Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Experience With Sai By Urvi Lad

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, February 10, 2011


Happy Baba's Day to all readers ,firstly I want to apologize for the inconvenience  faced by all of you  since past 4 days in viewing my blog ,I had blocked it because I was doing the redesigning work,so that I can offer my services to you  in more attractive and elegant ways.

Before I start with today's Sai leela I want to thank Mrs.Monica Anand for permitting me to use her beautiful paintings of Baba ,which I have used at various places in my blog .Mrs.Anand is a painter and Tarot Card reader you can contact her directly by visiting her website,I recommend you all to visit her web page because their are many other services which Mrs. Anand offers to Sai devotees.I personally l love all the Sai paintings made by her.

Today on Baba's day I have converted my blog into a website and the address of my website is, I am sure its very easy to remember.Now without writing any further I want to share Urvi sister's experience with Baba which she experienced when she was just four years old .

Om Sai Ram Priyanka ji,

My name is Urvi Lad. I live in Canada. Today I saw your blog for the first time,its  really good. I love to read stories of Baba, Devotee’s experience as well in your blog . I would like to share with you one story of my life. Baba gave me a lot in my life and he changes my life every second for my betterment ,I feel Sai every second.
I am sharing with you my first experience with Baba.When I was around 4 years old. I am talking about 1980-1981 time. Me and my family went to Shirdi for the first time. That day it was Ram Navami and Shirdi was full of devotees . I was holding my father's hand and my brother was with my Mom.I don't how but  I missed my father's hand and was holding  other person’s hand unknowingly . When my parents realized that I was not with them they got very worried ,they searched me everywhere but it went all in vain but  after 2-3 hours they suddenly found me near Samadhi Mandir.

I was sitting there all by my self. But I do remember that one man in Marathi dress ,he was wearing White shirt and white pant along with a  white Hat. He was sitting with me all this while  and was telling me “dont  worry  your Mom and Dad will be here soon”  .

My parents were very surprised to see me sitting all alone without even crying  .That time I was too small to understand  Baba's leela but now when I look back I realise that I was sitting with Baba in Shamadhi Mandir and was spending time with Sai,I feel that since that day Baba is always with me and guiding me.

Priyanka Ji I want to share with you my each and every story.I will definitely mail you again some time.

Om Sai Ram

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