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Saima Is Kamadhenu (wish cow) For Me - Experience By Urvi Lad

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, February 14, 2011


The leelas of Shri Sai are endless,daily we all are reading and experiencing Sai leelas which itself proves that Baba is with us all the time but we can only feel His presence only when we do good karmas without egoism because even good deeds which we do in egoism goes in vain .Baba wants us to be humble and good humans so if we call ourselves Sai devotees then the first and the foremost thing we should strictly follow is to become good and kind humans.

My today's post is in connection with the earlier post " First Experience With Sai By Urvi Lad ",because this experience is also of Urvi ji.I am thankful to Urvi for sharing her experiences with us .

Sairam Priyanka Ji ,

Firstly I would like to tell you that seeing your blog was also a miracle because I was sitting on net and was searching for some Gujarati Magazine but I don't know how and from where I reached to your website and started reading Baba's leeals which I found very interesting and I feel that it was all Baba's blessing on me .

I promised you that I will be sharing more experiences with you thats why now a days I am recollecting my memories so that I can share my personal Sai experiences with all devotees .In this mail I am sharing as how Baba helped me in getting the Canadian Visa along with my marriage experience .

Sister I have skin problem (white spots) on my legs,as you know our society everyone rejected me but I am very thankful to my dad who trusted me and spent alot of money on me for getting the Canadian Visa with the help of my Uncle who really helped us in this whole procedure .

I remember I went for my interview which was on my 24th birthday and with Baba's immense blessings I cleared both interview and medical which was no less then a miracle for me.Everything was going on very well and Canadian embassy was all ready to release my visa but mean while that 9/11 happened in United States because of which my visa was not released and all the process was stopped .

we waited for a very long time but nothing came up our family was very worried as lot of money was also involved in all this ,suddenly one day my dad decided to go to Shirdi.We all went to Shirdi had good darshan and came back ,next day itself we received a call from my uncle who was in Canada that my lawyer received my Canadian visa.

I went to Canada and got settled after nine months I visited India for my marriage but I only had six weeks holidays with me .On Baba's day I arrived on Mumbai airport and went to my hometown same day me and my dad went to a Sai temple which was near to my house .After doing the darshan I told my dad in the mandir compound only that I want to go to Shirdi.

My parents respected my desire and next day which was a friday me ,my mother and my brother along with the driver went to Shirdi for Baba's holy darshan,during our this visit we attaned the Baba's 12 pm Aarti and returned home .we reached back home on Friday night and next day which was a Saturday my husband came to meet me ,we both liked each other and got engaged on Thursday with Baba's blessings .

Baba blessed me with a very caring and loving husband.After my marriage I was blessed with a baby girl and then me and my husband decided that we will not have another child,but one night I saw a dream where me and my husband were in Baba's Temple,I did parnam to Baba and after parnam when I opened my eyes I saw Brahmand - Universe in Baba's right eye.Next day in the morning I told my husband about my last nights dream and was shocked to hear that he also saw exactly the same dream .After this Sai leela I found that I was pregnant.

On 9th of August 2009 I delivered my little angel ,here also Baba showed His blessings as my daughters birth date is 9-8-9 ,she was born on a Sunday which is also Baba's day and it was Shrawan month (Holi month according to Hindu calender) as well as Ganesh Chaturthi(Sankat Choth),we named our daughter Disha (direction) which holds lot of meaning in my life ,Disha is Baba's vardan(gift) for us .

Baba thanks alot for introducing me to Priyanka ji for sharing my heart with heart with her .Thank you so much Sai for gifting me such a wonderful life ,I know you are always with me ,that's the reason Baba I do not worry for my future .

Om Sri Sainathaya Namah

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Nice....Om sai ram.

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