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Sai Always Provides Me The Solution To All My Problems - Devotee Ganesh

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Baba's Day !Sai is our Spiritual Master who guides us towards the path of good and peaceful healthy life .If you want to know that how close you are with Baba then read this example which will help you rate your own devotion towards Baba .

A builder of Temples uses all types of stones ,but he uses certain types of stones for the foundation ,these foundation stones never appear outside.From other stones he makes the wall and pillars of the temple ,yet another stones he makes the steps and other stones become the tower of the temple .Only the finest stones are suitable for carving will become the Deity and will be installed in the Temple .When the stone becomes the part of the Temple ,it no longer remains the stone ,it rather becomes the sculpture ,a piece of art ,it becomes the living Deity .
In the same way many people come to Baba ,according to the degree of their surrender they are installed by
 Sai .But all these people who come to Sai are very important for Him as in case of temple if there were no steps ,how could a person reach the temple ?If there were no foundation how could the temple be there at all?what can a tower do without the pillars? In the same way each and every child of Baba is very special for Him and he take care of all with same interest but those children who love Him more and have more faith are treated like those stones which are used for the carving of Deity .Thats the reason we sometimes feel that certain devotees of Baba are more close to Him as compared to others .

This small example was mainly for those who think that why their prayers are not answered by Sai and why others prayers are quickly answered . I feel that just by keeping strong and unshakable Faith in HIS powers one can relocate themselves form the foundation to the main temple and once you become the part of the main temple you will always feel SAI very near to you and your life will become very happy.

Now coming to my today's posting I received a mail from brother Ganesh from Chennai .Ganesh ji has got immense faith on Baba and always experienced Baba's special help in the time of problems .Thanks Ganesh bother for sharing this with all of us .

Omsai !

Dear Sister Saipriyaji,For the past one week I have been browsing your website ( and it gives me immense pleasure and more confidence when I read all devotees experiences.I am currently undergoing a Crisis situation as I have lost my job and searching for a Job.I am sure with SAI blessings I will get a stable job soon.I wish to share one of my experience where SAI answered my prayers and blessed me.
My Experience: This happened in 2003-2004.

I am a software Professional and was working as Project Manager in Chennai.  I got an Offer from one of the
Top Tier company in Hyderabad.  Though my wife and parents are in chennai, I decided to take up this offer as it was from a Top company.  I relocated to Hyderabad.  Since my wife was working in chennai, she could not relocate and stayed with my parents.
I was alone in Hyderabad (basically I am a homeloving person) and took an apartment. My Parents wanted to stay with me for some time but due to health problems they could not travel.
Though I joined the company at Hyderabad, I never settled down in the job.  I was on Bench (No project was assigned to me).  For most of the people joined at that time no project was assigned and people were waiting .   After a month I became restless as I was away from my family and was also not settled down in my new job.
I stared missing my family very badly and started praying to SAI ( In chennai we used to go to SAI temple every week).   I visited SAI Template in a place called Panchakutta (in Hyderabad) and it was beautiful.

The Temple was maintained very well and SAI was very beautiful. I started visiting this temple every week and prayed that I should go back to chennai and be with my family.  I also started Pooja every Thursday and prayed to SAI that I should get a job in chennai and relocate back to chenai.

I became desperate as 3 months passed by and there was no improvement either in my personal / professional life.I used to constantly look for an opportunity to get a transfer to Chennai and used to search for 'Internal Transfer Posting'  notification.

One day I came across a notification about the Project Manager position in chennai.I prayed to SAI that I should be considered for this Transfer and immediately applied for the position in Chennai.  I wrote a mail to HR Person who was responsible for this and within a minute I got a Positve reply from her that I would be considered for the Transfer to Chennai.  It was ONLY due to SAI's blessings that I got that Positive response that too instantaneously.  I immediately completed the Transfer request formalities and flew back to chennai within the next 2 days.
Till now I have been facing lot of issues with my Professional life (due to recession) and it is SAI who always provides me the solution and sometimes it takes a long time for the solution.  We need to be patient and have complete Faith in SAI.SAI never insists on any particular Pooja and he is the Only god who advocates against Fasting.He is very simple and just demands Patience and Faith and leave everything to HIM.I pray to SAI to bless all with Good health and Peace.
Om Sairam

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