Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baba Has The Power To Raise The Dead

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Baba's day to all my wonderful readers ,today I am sharing a very astonishing Sai leela happened with a family from Delhi .

Dear Priyanka ji,
Sairam I want to share a very recent (last Sunday)experience of our family ,this incident have changed our life completely and now we do not know how to show our faces to Baba.I request you to please pray for us and ask Baba to forgive my whole family,also I would request you to kindly send me one packet of Udi.

Siter Priyanka I am a businessman  by profession and have three kids two boys and one girl,my  daughter's name is Nisha she is 6 years old and is in class one.

During these winter breaks I thought to take out my family for a long holiday trip,we made plans that we will start our journey from Delhi to Jaipur from Jaipur to Jodhpur ,Mount Abu,Goa ,Pune,Shirdi ,Bombay and then back to Delhi as it was very hard to get the train reservations on a short notice so we finally decided to drive down to all the places .

On 23 rd of December we started our journey and had a great time in Rajastthan and also in Goa till now we were strictly following our trip plan ,so according to plan from Goa we drove to pune we stayed in pune for two days and from there we had to go to Shirdi but we changed our minds and thought to skip Shirdi this time and may be will plan in summer holidays.This was our biggest mistake for which I want to ask forgiveness from Baba,so from pune we directly went to Bombay there also we stayed for four days and was driving back to Delhi on 9th of January.

At around 1.30 pm my wife who was sitting in the front seat with my little daughter in her lap asked me to halt somewhere for the lunch break.So I started looking out for some good decent place where we could have lunch and found one soon but that was on the other side of the highway .

I slowed down my car and was waiting for the pass(green signal) ,I saw that two cars who were just behind me stopped and waved me to cross the road ,when I  was  turning my car I saw a silver color Scorpio was coming in full speed  towards us ,before I could do anything that Scorpio guy badly hit into the side of  my wife's window ,the impact was so strong that my daughter who was in my wife's lap went out of the car flying in the air ,my wife was crying in pain as her left leg was broken. She never realized that our daughter was not there in her lap because there was just no reaction time with us ,after few seconds I shouted where is Nisha ??we all looked in the car but she was no where.

I cant express as what was our state ,we really thought that we lost our daughter,I just rushed out of the car to look for Nisha and I saw that she was laying on freshly dug mud .I went there running and hold my daughter in my arms ,I sobbed like I lost my darling daughter,but to my surprise she got up and said Papa what happened why are you crying ,where is mummy??We all witnessed a miracle that day,my whole family had seen that Baba has the power to raise the dead .

I was relieved that she was fine but at the same time shocked that there was not even a single scar on her body,I came back to the car made Nisha sit with boys on the back seat and called the ambulance because my wife was in the terrible state ,she was yelling out of pain.We hired a taxi and came back home ,now my wife is admitted in the hospital because her one leg is totally broken ,it will take two-three months for her to recover totally .

Priyanka ji I can tell you that it was none other then Baba who saved my daughter otherwise how can a small child who went flying on the main express highway road had no sign of injury and didn't even wake up from the sleep?when I went near to her I thought she was dead but no she just sleeping .Nisha don't even remember what had happened that day .I cant express my guilt for not going to shirdi but still Baba was with us all the time and saved my family from a very big disaster .

Now when I look back I feel that anything could have happened that day but just because of Baba we all are together and fine.I promise to Baba that once my wife will be fine we will go to Shirdi for sure.Baba please forgive us for skipping Shirdi from our plan ,Sai you have changed my life .
I think it will hard now for me to write further because I am getting emotional and feeling very small in my own eyes for ignoring Baba during our happy times.
Jai Sai Ram.

So you see ,Baba works miracles because He loves his children.After reading this recent and real Sai leel tears are running down on my face as I feel that Baba is so loving and caring for his children . I can only say that no matter how selfish we became but our father Sai always hold our hands in the time of need.Just imagine if something would have happened to their daughter or wife then ?? Baba came and saved the whole family at that point where they were about to apart with each other forever and ever ...

Please don't read this experience just as a story indeed  try to understand that we should take out some time for Baba also because ultimately He is the one who is keeping us in a bubble where no bad things can touch us .

Stay happy and be safe may Baba bless us all.
Allaha Malik

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malini on January 28, 2011 at 8:42 AM said...

Sis Priyanka,

Tears are flowing non stop over my cheeks after reading this experience. I really stunt and kind of my brain stopped and cant think for a moment thinking about this experience. I only can say this phrase. Believe and Trust in BABA. BABA is with us watching US and being with US.

Jai Sai Ram


Priyanka Rautela on January 28, 2011 at 11:13 AM said...

Sairam Malini ,
I can understand how you must have felt because I also had the same feelings when I read this experience for the first time..sis u said it very rightly that baba is with us and watching us all the time .jai sai ram

Anonymous said...

Om sai ram,
I am blessed to read the story of truth above. I was having so much doubt whether Baba is listening to me or not. But not anymore. Baba is really great. Jai sai ram

Gaurav on June 6, 2012 at 12:53 PM said...

Om Sai ram.......

Baba ki leela baba hi jaane.

Anonymous said...

really after reading this experience i got tears in my mercifull our baba he is always there to support and protect his sairam.thanks for sharing with us.

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