Monday, January 10, 2011

I was with Shirdi Sai Baba for 10 hours

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Baba is showing many leela's in this world which constantly and simultaneously proving that he Is alive and shows His presence whenever His children are in problem.
This blog is basically made for publishing devotees real life experiences so that Sai devotees can be benefited and those who do not believe in Sai can also give it a second thought to follow His teachings and be happy because there are no side effects if you start worshiping Baba in fact you only be blessed.

I always encourage you all to share your personal experiences because no news channel ,newspapers or magazines(leave aside sai magazines which one has to subscribe)shows or publish about Sai devotees experiences they all are busy talking about films, politics,murders and scams ,but on Internet we publish real experiences ,leela's ,bhajans of Shirdi Sai Baba so that we can help those who wants to know more and more about Baba ,but you all should also contribute in this mission by sharing your stories with us .
Today I am publishing a personal experience of brother Deepak.I want to thank him for sharing this us .I am sure after reading this you too will be motivated to share as how you became Sai devotee.Deepak ji's experience goes like this:-

Dear priyanka,
I am Deepak arora from Punjab,I want to share with you as how I became a Sai devotee .
It was way back in 1975 when I was a young boy of 14 years and was studying in class 8th,I got involved in the company of bad boys,they taught me smoking ,playing cards,bunking the school and going to cinema halls .Soon I became just like them and lost my total interest in studies.I remember bunking school became our regular practice and we were very confident that our parents can never catch us as the timings of school and cinema hall were more or less the same .

My father was a class -III employee in a sugar mill and use to return home at 5.00 pm and I use to reach home at 3.30 pm ,so it never so happened that I found my father in the house before me ,but one day when I returned back from school I was shocked to see papa sitting in the varanda .I got scared because that day I left the school at 12.00 and went to watch cimina with my friends .I knew that today something wrong is going to happen ,moment I stepped inside the house my father started beating me with a thick wood stick and warned me not to repeat such things in future .

After all this he went back to his work and told me to sit and study but I was very angry and left the house in the school dress itself and went to the railway station their I caught a train which was all ready to leave the station any moment. I was not even aware about the destination of that train .I started feeling bored in the train after two three hours and decided to get down on some unknown station , I was feeling cold because it was winters and I was just wearing my normal school pant and shirt .I had no money to buy any food also but I never bothered and started roaming on the station bit here and there ,soon the sun started setting down and station became silent .

Now I was really scared and was shivering so I went and sat on one corner of the station where no one could see me .I started crying silently out of fear ,cold and hunger .It was 11.00 pm ,I saw a old baba walking towards me ,he was dressed up all in Red and was carrying a jhola with him .I got very scared thinking that he will cut my hands and legs and will take me away in his jhola .

That old baba came near to me and asked my name he offered me his shawl and sat silently with me throughout the night .In the morning he bought some food for me ,he also had bought a train ticket for me and told me to go back to my house and look after my family .

When I reached near to my house I saw huge crowd had covered my house ,someone from the crowd shouted look Deepak is back ,hearing this my father ,mother and sisters came running and hugged me .I apologized to them for my stupid step which I took in anger and ego.I also promised my father that I will never talk to those bad boys and will concentrate in my studies .

One day my father came home with a New Year(1978) calender in his hand and the moment I opened it I was literally shocked because it was that old Baba's photo in that calender whom I met on the Railway station,it took less then a minute for me to realise that the old baba who saved me was none other then Sai .

Now even after 35 years that night is very clear in my memories when I was with Baba for almost 10 hours.Baba transformed me from a bad boy to a very responsible human being ,today I am 49 years old and very well placed in society all by Baba's grace .Priyanka this was my story as how I became Sai devotee ,soon I will share more experiences with you .

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GAGAN GABA on June 23, 2011 at 6:09 PM said...

really a heart touching story ..
jai sai ram

Anonymous said...

Jai sai ram,
The story 'with Baba for 10 hours' really made me so happy. How blessed is that devotee to get such a blessing to be with Baba. I have no words to describe our great Baba. Sai, sai, sai really great

Gaurav on June 4, 2012 at 1:25 PM said...

You are truely blessed....Baba himself appearing in your life and protecting you in those 10 hours. Its really amazing.

Om Sai ram...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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