore. This miracle has happened to me in the month of July 09. Due to my carelessness attitude and was not skilled enough to do my job well in my previous company, I was asked to quit the company on 31st May 09 without given any notice period. I was shocked to lose my job all of a sudden but couldn’t do anything and was sitting at home jobless for more than a month and was severely searching for a job, but my efforts went in vain and I was almost losing hope (of getting the job) day by day. My bank balance also was getting diminished day by day due to family expenses and everyone of my family prayed to God for getting me a job at the earliest. In the last week of June 09, I was called for an interview by a small private company (near to my location) and I was in the hope of getting that job at the earliest as I had done the written interview very well (though I have not done well in the last technical interview). Also, the fate has not allowed me to get the job easily as I have not got any calls further from the company for more than a week and I thought that I was not selected for this job. During this period, my wife Uma (God’s gift to me) told me that praying to Shirdi Sai baba and having ‘Vridha’ (fasting with pooja) for 9 continuous weeks on every Thursdays for Him would yield me the job for sure. Initially I had not had a belief in baba and in this pooja as I was a staunch devotee of Sri Rayaru at that time and hence I informed her to do the pooja on my behalf and I would participate in it. As per my advice, she started doing pooja and we have completed the 3rd week pooja on one fine Thursday. The previous day (Wednesday evening around 6 pm) of this 3rd week pooja I was bothering a lot about whether I would get job from that small private company as I have not got any interviews from any of the other companies and all my family members including me thought that I will not get that job and lost hope in it. That evening, I was browsing the net at my home and came across a website about Shirdi Sai baba where I found the experiences faced by His devotees and wonderful principles of Him. I got so interested in that article published in that site about the importance of ‘faith’ & ‘patience’ one should have with ‘baba’ and I started getting tears in my eyes about reading it completely and got the strong belief in Him then onwards and I was telling in my heart ‘Jai Sai’ and got surrendered to Him. It was at this very moment I got the phone call from that private company telling me to come tomorrow for the final interview. After hearing this news, my joy went boundless and my tongue immediately started telling ‘Jai Sai’ many times. Next day, It was on Thursday morning after finishing 3rd week pooja, I went to that company and surprised to hear from them that I was selected for the job and asked to join the duty on coming Monday. Moreover the salary they offered me was more than what I asked for and my joy went boundless again and thanked Sai a lot in my heart and came out of the company with the CTC letter offered by the HR of that company. Then I immediately went to Shirdi Sai temple in that area and have kept the CTC letter at the feet of Sri Sai baba and asked for his blessings. Then I went to Sri Rayaru temple and got His blessings too and all family members got really happy to hear this great news and thanked Baba once again. Our faith (mine & my wife) towards Baba has further tremendously increased after this incident and from then onwards we have become his staunch devotee. Only one thing I want to convey to all Shridi Sai Devotees is that ‘It is not necessary to recite any mantras / sostras, what Sai wants from us is ‘True Faith and Patience in Him’ only and nothing else. Just think of Him and say ‘Sai Sai’ in your mind is more than enough to get his showers of blessings. If possible, do His 9 week vridhas for which a book is available on all languages (Tamil, kannada, English) at all Sai temples. Make use of that book and do pooja for 9 Thursdays and Sai would definitely fulfill your wishes. All you need is ‘Faith, Faith, Faith…’ in Him. That is what he expects from his devotees. Be patient and have faith in Him. Jai Sairam Jai Sairam Jai Sairam. Allaha Malik


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shweta on December 24, 2009 at 8:06 AM said...

how to keep this nine weeks pooja (vridha) as stated by sairam? we want to know the process to perform this fast for nine weeks please post the reply to our question as soon as possible please its a sincere and humble request from our side . love and peace be to all jai sai baba

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