Sunday, January 31, 2010

Technically correct prayers are not requried

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Sunday, January 31, 2010
 Sairam to all ,
Belief in Sai is not enough. We have to know what Sai wants of us. What behavior does Sai like?
We pray to Sai ,we go to Sai temples is it enough?The answer is NO 'prayer is not about doing, it is about being.'

No matter how technically correct our prayers may be, if our attitudes are not right our prayers may be all for nothing.

If we want Baba to listen to our prayers  we must follow the path showed by our Deva.
I always belive that an essential attitude of effective prayer is service to mankind,we must feed poors ,we must do little dan ,we must not cheat others ,me must love all religions, to sum up all we must be good humans then big devotees of Sai because once we will become  good human beings automatically we will top the list of great devotees of Sai.This attitude should come form within ,no teacher ,no book ,no one can teach you as how to be a good human.

With this note
I am uploading one Sai bhajan which is my all time favorite  ,
listen to this bhajan carefully each word has very deep meaning 
I am very sure that you all will love this bhajan 
the wordings are like :

भिक्षा दे दे माई,तेरे दुआरे चल कर आया
शिर्डी वाला साईं .......भिक्षा दे दे माई ...||
Allaha Malik  


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Gaurav on June 8, 2012 at 2:24 PM said...

Yes, whatever we pray with emotions in our heart is heard by Baba.
And he wants us to be good human beings for sure, because if we do not treat others properly then what is the use of all the knowledge that we gain.
Moreover our worldly needs are always taken care of by Baba, all he wants us to do good to others, treat them properly, do not cause them pain, feed the hungery, help the poor....

Is baba dependant on us to feed the poor ? Not at all, he is the almighty, all powerful compassionate lord....He can do anything and everything on his own. But he just gives us opportunity to have some good meritius work so that we have good rewards.....

The more good you do to others....the more the curtain of Mayajaal gets thinner...the more sins you commit the more the curtain of Mayajaal gets dense...Sai baba is making us all capable to see the divine which is our ultimate goal in life to take birth. He is helping us that we avoid, what traps us in the Mayajaal....

When our hearts are pure and our capacity to recieve is great......He will show us his real nature...and we will become united with him.

Gaurav on June 8, 2012 at 2:29 PM said...

But still why do we again and again commit the same mistakes.......why do we hurt others..why do we cause injuries to others....I think as long as we are bound with self centered thought we will do things here and there....I realize that any activity of thought which does not have rememberance of Sai bound to produce grief. As it was remarked in the scriptures that the nature of the world is suffering.

No matter how much we think that we are so great and all...that we have done this or the end all thought is shallow.

So we must understand this and keep remembering sai baba all the time....Let him operate through us...have complete trust in him...give ourselves to him........and then whereever he takes us....we should go.

Om Sai ram....Allah Malik hai...

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