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Garland Gifted By Baba To Me - Experience By Devotee Ganesh

Author is PRIYANKA RAUTELA.DHANKAR on Saturday, July 16, 2011

All things that we see in the universe are nothing ,but a play of Maya (Illusion),these things do not really exists .What really exists is the Absolute .It is only our Sathguru who opens the eyes of our understanding and enables us to see things in their true light and not as they appear .Therefore we all should pray to Baba to give us the true vision ,which is nothing but the God vision .

Today I am publishing a very beautiful real devotee experience which shows that if we desperately want to have the vision of Sai in whatever form (dream,photo,statue etc) He fulfils our desires ,it just depends on the consistency with which the desire is maintained by the devotee. Even in Baba's arti there is a line which says "As one feels intently for you ,you give him experiences or realizations accordingly."

So read this experience of brother Ganesh which proves that Sai knows everything we desire and fulfills our true and most truthful desires with in no time all we need have is faith in His infinite powers .My hearty thanks to you Ganesh ji for sharing this experience with all of us ,these are the small small things which keeps us united and give us strength to move ahead in life no matter how may difficulties come our way but because we are His children so we don't see anything else other then our ultimate destination - SAI .
Allaha Malik

Omsai !

Dear Sister Saipriyaji,
You are doing great service through your  website ( and it gives me immense pleasure and more confidence when I read all devotees experiences.

I am currently undergoing a Crisis situation as I have lost my job and searching for a Job.I am sure with SAI blessings I will get a stable job soon.

I wish to share one of my experience where SAI blessed me with a Garland.
My Experience ( Happened on - 30th June)

I have lost my job (due to Cost cutting measure) and currently searching for a Job.  I normally visit SAI temple in a Place called 'Gowrivakkam' which is 6 Kms from my house.I visit this temple on Saturday / Sunday.
There is another SAI Temple in a place called 'Guindy'  which is 15 kms from my house.  In this temple, there is some uniqueness as SAI Statue is in complete Black colour.

Normally SAI Status will be in White colour.  To my knowledge only in this temple, SAI status is in Black colour.
This temple is on the way to my Office.  Before I resigned the Job (Three weeks ago),  I visited this temple and prayed to SAI that I should get a suitable job soon.I had absolute peace when I visited this temple.
I wanted to visit this temple on a Thursday (two weeks back) .  So I told my wife that I would accompany her to the Railway station and would get down and visit this temple.My Wife told me that we usually visit the Gowrivakkam temple only and hence wanted me to go that temple only.

So I went to our Usual temple at Gowrivakkam and prayed to SAI to bless me with a Job soon. I was little upset that I could not visit the another temple at 'Guindy'  where SAI status is in Black colour.
Last Thursday, we went for a Birthday Party and were returning.  On the Way, Our Car developed a snag and we had to stop the Car.  There was smoke and the driver told us that it would take another 1/2 hr to resume driving.  When I looked out, I was surprised to note the Car stopped exactly near the lane which leads to SAI Temple at Guindy.  I told my wife that I would visit this temple at least now and started walking towards the temple.  It was around 8.45 PM and they were about to close the temple.

I reached the place in 2 minutes and was praying to SAI to forgive our bad karmas and bless me with a Job soon.  Immediately the Poojari gave me one ROSE Garland and I was speechless and became emotional.  I thanked SAI for the Garland (as it is the Prasadam he had given be on Thursday) and was confident that SAI would answer my prayers shortly. 

We never planned to visit this temple as our plan was to attend the Birthday party and return home.  But SAI decided that I should visit the temple and the Car had to stop.  We were very happy with the love that SAI shares with us. If I had gone after 5 minutes, they would have closed the Temple. 

I am sharing this experience to mention that SAI is always with us and he will take care of our problems and he will always indicate with a Positive sign / gesture.

I pray to SAI to bless all with good health and peace.



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