Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baba Came To My House Along With My Daughter's Exam Pad - By Devotee Aruna

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
For your prayers to be answered ,your desire must be intense.The greater the intensity of your desire and the later it gets fulfilled ,the greater will be your gratitude.

Intense desire leads you to devotion ,For desire to become intense,some time and the desire are required.When an intense desire is fulfilled,gratitude is overwhelming .If you have the desire to experience Sai in your life then you must have intense devotion ,when I say devotion it dose not mean doing idol worship or going to temples or doing pooja for hours and hours together ,here with devotion I just mean FAITH .

There is a proverb among the villagers in India which says " It may take some time to pluck a flower, but it takes no time to meet the Divine." I totally agree with this because just with your intensity of longing you can attain Sai with in no time .

Here I am publishing a very touching experience of sister Aruna which shows that how Baba takes care of your true and intense desires within no time .

Sairam ,

First of all Thanks to your Blog. Since from many months I was browsing this Blog, but did'nt find the way to post my experience. Finally Today i.e on Tuesday 22nd March 2011, caught this option to  Post my experience.
Let me Begin Now!


It was Nov 2010, when my Daughters WorkSheets(Unit Test/Monthly Test) Begins.She was in 1 std. One evening when her Papa was back from his office, she started asking him to get the PAD to take for her  Exams. When she asked this, I just thought, in my mind to paste the BABA PHOTO On the pad. I did not Reveal this outside , because My Husband won't like all this show off, he wanted the Bhakthi towards GOD should be in the heart not outside show Off. And I decided not to paste the photo.

Next Day in the evening my husband bought the Pad and gave it to me . I just took out from the Cover, saw the pad which had "MICKY AND DONALD CARTOON'S picture. I gave it to my daughter, and I went in the Kitchen room for arranging dinner. My Daughter was happy seeing the Cartoon's. Then she called me telling mamaa, here is the label, we should write Name, class, Phone No etc.... I said Ok we will fill , She was prompting me to see the Label, she was sitting straight to the kitchen Room and was insisting me to see the label. When turned and saw , " MY TEARS STARTED ROLLING DOWN BY ITSELF, AND MY GOOSE HAIRS STOOD IN MY WHOLE BODY".

Photograph Of The Pad

Closer View Of Photos 

To My surprise there were two  BABA'S  picture in the center At the backside of the Pad along with other GOD's namely - GANESHA , LAKSHMI, SARASWATHI,HANUMAN, KRISHNA. IFelt like all God's Group are sitting in my House. For  a moment I was not able to speak any thing, just sat seeing the pad with the tears Rolling Down.

I was shocked, because, I just thought in the mind to paste the photo of Sai , neither I told to my Husband not to my Daughter.Baba knew my desire and fulfilled it very soon .Since from this Incident I wanted to post , but Today BABA gave me permission to post.


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GAGAN GABA on June 22, 2011 at 7:34 PM said...

Really a nice experience ..baba takes no time in fulfilling the devotees wishes..may baba bless all his devotees like this always.
Jai Sai Ram

Priyanka Rautela on June 23, 2011 at 3:01 PM said...

Thanks brother gagan !!

ritika dhoot said...

baba is great.....amazing experience

Anonymous said...

om sai ram,

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