Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sai Idol Chooses his Own Dress In Shirdi

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Sairam to all the readers
WhlieI was writing this post I was remembering My first trip to Shirdi which was Miraculous .Baba accepted the dress offered by Me and also showed many more miracles which left me speechless....Its very true that Baba's words can never be fake also Baba try to tell us many things through indications but sometimes we miss them . Few days back I recived a mail from Vidhya .She wanted to know about as to where she can submit the clothes she had made for Sai ,I told her the way I submitted the dress I had offered to Baba in Shirdi and Baba wore it that day itself,after this Vidhya went off to Shirdi and again after a week she mailed this absolutly miraculous Sai Chamatkar happned with her in Shirdi .... Readers I am attaching her mail for all of you ,enjoy this post and experience the depth of Babas love for HIS loving children ..... Sairam Priyanka Didi, Do you remember that before going to Shirdi I had written you a mail that I am taking clothes for Baba and wanted to know as how I can offer them so that Baba wears them ? Now I am sharing my whole experience with you :- I reached Shirdi around 9:30 in the night ,went straight to bhaktniwas as usual. When we went there we came to know that there were around 390 rooms on waiting. My waitinglist number was 359.I thought Baba gave us room last time now everytime I am not so lucky to get the room. First we went and attended the Shej arti ,while I was standing in the line people were pushing me so much that I couldn't see Baba ,some ladies behind were telling me I am very tall they can't see anything so I came behind then someone again said something again I came behind later I got so angry that I started crying and I came more behind ………………trust I got place were I could literally see Baba completely and very nicely.I felt so happy that Sai made me stand on that place from where he is so clearly visible. When I came to Bhaktniwas one person came and asked me were are you from and la he asked me to show my token number. Just after this person went off from there another person called me and alloted me the room I felt as if Baba always does arrangements for me wenever I visit Shirdi and He takes care of me like a father. Next day I took clothes (which I had made ) for Baba and went to Samadhi Mandir at around 7 am I went to the donation counter and gave them there ,I asked the person who was sitting on the counter as when would Baba wear it? He said I am on waiting for four days. I requested him to please do it that day itself as I wish to see Sai in my dress and then leave.He said that he will confirm and will be able to tell me by 10:30 am. By that time I went in the Samadhi mandir and had darshan I told the pujari ji over there about the dress for Sai pujari ji said if Baba really wants to wear your dress then He will call Himself for the clothes and wear it After this at 10:30 I went to donation counter again and asked him he said "madam do din ka waiting hai aaj possible hi nai hai " I said "ok" and slowly walked off from there came to Gurusthan I had tears in my eyes and very sad……….. ( ACTUALLY SOMEDAYS BEFORE I WAS WATCHING LIVE DARSHAN OF BABA ON A WEBSITE AND SAW SO MANY PEOPLE GIVING CLOTHES BUT PUJARIS USED TO TOUCH BABA'S SAMADHI AND RETURNED IT BACK TO PEOPLE.I TOLD MY MOM EVEN WILL GIVE CLOTHES TO BABA . MUMMY SAID "THEY WILL JUST TOUCH AND RETURN" I SAID IF BABA REALLY LOVES ME HE WILL KEEP IT.SUDDENLY IN THE EVENING I HAPPEN TO OPEN THE DEVOTEES EXPERIENCE AND SUDDENLY PAGE COMES IN FRONT OF ME IN WHICH ONE DEVOTEE TAKES CLOTHES FOR BABA HE KNOWS THAT THEY TOUCH IT TO BABA AND RETURN BACK SO HE GOES NEAR BABA'S GADI AND WHILE TOUCHING HIS FEET AND SLOWLY SLIDES IT UNDER BABA'S GADI.AFTER SOMETIME BABA GETS UP AND SHOUTS CLEAR ALL DT IS UNDER MY GADI AND THEY FIND A MUSLIN CLOTH BABA TAKES IT IN HIS HAND AND PUTS HIS ON HIS BODY AND SAYS I'M NOT GOING TO RETURN THIS AT ALL) friends while I was reading this page I got an indication that Baba is saying that he will definitely wear clothes offered by me . When I was sitting near the Gurusthan and crying I was recalling all these things.and telling Baba if u really love me u will wear it your words can't be untrue .Looking at me my mom started crying too she said so what Baba will wear it after four days.I was crying alot , suddenly after an hour watchman pointing at me called me I thought he's calling someone else but then he was pointing at me only . I went near to him and he took me to the office THE PERSON WHO TOLD ME BEFORE SOMETIME THAT I AM ON WAITING FOR TWO DAYS NOW WAS TELLING ME THAT "MAIN ABHI MANDIR MAIN KAPDA DEKE AAYA ABHI WO 12 BAJE PAHNENGE NAHI TOH SHAMKO DOOP ARATHI MAIN PEHNENGE". I was so so happy had tears of joy in my eyes.Baba wore it in the evening for dhoop arathi. He was looking so nice .my mom couldn't control crying we were literally hugged each other and cried so much. Priyanka didi Baba's words were true .I love my dear Baba very much and now even know that He loves me even more than what I do. SHRI SATCHIDANAND SATGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI vidhya. Allaha Malik

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Gaurav on June 20, 2012 at 3:03 PM said...

Allah Malik Hai....

Mere shabd sadaive arthpoorna hote hai,koi thote poche nahi hai. Main apna vachan poorna karne ke liye apna sarvasva bhi nyochavar kar doonga.

My words are not fake and always meaningful. I will sacrifice everything in order to fulfill my promises

- From Sai satchcharitra......

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