Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Delivered Sainath

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, November 24, 2010
sai baba
Sairam to all my wonderful readers ,

Keeping my promise alive today I am publishing a very different and heart touching story of a mother who would have died long back but Baba  rescued her, in fact Baba took birth in her house as her son ,now let me not open up all the cards and you all read her attached mail :-

Sairam Priyanka daughter,
Myself  Mrs.Rimmy  from Malaysia ,since past 2-3 months I have been reading your blog regularly and daughter your blog motivated me to mail you my own personal story ,I was in double mind before mailing you this because I was thinking that this story is too confidential or say personal for our family but after reading so many real life experience’s of people from world wide I have also decided that I must write down this very sad story of our life.

Priyanka I am an Indian from Punjab ,we got settled in Malaysia almost  35 years ago, everything was going very fine in our life ,we had two sons with all the luxury's of life , in fact more then required for leading a good life ,my both sons had the age difference of 2 years ,they both were very intelligent in their studies .

One day me and my elder son Ricky went for shopping and on our way back our car met with an accident and it was a very major accident ,I became unconscious and had no clue as what exactly has happened with us that day ,I came back to my conscious after two days and when I inquired about my son,my husband told me that he is alright and sleeping in the house ,so I should not worry ,I went off to sleep and saw a dream where Baba is taking away my son and telling me that wait you don't worry I will be your son ,this  dream was very short I woke up suddenly and rang the bell ,one nurse came and asked me what happened ? I started crying and told her about my dream and she also started crying with me as she was aware that my we had lost our son ...

Her tears gave me my answer and became unconscious again ,after 3 hours when again I woke up I requested my husband to take me home ,my husband took the special permission from the doctor and took me home ,my younger son was in a shocked state too,I was behaving like a mad lady because I was just not ready to believe that Ricky was no more ,anyhow by Baba’s grace I recovered just from my health front but mentally I became sick ,now whenever I use to sleep that same dream followed me and one day I told my husband about it ,he said look Rimmy its just a dream because now you cant conceive as you have already had your menopause ,I was very convinced with him but then Baba’s dream cant be fake ??

After two months one day I felt something funny ,I thought that may be I must have eaten something fried ,because generally I feel puckish when I have fried stuff but then that funny feeling continued and I went to a doctor ,doctor did all kinds of tests but never thought that a lady who is almost 56 years can be pregnant ....oh my god priyanka it was such a miracle shown by Baba .
When I told my husband about the pregnancy ,he was not ready to believe it too ,anyways to cut this very long story short on 25th  January 2007 my son was born,during my pregnancy I never had any problems in-spite of my old age , in fact I never came to know that how all 9 months went away .
Baba kept his promise and he himself took birth in our house and became my son ,we call our son Sainath and to our wonder when he started speaking tit bits the first word was neither mama or papa it was Baba-baba-baba.....
Now my elder son is 23years and my younger one is jut 3 years ,but since Sainath was born I never had that dream again because Baba is now living with us as our son .
Priyanka I am very much impressed by your work you have done for this blog ,moreover I like your blog because all you the stories are real,keep this good work on and try to publish posts more often.
With best wishes and blessings
Your’s Rimmy aunty  
Now what can we say about such a beautiful miracle of Baba ,I want to  thank Rimmy aunty for writing such a wonderful sai leela and sharing with us ,also aunty kindly accept my regards for you and your wonderful blessed family .
Allaha Malik 

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tyagaraju on November 24, 2010 at 4:25 PM said...

its a vwery wonderful unbelievable miracle. Only those who has faith on Baba can understand.

Baba understands his devotees' problems and comes to their rescue.


suman said...

baba aap bahut acche hai..

Anonymous said...

om sai ram, Rimmy aunty's story is so touching. Love Baba for that. May Baba bless all.

Gaurav on June 21, 2012 at 12:49 PM said...

Priyanka didi,

Can you contact Rimmy Auntie back and just ask about how her son 'Sainath' is doing ? He must be 5 years of age now. If sai baba is really born in her house, then we would be really fortunate if we can somehow meet him.

Gaurav on June 21, 2012 at 12:57 PM said...

It was a thursday on 25th Jan 2007

Anonymous said...

Got goose bumps after reading this... Nothin is impossible with Baba.. u r really blessed aunty ji to have baba with u

Anonymous said...

Om sai ram..

It's really a wonderful miracle..Only true devotees can understand his miracles by his grace.I'm so touched with aunty rimmy's life experience.She's very lucky to get his blessing.Please kindly contact Rimmy Aunty,we would like to hear from her and little baba sainath how he is doing.We will be happy if we can hear or see him.Thank You.

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