Monday, May 9, 2011

Send Your Prayers To Shirdi

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Monday, May 09, 2011
I am very happy to publish this news that sister Ujjwala is going to Shirdi on 19th Of June .Here I am attaching the mail of Ujjwala sister which she wrote to Tyaga Raju Sir and he further forwarded to me.

                              PRAYERS WILL BE TAKEN TO SHIRDI 

Sairam Tyaga Sir,

Can you please pass this message to all Sai devotees by pasting it in your websites that I am going to Shirdi on 19th of June ,I am volunteering myself to collect prayers of devotees and give them to Baba in Samadhi Mandir .Those devotees who wish to send their prayers can mail their prayers to  me on my mail id .I will take printouts of devotees prayers and will take them to Shirdi .All prayers will be kept highly confidential even I will also not read them .

So devotees if you wish to send your prayers to Baba then do send your prayers on Ujjwala sisters mail id mentioned above and kindly write Prayer in the subject line so that it becomes easy for her to maintain them easily .Ujjwala I am very thankful to you for doing such a beautiful Sai seva.May Baba bless you .


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kannan on June 14, 2012 at 9:26 PM said...

I am really blessed by viewing the above posts.
I was wondering whether I am in Shirdi or elsewhere.
Thank you Priyanka.
Om Sai Ram.

Priyanka Rautela on June 15, 2012 at 2:33 AM said...

Thanks to you too rangaswami jee.
Allaha malik
Regards priyanka

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