Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baba's Udi And Prasad Was Flowing Out Of My Arm

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, January 07, 2010
Sairam to all,
Today I am sharing a dream which I saw last night , thought to share with all of you .
Without delay let me tell you all what I saw last night :

Friends I see some Sai mandir in my dreams many times.It’s a very huge Mandir not exclusively Baba's
 mandir but I can only see Sai statue and hear his arties all over but still I don’t as how I know that it’s not exclusively  Baba's mandir ?

Its a humongous temple its roof  is  blue
and rest the whole mandir is made up of pure white Marble stone

This temple is somewhere in South India that also I know but how? no clue!
This was not the first time when I saw this
Mandir in my dream.Infact many times I go give bath to Deva in this temple ...all in my dreamy world.

So last night I saw this beautiful mandir again in my dream.I was sitting in a queue with my mother and was telling my mother that I am not feeling well and I can’t sit anymore,just then one Pujari ji came and told me that Sai Baba is calling you quickly I got up and went running near to Baba's statue

Baba was in the form of statue but then his statue was talking to me and I could see him in human body.
Baba asked me do you have Udi at home I replied Baba I had many packets which I got it
from Shirdi but I believe I am just left with few at home because I distribute Udi to your devotees and daily
we also put your vibhuti on our forehead twice a day also Sai I also put your Udi on all the new things we buy
in day to day life so I don’t think that I have enough Udi for months to come.

Baba never said anything to me but gave me little brown color Parsad I remember I came back and sat next to my Mother I gave Parsad to Mummy just then one lady asked for some Parsad ,moment I was giving her everyone else also came and started asking for Parsad.

I had very little parsad how I could share with so many People, I don’t know how but Parsad started coming out of my Arm,I clearly remember I was rubbing my arm and was giving Parsad to all the devotees’ .I think there were more then 100 People at that time.

Suddenly my mother came near to me and said what are you doing how you can get Prasad from your Arm?
I don’t believe this if it’s true then you come with me and give Prasad to my friend, I walked with my mother
confidentially and went near to one aunty whom my mother was calling her friend but I don’t know her
otherwise in real world.

My mother asked to me to show aunty as how I was rubbing my hand, Baba’s Prasad was flowing out
but before I could rub my hand, aunty said I don’t want Prasad I want Baba's Udi.I said aunty how I can give you Udi from my arm?

By Baba's grace somehow Prasad is flowing out whenever I am rubbing my arm but Udi, I mean I don’t think I have Udi also in my arm she said you rub your hand in front of me.

I was pretty confident that Prasad will come but to my surprise now Udi was coming out of my arm.Oh my God can’t express my inner feelings tears started flowing out of eyes I was excited to see Udi all over, everyone came nearto me and started collecting Udi which was coming out in abanduance  from my arm.

Baba was sitting far off from me but was smiling at me constantly.My eyes was meeting Deva's eyes again and again ,
my eyes were thanking Baba
for this wonderful miracle He did with me.....

This was the end of my wonderful dream,Today morning the moment I got up I started rubbing my arm...thinking that parsad or Udi something
will come ..

I know that Baba gives messages in different ways one such way is coming in dreams and indicating things
as such till now I don’t know what exactly Deva wanted to indicate?

But I know soon in near future I will be able to connect this dream to something which Sai wants but I am not able to guess it right now.If anyone of you can connect this dream of mine to something then
Please do write back to me on

I just saw the clock and its 1.56 am, it means I will be publishing this dream of mine on Baba's day .

Again Baba's leela because I started writing at 11 pm of Wednesday but somehow could not complete my post and now when I am almost done I realized Its Baba's day...

Happy Baba's Day
Baba I love you
Allaha Malik


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