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My and Baba's Relationship Is Beyond Imagination - By Devotee Gauri

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Friday, June 24, 2011


Dear Readers break through all your barriers and feel that you are blessed .This is the one and only step you have to take the rest will happen spontaneously .This deep sense of feeling that "I am blessed "can help you overcome any obstacles in life .It gives you courage and confidence and it will also open you up for grace to pour in .Once you realise that you are blessed ,then all complaints disappear ,all grumbling vanishes ,all insecurities evaporate ,the sense of feeling unloved dissolves and the desire of love fades.

But if you do not realize that you are blessed ,then doership begins.If you want to make a difference in your life then do feel that you are a blessed child of Baba .After reading my today's post you will realize that how Baba help His children and make them feel blessed .

Gouri sister from United Kingdom mailed me her experience which is extremely wonderful  it will also uplift your Faith in Baba ,it will make you happy and blissful and I am sure that your thirst for knowing real Sai leela's will also be quenched ..Allaha Malik

Om Sai Ram Priya Ji
I want to share my experiences with all then Sai devotees. So that they may develop firm faith in Sai.
Firstly  I want to thank you  for providing this wonderful website on our Sathguru Sai .Priya ji here i am not attaching sai's photo please attach one photo if you can.please forgive me if there are any mistakes in my mail as I am first time posting .Thank you.

I can't recollect the moment when Sai came to my life as I know him since my childhood.But I have developed faith on him only from last year itself. We normally go to our family priest appala
narasimha shastri who is a staunch devotee of Sai.We take all advises from him in our tough times,but now he left his body .Now his wife is taking care of things with grace of Sai,her name is Lalitha devi.we call her ammagaru.

I have got two boys.Elder one is four years old and Younger one is eight months old.We are  living in United Kingdom with my husband he is also a devotee of Sai.when I was carrying my younger son the doctor told me that I may get gestational diabetes.I got really scared,that time I immediately called my Ammagaru and I expressed everything as what the doctors told me .

My Ammagaru asked me to read Sai Sathcharitra ,I was not even aware as what is Sai Sathcharitra ?That was the first time in my life I heard the name of this book .I got very worried because I didn't had any clue as where I will find Sai Sathchaitra .
But as we know that Baba take care of our needs and this is what happened with me also and I found the book on Internet ,I started reading it and finished with in seven sapthahas with Babas grace. As soon as I started reading the divine book Sai started coming into my dreams.

When I saw Sai for the first time in my dream, Sai was trying to give one newspaper to me.I could not understand this dream.But after few days only I had have another dream early in the  morning in which I saw as if I am in Shirdi and Priest with Red-robes is giving some flowers to me,And I have got akshadas (sacred rice mixed up with turmeric and kumkum) also from our deva Sai

Can you believe it that till that time I did not know anything about Shirdi or which colour
dress priest wear in Shirdi .

Next day in the morning when I got up I was reading the Telugu newspaper on Internet only and to my surprise I read that it was  Gurupoornima day .My happiness knew no bounderies that means I have got the Shirdi dream exactly on Gurupoornima day.

On the same day I came to know about online live Shirdi darshan.While I was watching that live darshan I have seen that same priest who had come in my dream wearing red-robes.Believe me I was feeling very blessed .In a way Baba showed me His presence in my life just by having Faith in Him .
After few months we came to India and went  to my mother's place and one day we went to one Sai temple as soon as we reached there in the  temple,after seeing Sai statue i cried with immense happiness.we attended Aarthi.

After that my husband wanted to buy Sai Sacharitram from the  near by book stall. I was waitng in the temple hall and Sacharitram from the  near by book stall. I was waitng in the temple hall and I asked Baba that why now I am in your temple then what don't you give  me akshadas where as you have given me in my dream.

After some time my husband came back  with book and asked priest to keep the divine book at the feet of Sathguru Sai and priest did the same and gave the book back  to us with akshadas on it .I had no words to express my gratitude for my father Sai who was just doing everything I wanted .

After few days doctor did GTT test for diabetes but  it was negative .It was possible only because of Baba's grace,after that I have given birth to my son without any complications.

We also went to Shirdi with my younger son who was just 2 months old we were accompanied by my parents , in-laws.There in Shirdi Sai had shown  me so many miracles .I will write all those miracles in my next post.Still I am facing some family problems but I know those problems  would be solved by my dear Sai.
Only thing I can say to all Sai devotees to have firm Faith on His divine feet, one should not leave his feet.

Ananthakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Sachichidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Om Sairam.
Sai Child

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Gaurav on June 4, 2012 at 2:39 PM said...

Very nice.........sai baba apne bhakto ko saat samandar paar se bhi usi tarah kheench late hai jaise ke koi chidiya jiska pair rassi se bandha ho aur kheech kar laya jata ho....

'Sai baba pulls his devotees even from far across 7 a sparrow whose legs are tied with a rope and someone pulls it'.

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